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Sasural Simar Ka 5th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 5th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Prem says I am going to police station to accept my crime. Simar says we can’t lose you again. Piyush says they never fired the complaint. Prrem says but I made that mistake anyway. Simar says please.. He says I can’t live under this guilt. I know you will understand me. She says if you want to then go but I have a condition I will come with you. Piyush says me too. Mataji says I am sure truth will win in the end.
Arav comes in. He says what happened? Mataji says Prem wants to confess. Arav says don’t worry I will get him bailed out of this case.

Scene 2
Kb says to berhvi please don’t kick me out of this house. Behrvi says you will handle the kitchen. Your one mistake can be your last. She pretends that her leg has sprain. She says bring me spray. KB goes out. Berhvi textx sanju from Kb’s phone asking her to come to backyard. Behrvi says today will be last day of this sanju.
Sanju says to roshni can you check kitchen? She says yes. Mataji says where are you going sanju? Sanju says wanted to walk in fresh year. Mataji says lit dia in tulsi too. Sanju says sure.
She lits dia in tusli. The dia falls down. Sanju gets scared.

Samir looks at sanju’s photo. He says sanju I wanna win your trust. He saw her coming. He says sanju you came.. I knew you would. He says why is she going behind? He goes out and sees that his room is locked. He says this means sanju is in danger. Sanju says Kb are you here? No one is there. SHe says this means it was a trap. Behrvi tries to put tissue on her nose. Sanju collides with samir. She says I thought your tears were right but you were doing drama to kill me with your mom..
He says I don’t know what you are talking about. SShe says you wanted to kidnap me. Samir says no.. Listen please. Sanju leaves.
Samir says ma what did you do to sanju? This was your plan? To kidnap her. Behrvi says I promised you I will bring her back and i knew she won’t come back so I had to do this. He says you locked me that means you wanted to harm her. Berhvi says no I locked you becausse I was scared that you would leave me. SAmir says your ways are wrong. I will fix all this my way. Behrvi says what will you? He says I will bring sanju back. He leaves.

Behrvi smiles. Pari says why are you not stopping him? She says my plan just started. SAnju thinks samir did all this. Pari says they will kick samir out. Then samir will realize and will come back to me.
Sanju tells everyone. Roshni says why did you go alone. Sanju says he was pretending like he doesn’t know anything. Piyush says I won’t leave him. Arav says yes lets go. Piyush says he has tortured my sister. Samir comes and says here is the sinner. Punish me. Piyush grasps his collar. mataji stops him. Samir says I am here to confess. I don’t deserve a pardon because I broke her trust. My mom made me blind but.. Arav says you think you can fool us? He says don’t part me from my sanju. Sanju says don’t take my name. You think I will come with you? this is your mom’s plan. I have lost my love and respect for you. Get out of here and my life. He says until I repent for my sins my chapter won’t be over.


Sasural Simar Ka 6th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Samir gives her a belt and says hit your sinner. Hit me till your naame bleeds in my vains. She says you will live under this burden. He hits himself and says I love you sanju.

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