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Sasural Simar Ka 7th February 2017 Written Update


Sasural Simar Ka 7th February 2017 Written Update and Sasural Simar Ka 7th February 2017 Watch online

Scene 1
Saroj says see this. She shows everyone the video. Saroj says this is how she was behaving with sanjev, Anjali says no tai ji.. Saroj says you can never change this was just your plan. I decided I will never let you be successful. Anjali says that video is very old Vikram. I did that but at that time I thought that was a burden on me. I swear on you I never did anything like ever again. Ask papa ji I always took care of him. I made him smile every second. I read his eye blinks. I stayed up all nights for him. She is sobbing. Simar told me only truth can change everything. Vikram says enough. He slaps her anjali falls down. Prem says vikram.. Vikram says I am tired of your lies. Tai ji was right about you. If you can’t be her daughter in law you can never be my wife. Mataji says don’t say this Vikram. Vikrma leaves. Prem says to tao please all this happens.. He leaves too. Simar hugs anjali. Anjali is crying.

Simar sits crying in her room. She says I lost. I couldn’t save my daughter’s marriage. Prem says don’t blame yourself. You won, you made anjali a good human. She is not lying even if saroj thinks she is. We trust her. We know that she tried with her heart. If saroj can’t see that its her loss. Mataji says we won’t let her life be ruined. We can’t talk to vikram yet. Tomorrow will be a new day. Prem says why would they listen to us. Mataji says truth can’t be stopped ever. Everything will be okay between them.

Anjali comes to Vikram. He says this wall can never be broken. I feel suffocated by this relationship. I can’t wait for the morning so I can go away from you. Anjali says I can’t live without you. He says leave my hand. He shoves anjali’s hand, her mangalsutra breaks. he says you never respected it and it left you today as well. Anjali sits down and collects all the pearls. Anjali goes in the temple. Anjali says my mom is your follower. She says you show people the way. Anjali says I never came to you for anything. But today I am begging. Please show me a way. Please bring my Vikram back. You know I can’t live without Vikram, please show me a way.

Scene 2
Vikrma is standing in balcony. Piyush comes there.. Vikram says piyush I don’t want to talk to you. Piyush says I know what happened was wrong but anjali has actually changed. Can’t you give her a chance? Vikram says can you give Roshni a chance? After some days? After some months? Will you forget everything and give her a new chance? Your silence is your answer. Its not about how old the mistake it. Its about the trust that is broken. Time can’t heal that. He says Anjali did so wrong with my family but I always loved her. I didn’t talk to her all these days, didn’t look at her but with my heart I always prayed that she learns. She sees the right path. Tai ji thought she can’t change but I always did because I loved her. But she never learned what love is. We are in the same boat. When there is no trust in a relationship it eats you slowly. I won’t let that happen. Piyush leaves. Roshni says don’t worry Piyush. Anjali di.. Piyush leaves.

Scene 3
Tao ji says to saroj I didn’t think you can stoop so low. You got anjali attacked? Saroj says she deserves that. She never gave us respect. I hope she and vikram separate. So she goes away from us. Tao ji says you are doing the same mistake she did. She is trying to change. Saroj says she is not innocent, that is why I wanted to expose her. Tao ji says she was changing. You wanted to win the bet. You got anjali mugged by those thugs. Vikram is our son and anjali is his wife. we should try to make their life better not separate them. Saroj says i can do anything to separate them. Tao says I will go and tell Vikram everything. Saroj says you will see my dead face if you tell him anything, I swear on Vikram I will kill myself.

Sasural Simar Ka 8th February 2017 Written Update Precap : 

Vikram says I am sorry but I can’t keep anajli in my life anymore. Anjali comes and says but you can give me five minutes. She takes everyone to room and says something.

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