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Sasural Simar Ka 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Sanju gets a call its samir. He says thank God you picked phone. Sanju says you and your mom are disgusting. Arav was right you can never change. Enough of this. you did that drama to fool us. He says please listen. My ma made mistake. I accepted it. She says what about the papers you just sent. He says what papers? She says stop playing this game. Your mom came here.. She tells him everything. He says trust me I didn’t do this. Samir says I won’t let you do this ma. This is so wrong.

Berhvi says I won in the end. They were thrown out of house. This is how you pay for messing with Berhvi. Samir comes and says shame on you. You lied to me again. simar comes in and throws behrvi’s name plate in her feet. She says this house was ours and will always. Behrvi says this is my house. Get out of here or I will call police. She picks their stuff. Prem holds her hand. SAmir says how dare you. Arav says this house is our legally. Half of this property was mataji and half of prem papa. I gave you mataji’s part. Mataji could only sign prem’s part if PRrem wasn’t alive. But prem is alive and those signature are null. Behrvi says do something Samir. Samir says they are legally right. Simar says see Berhvi says we won. Truth always win. Behrvi says this house is mine. Your words can’t prove me wrong. Simar says arav please show her law too. He shows her court’s papers.

She says this is all lie. Samir looks at sanju. He says in heart at least you will stay in front of me.
Berhvi goes to room. They all do pooja together.

Scene 2
Uma says to pari what will we do now. They come to pooja. Mataji says thanks God. Prem fills simar’s hairline. Mataji says tomorrow morning we will do arti and I will make puri for everyone.
Mataji says Khushi bring my ramayan from store. Sanju says I will bring it. She goes to store of other house. Sanju feels like someone is follow.
She comes to the house. The lights turn off. She says how did this happen. A man comes in and locks the door.
Sanju says who is this. She is scared. The man has knife. He is about to attack her. He laughs. Its samir. She says what madness is this. You can’t scare me. He says you were scared. She says go and leave me alone. No matter what you do you will always stay away from us. The door is locked. She says someone open the door. SAmir smiles. Sanju says what stupidity is this. She collides with the table. He says are you okay? Please sit down.

Simar sets her room again. She says I saw our old photos. He says we have faced so many things together. Nothing changed. We will always be together. He hugs her.


Sasural Simar Ka 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Samir says stay away from me. He says you put your head on my should in sleep. She shoves him nd he falls on her. Piyush comes in.He beats samir and says how dare you come near my sister.

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