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Sasural Simar Ka 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Samir says to saanju what drama is this. Get lost. I won’t live you live here. Heli saays daughter in law will live here. Samir is dazed. helo says she is right. She is your wife. She should stay with you. If she chooses to live here she can. Sanju goes to her room.
Simar is crying. She says I can’t leave my daughter here with those peopel. Mataji says her decision is final. Simar says why is this happening with you. Mataji says its just dark clouds. this too shall pass. We have to stand by each other. Ananiya says where will go? Mataji says be strong. Trust in each other and God.

Birju kaka comes there. He says Birju kaka had been with us for very long. Birju says I was mataji’s driver. I couldn’t bear when I heard about you. Birju says no you have done so much for you. You people gave me your old house. That house is empty. You can live there. Mataji says thank you Birju. They all go there.

Samir says why is she staying here? Heli says don’t worryl. She doesn’t know whom has she messed me. Sanju is a joker for us. she is simar’s weakness. We can always use her.

Scene 2
Ananiya says this house is so dirty.. Roshni says we will all clean it together. Rajhinder and satu go to bring food. MAtaji and roshni start cleaning.
Ananiiya says we will live in this room. Arav says why are you so selfish? She says you should be ashamed that you are keeping me here. He says I am with you isn’t that enough? She says you don’t care about me. I am your wife. Simar comes in and says what happened. Why are you shouting. ananiya says this is all your mistake. You pplanned to keep me like a servant. Arav is about to slap her.. Simar stops him. she says thats not the manners I gave you. Everyone leaves.

Pari says thank God we didn’t go. KB says Heli is a bit different; KB says sanju come here. You planned this too? You said goodbye to your mom? Simar’s both daughter betrayed her. Sanju says I dont’ need ot hear from you.
Arav says I am sorry i shouldn’t have done this. She says you shouldn’t have done that. Pari calls him. She says why are you not picking? She is your mom. You care about mataji and simar more.

Sanju is crying. She says God you know i am doing all this for my family. I heard samir and heli talking. She heard heli saying we still have the ace. She says I have to find the secret behind this. I had to stay here. Heli comees there. She says what happened? why are you so scared? Are you planning something? sanju says no. Heli says you are my daughter in law. So better stay in this house otherwise yu remember your mom called us devil.


Sasural Simar Ka 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Heli says this piyush and arav came to kidnap my daughter in law. Saju says yes they did. They arrest piyush and arav.

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