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Sasural Simar Ka 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Simar makes pickles with Roshni and Ananiya. Pari looks inside. Roshni says what spices do I need to add? Simar says let me bring. Pair comes to simar and says what is all this drama? What do you wanna do? Ananiya is my daughter in law. I will teach her. You don’t bother doing this. You can’t fool me. You try to control my daughter in law. Stay away from ananiya. Mtaji says pari what is wrong. What is all this? We are one family. Simar can teach her whatever she wants. Pri says why does she try to take rights of others. Pari leaves in anger. Mataji says what is wrong with her.

Anjali is driving. That guy is following her. ANjali says to policeman that guy is following me. He hides. Policeman says no one is here. ANjali says I dont’ know where he went. He was following me.

Pari says Ananiya come with me. You don’t need to do all this. She takes her from there. ROshni says to simar why pari took ananiya from here. She never likes when ananiya is with us. SImar says let it go. Pari says what she is doing is wrong.
Anjali shuts all the doors and windows. she says what should I do. She calls Vikram. Vikram picks up. SHe says please come. That guy is after me. He says I know all this is a drama. She says no please trust me. He says stop it anjali. Stop doing all this. I wont be an emotional fool anymore. Anjali says what should I do. She calls police. The guy keeps ringing door bell.

Scene 2
Police comes to bharadwaj house. Sanju is scared. she drops the pickle jar. Everyone is dazed. Mataji says yes inspector? He looks at sanju.
Inspector says who is Piyush? Piyush says I am. what happened? He says we came for passport verification. Piyush gives them documents. They leave. Mataji says to ananiya why are you so scared? She says I am not feelin well. She goes to her room.

Anjali says to police please do something. That guy has come to my house. He reads her messages. Inspector says you called him first. Anjali says actually I was bored so I called on random numbers. So I called and talked to him for time killing but now he has come to my house. He says you shouldn’t have done this. Anjali says don’t give me lecture. Just do something. He says we will appoint a constable outside your house.

Simar says to sanju don’t worry. Sanju hugs her. Simar says police has gone. Don’t be scared. Sanju says its just about today. What if everyone gets to know the truth. I am really scared. Pari overhears. Sanju says I don’t know what to do. Simar hugs her and says calm down.

The constable says to anajli I have to go to carnival. Its important I have to go. Anjali says you can’t. he says its an order. He leaves. Anjali’s phone rings Its his text. He says you shouldn’t have called police. He is knocking at her door. Anjali calls vikram but he doesn’t pick up. Anjali says what should I do now. ANjali calls simar. Simar picks up. Anjali says mama please come here. I am in trouble. Simar says what happened? Anjali says please come home. simar says I am coming.


Sasural Simar Ka 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : The guys breaks the door and comes in. He says you called police. Now you are gone. You can’t hide from me. Anjali is running out. He stops her.