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Sasural Simar Ka 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Simar says I am coming. Vikram asks Simar where are you going? Simr says anjali is in trouble. she called me. Vikram says she did this drama before. He tells her what she did last. He says I am sure she lying.
The guy breaks the door and comes inside. Anjali hides. He says shouldn’t have called the police. Now you see what I do. You can’t hide from me. He goes upstairs. Anjali says I should go towards the door. She goes towards the door but the guy stops her. He laughs and says you thought you can run? She picks the vase. Anjali says my mama is coming. He laughs. Anjali says stay away from me. He comes close to touch her. anjali shouts mama.. Simar holds his hand. Anjali says mama you came. SImar says a mother always comes to save her child. SImar hits him with a rod. SHe says how dare you touch my daughter. You thought she was alone. Police comes. Siomar says take him and punish him. They arrest the guy.

Simar says anjali are you okay? She hugs simar and cries. SImar says calm down. He has gone. Anjali says thank you for helping me. Simar say a mother can never stop caring for her kids no matter how far she is. Come sit here. Simar gives her water.

Scene 2
Ananiya and sanju are out on shopping. She we can feel like are in London. I really miss London. The malls and everything. She says that bag is so nice. Lets ask what does it cost.

Anjali says I don’t need your lecture. What relationship are you talking about? Vikram didn’t even come to help me. He left me for the servant. Simar says thats all because of your behaviors. He left because you have become so selfish. He really loved you. your love was full of conditions.
Anjali says its not my mistake. He left me for that girl. Now he has to come back I won’t go to him. And the condition would be that no tao ji tai ji or papa. Simar says you still have time save your relationship or you will really regret. She leaves.

Ananaiya is shopping bags with sanju. He says this bag is 32k. She leaves it. Sanju asks ananiya why you left the bag? Ananiya says there are financial crisis at home. I can’t buy and expensive bag.

Simar says to Vikram anjali wasn’t lying. There was a guy. She was actually in trouble. But she still has not changed. Vikram says she wont ever. But I can’t leave my family for her. I can’t accept her conditions. SImar says of course I can understand.
Ananiya comes home. Arav says give me bag I will carry it. She says no I will. He says what happened? Why are you behaving like that? She says nothing need to arrange all this. He asks sanju what happened? She says I don’t know.
Ananiya brings the stuff home. She says I brought things right? sImar says just one bag of rice and so many dry fruits. Roshni says we have a lot of it already. I think you forgot to check. Its okay. Roshni says we can exchange from the shop. Ananiya says I bought it from the mall not shop. Roshni says so we can’t change it. Ananiya says I am sorry. I thought if I buy from mall it will be good for everyone. Simar says don’t worry. We will use it next month.
When you go again I will make a list. That will make things easy.

Ananiya comes towards room. KB says to pari I feel so bad for Ananiya. She bought so much but roshni still bought her down. Uma says yes roshni always tries to proves she is the best. And ananiya is so innocent she gets fooled by roshni all the time. They are making ananiya hear all this.


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