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Sasural Simar Ka 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Sasural Simar Ka 6th March 2017 Watch Online Episode HD on

Scene 1
Piyush sits near holika pyre, he puts hand inside to find ball but Vaidehi comes there and finds ball, she says ball is here, Piyush is mesmerized seeing her, Vaidehi thinks that its good i found ball otherwise Piyush could have seen Roshini inside holika. Piyush holds her hand and says i knew you would come, i knew you cant be miffed with me, Vaidehi says i am miffed with you but heart doesnt listen to me, i love you so i melted, Mataji and Rita sees them holding hands and are shocked. Piyush thanks her, Vaidehi says i had to come to meet you. Rita asks what you are doing here? Vaidehi says i will leave soon, Mataji says why did you come here? Piyush says i called her, its holi and it doesnt feel nice that she remains alone, Vaidehi says i will stay away, you dont need to clarify, you should be with Roshini, she leaves.

Mataji says to Rita that come with me, Rita glares Piyush and leaves. Rita says to Mataji that she is meeting Piyush openly and you are silent, Mataji says i dont want to destroy mood of everyone, Rita asks where is Roshini? Mataji says i dont know where she is, Rita says my daughter is missing and you people dont care? Bahradwaj asks Rita to calm down, she wont miss this pooja. Bhabhi says we can start function and Roshini will come soon.
Piyush is searching for Roshini in holi function. Khushi comes there and says you are all finding me right? all are shocked to see her, Sankalp says what are you doing here? Khushi says i came to celebrate holi with you all, MAtaji says dont do drama and leave, Khushi says this is public ground and anyone cane come here, these decorations are nice but where is person who did this decoration? Sankalp tries to charge at her but Mataji stops him, Khushi hugs Sankalp and wishes him holi. Mataji says lets start function. Anjali comes in function and is in veil, she strikes with lily, Lily says you here? you are part of our beauty contest? you are bharadwaj’s daughter?

Vikram comes there and applies color on Anjali’s face, lily doesnt recognize Anjali’s face and leaves. Anjali thanks Vikram for saving her and goes to wash her face. Lily comes to Rita and says i have to go now, she leaves. Rita is looking for Roshini. Rita says to Mataji that this is limit, where is Roshini? did you people do something with her? Mataji says what are you saying? Sumit asks Rita to behave, think before talking, Rita says our daughter is missing and you think i am saying rubbish? these people threw daughter in law like Siamr out of house so they can do anything with Roshini, i dont think they have accepted Roshini. Mataji says we are silent but that doesnt mean you can say anything. Rita says till my daughter doesnt come infront of me, till then i wont let this pooja happen. Vaidehi says to Khushi that this aunty will fail our plan, Khushi says i will handle her.

Khushi claps and says all neighbors are waiting, we should waste time, one neighbor says we cant do pooja after sacred time is passed. Piyush says they are right, we cant destroy others function because of Roshini, she will come when she wants to, Rita says you are doing wrong, Piyush says time is passing, we cant wait anymore, i am starting pooja. Vaidehi smirks. Roshini is lying inside holika. Piyush brings fire torch, mataji says you both have to do pooja together, Piyush doesnt listen to her. Piyush lights holika pyre on fire without realizing that Roshini is inside, all pray to lord. Roshini starts coughing due to smoke of fire, Piyush hears coughing, he sees Roshini lying inside pyre and pyre burning, he is shocked that Roshini is surrounded by fire, he shouts Roshini.. all look on. Mataji sees her too. Piyush starts breaking pyre, mataji cries for her. Piyush throws burning sticks away. Vaidehi comes to Piyush and says dont save Roshini, you will get burned, Piyush looks at burning pyre, he pushes Vaidehi way and starts kicking pyre, Piyush enters pyre and lifts Roshini, he brings her out in his arms and comes to Mataji, Mataji prays for them, she says lets go home, all leave. Vaidehi and Khushi angrily looks on.

Scene 2
Piyush puts Roshini on sofa, Jhanvi says her pulse is normal, she tries to wake her up, Roshini opens her eyes, all are relieved, Piyush have sigh of relief, Mataji asks Roshini what happened there? how did you reach there? Roshini says i dont know how i reached there, Amar says we will ask people who was doing decorations there, Sumit says some people said that Roshini might have fainted and fell inside holika. Rita says they are lying. Pyiush says we cant trust worker, Bharadwaj says they are all well-known. Rita says someone has tried to kill Roshini, i want to know who did this cheap act? Mataji asks Roshini if she doesnt remember anything, Roshini thinks that they are all worried but it will be useless to call police, i know who did it.
Vaidehi says to Khushi that Piyush chose Roshini over me today too, Khushi says dont worry, you will show Roshini her value tomorrow in holi.


Sasural Simar Ka 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update : Precap :: Roshini calls Vaidehi and says you tried to kill me and even now you are not at peace? Vaidehi says i would be at peace if you got killed, if you have so much trust on your relation then i challenge you to apply color on Piyush’s face first tomorrow, Roshini says i accept this challenge, i will apply color on Piyush first, she ends call and turns to see Piyush angrily glaring at her. In holi, Anjali asks Roshini if she applied color on Piyush? Roshini says no, Anjali says you are his wife, you have right to apply color on him, i will see how he gets angry on you, go now. Roshini takes color and starts approaching Piyush.

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