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Sasural Simar Ka 7th December 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 7th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 7th December 2017 Episode start with Mata ji asking Anjali to have food. Anjali says she will not have food until Sahil returns. Roshni asks her to have food full stomach as Sahil came back home. Simar recalls seeing Anjali leaving and Sahil was given electric shocks. A fb is shown, Simar sees Anjali going and tries to switch off the machine and takes it off from his head. Roshni comes there and asks what happened to him. Simar says we shall take him out fast. Fb ends. Roshni asks Sahil to come. Sahil comes there. Simar says we couldn’t nab the kidnappers, but managed to saved him.

Anjali thinks to start her drama before Sahil says anything. She thanks God for bringing Sahil back. Simar says one work needs to be done. Anjali asks what? Simar slaps her. Prem asks what you are doing? Simar says I should have done this before. Mata ji asks why did you slap her. Simar says she is a big liar and betrayal and got Sahil kidnapped. Everyone is shocked. Simar says she had not only kidnapped Sahil, but made all arrangements to kill him so that she has keep her secret hidden for forever.

Prem asks why she will do this. Simar says if I had not seen her with my eyes then would never have believed. A fb is shown, Simar sees Anjali going in her car from there. Simar says we had forgiven her and gave her a chance to make a new start, but she was playing with our emotions and she was betraying us.

Mata ji asks why Anjali will want to kill Sahil and what was ths reason. Prem asks what is the reason? Sanjana says Sahil will answer you. Sahil tells that this all started when Sameer and Sanjana went to resort and tells everything. A fb is shown. Everyone gets angry. Sameer grabs his collar and says I will not leave you. Prem asks him to leave her. Mata ji asks Sameer to stop it. Sanjana tells Sameer that guilty is not him, but Anjali. Roshni says Sahil helped us else we wouldn’t have known her truth. Sahil says I am from poor family and did this for money. He says he is repenting now.

Piyush says this means Roshni allegations on Anjali was right. Sanjana says yes, she was right. Anjali did this to separate Sameer and Me. Anjali says I hate you and all the things related to you. Simar says I always forgave you and thought you will change. She says she thought she will realize and become good, their love will change her, but you have stoop so low and tried to take Sahil’s life.

She says you have broken my hopes and says I am ashamed to trust you, and now time has come to rectify my mistake. She says today your mum will do something which I should have done long ago. She holds her hand and takes her to hall where Police is already waiting. She asks Police to arrest her. Anjali asks Mata ji to stop them and says I am your grand daughter. She asks Sanjana and Piyush to forgive her. Piyush is upset with her. She asks Prem to stop her arrest. Inspector asks Constable to arrest her. Anjali pushes lady constable on Sameer and runs.

Police run after her. Sanjana asks Sameer if he is fine. Sameer couldn’t see her and feels guilty, apologizes and goes. Simar asks Sanjana to go to him. Mata ji apologizes to Roshni. Roshni asks her not to apologize. Pari says we shall search Anjali, she ran away. Piyush says he will go and search her. Simar stops him and says Anjali is dead for us.

Sanjana comes to room. Sameer asks her to let the room be dark as he can’t have eye contact with her. Sanjana switches on the lights and says today your misunderstanding is cleared, and now there is no place for darkness in our life. Sameer says I don’t deserve you, as I hurt you. Sanjana asks him to forget all that. Sameer asks did you forget what I said to you. Sanjana says to tell you the truth, I used to get hurt and thought myself guilty and says Roshni opened her eyes and made her fight. She says today our love have won.

Sameer hugs her and apologizes to her. He says I can’t live without you. Sanjana asks him to promise that you will never doubt me and think that I love someone else. Sameer promises her and kisses on her forehead. He promises that he will not let anything happen to their relation. Sanjana is emotional and happy.


Sasural Simar Ka 8th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Simar tells Mata Rani that she doesn’t believe that Anjali hates them so much. Anjali hears her and says today you will believe, and pours kerosene oil in the house and throws the diya on ground, while smirking.

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