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Sasural Simar Ka 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Roshni is crying. Simar brings her water. Simar says please drink it. You will feel better. Roshni drinks the water. Simar says please don’t cry. If sumit sees you like this he wont be happy either. He gave your responsibility to me. Your simar ma is with you. Uma says where is Piyush. How can he leave his wife alone in a moment like this? What is more important. Simar says everyone was worried so I lied. Actually Piyush is not well. He fainted. So he is resting in his room. Aarav says let me check him. Mataji says no no let him sleep. You all show go and rest too.
Roshni says ion heart there is something simar ma is hiding from us.
Piyush is trying to break free. Roshni is going towards her room. Mataji stops her. Simar says roshni.. You should come sleep in my room. Roshni says why? Are you hiding something from me? Please tell me. What I am thinking is right? no this can’t happen. Piyush can’t.. Simar says not Piyush can’t kill anyone. But I don’t know truth either. I couldn’t ignore the circumstances. I had to stop him and do what a mother can’t ever do. Roshni says where is he? SHe says come with me.

Scene 2
Vikram says what Tanvi left? no one told me. Anjali says thank God she left. I couldn’t tolerate her either. I will bring another caretaker who only does her job. Vikram says she was more than a caretaker for me and dad. Anjali says what do you mean by that? Vikram says she was my friend. Greater than the family. Whatever she did, she did so good. you were lost in you glamour world. She was handling this house in your place. I wont’ let her go like this. Anjali says what will you do? Vikram goes out to look for her.

Simar and roshni come in. Piyush says what is all this ma? How can you do this to your son? Roshni runs towards him but simar stops her. Piyush says you have some misunderstanding that I am kaal. I didn’t do anything. Roshni says please release him ma. Suddenly Piyush gets energy, The bed moves with him. Roshni says please leave him ma. Piyyush says ma please. I didn’t do anything, Roshni sees a thread. She says who tied it? Simar and roshni follow the thread.
It goes to anaiya’s house. Roshni says I knew ananiya is behind all this. They all go. Piyush says please release me me. Simar and roshni rush.

Tanvi is waiting for taxi. Vikram is looking for her. She sits in the taxi. Vikram stands in front of the taxi. Tanvi comes out and says sir you. Vikram says what is all this? I thought you consider me your friend. how can you leave me? She says a true friend is one who can do anything for his friend. I dont want troubles in your married life because of me. Vikram says they are because of anjali not you. Tanvi says thats not what she thinks. He says I don’t care. Please come with. Tanvi says i can’t stay. Vikram says for dad please. Because of you he has a new life. If you leave his life would stop again. Tanvi stops. Vikram says I apologize on Anjali’s behalf. Please come home with me.

Scene 3
Ridhima says I am confused if we should tell them or not? Is it the right time? Ananiya says we shouldn’t wait more. Its right time to tell them truth? Simar comes in and says what truth is she talking about? Ridhima says thank God you came. I wanted to tell you something. Simar says we are here to see something. Ridhima says what? Roshni says we want to see the room which is adjacent to Piyush’s. Ridhima says please try to understand. They go to that room.
Simar and Roshni come to room and see the stuff there.

Anjali says on call we want an old woman as a caretaker for my father in law. Tanvi comes back home with Vikram. He is holding her hand.
Anjali is dazed.

Simar says what is all this? Answer me. Ridhima says please try to understand. Simar says you are behind what was happening with Piyush. I thought you are nice people. You did all this black magic. Annaiya says di is trying to help you. Roshni says will you fool us now? Ever since they came Piyyush had been acting weird. She made Piyush wear that locket. I lost my dad and simar ma has to chain him. Simar says I never imagined you can do this. I don’t know why you did all this. but enough I won’t let you play with my son’s life anymore.

Anjali shoves her hand and says shameless. What do you wanna prove? You are back home with him? Why did you do that drama of resignation? We have a new caretaker so we don’t need you. The one who would only do her her job. So get lost. Vikram stops anjali. he says leave Tanvi’s hand.
Simar breaks the thread. Ridhima says no. I know you won’t trust me but I can prove whatever I am doing is for your better. Just give me three days. I will show you truth. Simar says truth is clear. I don’t trust you. Simar breaks the thread.
Piyush becomes Kaal. He breaks the chains.


Sasural Simar Ka 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ridhima says I will prove I am not behind whats happening in your house, Its Kaal. Simr and Roshni come back home and see that Piyush isn’t there.

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