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Sasural Simar Ka 6th April 2017 Written Episode


Sasural Simar Ka 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Sasural Simar Ka 6th April 2017 watch online HD on 

Scene 1
Lilly asks Anjali have you taken appointment of the plastic surgeon? Anjali says I didn’t get time but I will. Lilly says don’t delay. I need your lips to be perfect. Before the beautiful smile competition. She leaves. Anjali says where will i bring money from? Anjali’s partner comes and says here is some money for your treatment. I overheard when you were talking to your husband. ANjali says but Sam.. He says you can take it. Anjalu says I will return it to you from prize money. He says don’t worry. You have a whole lifetime. Anjali says thank you so much. He says its okay. Take care.

Mataji says to Simar Piyush and Roshni are coming close. Then why are you stopping them? Simar says because their base of love is weak. I am making it stronger. You think it makes me happy treating Piyush this way? Right now Piyush just remorse what he did. He should love this relationship. He should love her from his heart. Mataji says but parting them is not easy. i know what you are doing is difficult for you. Simar says God knows I want to see them together. But we have to make it pass through all these difficulties to become gold. She says I had to go to meet KB with sankalp. Mataji says but why. Simar says Sankalp is really worried.

Scene 2
KB bribes a child to act with him. Sankalp and Simar come there. Kb says to man don’t throw my stuff out. Please where will I go? The man says give me rent or we wont let you enter. KB says where will I go. Please give me two days. She is crying. Sanjalp says stop. How much money? The man says 5 thousand. He gives the man 5 thousand. KB says please go from here. Sankalp says are you okay? KB is coughing. The child says someone is here to take care of her. She is ill and she doesn’t even have money. Kb says he is stupid.Go Nandu. Sankalp gives Nandu money. He says eat chocolate with it.
KB coughs and pretends fainting.

Scene 3
Vikram sees money in Anjali’s bag. He says where did you get all this money from? Anjali says sam gave me. He says and you took it? SHe says I didn’t have another option. He says you had an option to say no. Couldn’t you say no? You didn’t why would he give you this money? What he expects in return. I understand men like him. Anjali says not everyone is mean like your tai ji. Some people are genuinely nice and want to help others. I will win this competition and get 5 crore. I will return it to him then. Vikram says listen.. Anjali says I don’t wanna listen anything. You better leave it. You ruined my career once before so you better not interfere this time.

Mataji makes Roshni sit. MAtaji says do you feel better? Roshni says yes. Simar comes in. She says I want you all to know my decision. The one I threw out of this house I am bringing that person back. Roshni says I knew you can’t stay mad at Piyush. Simar says I am not talking about him. Amar says then? Simar says come in Sankalp. Sankalp walks in with KB. Everyone. KB recalls that she promised to ruin this house.
Kb sits in mataji’s feet and says please pardon me. Pari says to Uma I can’t believe this. Uma says this is her new drama. Kb says I thank you all to accept me and let me live here. Simar says no one forgave you here. Sankalp was worried about you. So for him I am giving his wife another chance. Kb says I now understand that we all pay for our sins in this world. I paid for my sins too. Sankalp takes her to room.
Mataji says simar you think this is a right decision? We all know her. Simar says we all saw how sankalp was worried. Khushi is our daughter in law. We should give her another chance. Roshni says can’t you give Piyush another chance too? SImar says I don’t wanna hear his name and leaves.


Sasural Simar Ka 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap  :Anjali is signing her surgery papers.
Simar takes her pen and says I can’t let you do this. Anjali says this is my life and my decision. Aarav comes back to India.

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