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Savitri Devi 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Savitri Devi 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi scolding Veer. Kids at the pediatric ward tell that she is Veer’s teacher. Sanchi says she is not his teacher, but is scolding him as he cheated in the exam. Kids laughs. Sanchi asks Veer to make kids have food. Veer uses his mobile. Sanchi asks him to switch it off. Veer says it is not in your rules. Sanchi says I am increasing your duty hours. Veer says Ms. Golgappa and then says Maam. Sanchi smiles and takes his phone. She asks Vinod to do duty in general ward. Vinod asks Veer to enjoy with kids.

Sunny asks Jaya to give him food. Jaya says she is getting late and asks him to have something kept in the kitchen. Sunny says there is nothing in kitchen and asks her to make something. Jaya says ok, makes something for him and serves him. Khushboo is watching Tv and laughing. Jaya comes there and asks how is she now? Khushboo pretends to be unwell and says she will make food now. Jaya tells her that she made khichdi and raita and says now she has to go. Khushboo gets up and thinks it will be fun, you have made raita and I will splashed your raita.

Dr. Kabir calls Sanchi and asks about the hospital. Sanchi says everything is under control. Dr. Kabir’s mum comes and asks her to bring her bahu. Dr. Kabir says he don’t want to marry now and says he will get nurse for her. She asks him to take her to hospital and says there, you can take care of me.

Sanchi tells her friends that Veer couldn’t accept her as his boss and says he needed this shock and tells that he is not bad at heart, once he is discipline everything will be fine. Pragya checks Veer’s phone and sees video in which Veer is dancing on tip tip barsa pani wearing saree. She says she will send video to everyone. Sanchi says no, takes the phone and keeps in her bag. Pragya says you can’t digest our happiness. Sanchi goes to get coffee. Pragya takes Veer’s phone from her purse. Isha says Sanchi is right. Pragya says let me see. The video is sent to danger (Mr. Malhotra) by mistake. They wonder who is danger. Sanchi brings coffee and sees mobile out of her bag. She asks why did you take out this phone. Pragya tells that the video is sent to some danger by mistake. Sanchi scolds them for their misbehavior and hopes Veer don’t have any problem.

Dr. Malhotra talks to his sponsors and asks Adarsh to show the adv on Tv. Adarsh plays the video and Veers dancing act comes on TV. Khushboo complains to Dadi that Jaya cooked food for her son, and didn’t cook for them. Jaya says I have cooked food for everyone. Dadi asks why she will do this? Khushboo says don’t know why she is doing this. Ashok says I have brought food for everyone. She recalls throwing the food made by Jaya and thinks Dadi will get angry on Jaya now. Veer tries to feed the kids and thinks there is so much confusion, don’t know who has eaten the food or not. He checks the patient’s food and asks boy to have food. Boy starts vomiting. Veer holds the vomiting in the bag. Sanchi comes and asks what happened? Veer says I made him have wrong food. Sanchi asks how can he be so careless and asks him to give anti- allergy to him. Veer gives him medicine. Ward boy comes and says Dr. Malhotra is calling you. Veer goes.

Priya thinks when will the mahurat happen for having food. Vikrant comes and makes her hear the audio which he recorded while she did jaap. He asks if she is thirsty and asks her to have water. While she is about to drink, he takes away the glass and throws water angrily on floor. He asks her to get up and asks how did you think of drinking water and holds her neck. Mrs. And Mr. Chawla come there. Rukmini scolds Priya. Priya says I didn’t do anything. Servant calls Gayatri and tells that the work is done. Mrs. Chawla asks her to keep the fast. Vikrant says I have taken your test and you have failed. He asks everyone not to give her food till night.

Dr. Malhotra scolds Veer and tells that your video was played during my presentation and I was embarrassed. Veer thinks this is Sanchi’s work. He asks Dr. Kabir if they like his dance and says he has any videos. Dr. Malhotra says you have this ego because of me and asks him to give him debit/credit cards and also car keys. Veer keeps them on table, lets see if your ego will win or mine.

He thinks I will not leave Sanchi. He asks Sanchi to return his phone and says how dare you to send video to Dr. Malhotra. Sanchi says that video went by mistake, and asks him to give injection to patient, else she will send videos to everyone. He goes. Dr. Malhotra is angry on Veer. Mr. Chawla’s call comes and he tells that Priya adjusted so well, Vikrant is taking care of her well. He says he needs to talk about pharma deal and says the new storage unit is not working so he has to shift all stock somewhere else and says what could be better than your hospital. Dr. Malhotra says it is risky. Mr. Chawla says we have to take risk. Dr. Malhotra agrees.

Veer gives injections to patients at general ward angrily. Nurse tells sanchi that all patients are complaining of pain due to Veer injection. Sanchi says she will go and check. She sees Veer giving injections to Patients. Patient praise him. Sanchi stops Veer and asks him to read before giving injection. Veer gives injection and goes.

Jaya is making sabodana khichdi. Khushboo asks her not to add ground nut as she is allergic to it. Jaya asks her to see khichdi and goes to see Sunny. Khushboo adds the ground nut and smirks.

Priya is hungry and thinks when will mahurat come to have food. He takes her out and asks her to sit on the weighing scale and says the wheat equivalent to her weight will be given to poor and asks her to sit. He asks her to get up and asks Servant to give it to poor and note down the weight.

Priya asks Rukmini to give her food. She asks her to take bath and come in 5 mins and tells that the mahurat is for 10 mins only else she will not get food. Veer tells Vinod that he is tired and will teach a lesson to Sanchi. Priya comes back from bathing and tries to have food. She asks for water and is about to drink, but Vikrant comes and snatches water glass. He says mahurat is over and takes her with him.

Jaya calls everyone to have food. Khushboo tastes the food and tells that Jaya have added moong phalli in the food. Jaya says she has not added. Khushboo blames her. Dadi asks Jaya to stop troubling Khusboo. Ashok blames Jaya and tells that she is doing this so that we leave home. Dadi asks her to stay away.

Vinod informs Veer that Sanchi went to take bath. Veer adds ice pieces to tank water. Sanchi feels cold and come out of bathroom. She understands this is Veer’s prank and gets angry.


Savitri Devi 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Veer comes to Sanchi and tells that he needs to go to loo and asks for his permission. Sanchi increases his shift. Veer asks him to give him Doctor’s level works. Sanchi asks him to come down on Ward boy level first.