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Sasural Simar Ka 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Sasural Simar Ka 8th March 2017 Watch Online on

Scene 1
Anjali comes to saroj and says I didn’t put colors on you. happy holi. She applies colors on Saroj’s face. saroj says in heart this is your last holli with us. Anjali says mataji send you this thandai. Please drink it. Saroj drinks it.
Roshni calls vadahi and says he won’t come. Vadahi says he promised me. He will come. Roshni says you are too proud to accept defeat but well keep waiting. Piyush won’t leave from here. I will apply colors on him.
Vadhi tells KB. Everyone drinks that thandai. Mataji says to Roshni Piyush shouldn’t go anywhere from here.
Vadhi is angry. she says his phone is off as well. I can’t let her win. KB says go to bharadwaj house. You can’t lose this challenge. Do what you had to do here, there.
Piyush is drunk. Roshni comes towards him. He sees Vadahi in her.
Tao ji asks Vikram where is saroj? He says I thought she is with you. Lets go find her. Saroj is laughing with the kids. Anjali is laughing at her.
Virkam and Tao ji look for her. Anjali says very good anjali. She sees Vikram looking for saroj.
Piyush smiles. Roshni says in heart i think its working. Roshni says if you are not well lets go home. He says shh.. Roshni says you need rest. He pulls her. Mataji sees him. She smiles. Piyush sits there and says I want to put color on your face. roshni says I am bringing it but don’t move from here.
Vadahi comes there. Saroj is lauging madly. Mata ji says are you okay? Saroj says nothing is okay. but I will fix it all.
Vikram comes and says tai ji I looked for you everywhere. Saroj says I told mataji a secret. Tao says what is wrong with you. Mataji says I think she drank bhang. saroj says mataji gave me. Mataji says no way. Saroj says Mataji..
Mataji says to anajli you are participating in a competition saying you are single? Saroj said that. Anjali says she is not in her sense. Like she said that you gave her bhang. Did you? Mataji says maybe. I got worried. Take care of her.

Everyone starts dancing. Piyush beats drum. Amar says go on go on. Roshni comes there. MAtaji and Anjali dance as well. Roshni comes. Piyush thinks its vadahi.
Roshni applies colors on Piyush’s face. Vadhahi says where is Piyush? What if he went to my place?
Piyush is about to put colors on Roshni’s face. He thinks its Vadahi. Vadahi comes in between them. Everyone is dazed. Piyush applies colors on her face. Roshni is dazed.


Sasural Simar Ka 9th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vadahi and Piyush dance in front of everyone. Vadhai says fill my hairline if you love me. Simar comes and throws away that sindur plate.

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