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Savitri Devi 12th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Savitri Devi 12th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi writhes with back pain. Jaya says she will apply ointment. Dadi refuses. Jaya asks why you are upset with me. Dadi says you have broken my trust and have burnt Ashok’s happiness for your revenge. She says happiness came after many years, but you ruined everything. She says you have forced me to go to khushboo’s side. Khushboo comes and asks Dadi to have medicines. Jaya says she will apply ointment. Khushboo bluntly asks her to back off and thinks she will kick her out of house. She takes Dadi with her. Vikrant brings Priya to temple and asks her to climb the stairs for him. She says she didn’t have food and is feeling weak. Vikrant says Savitri fought with Yamraj and you can’t climb the temple stairs for me. She manages to climb the stairs. Priya prays to God to give her strength to bear all this and says she is tired. Pandit ji gives her Prasad, but Vikrant takes it from her hand, says she is fasting. They leave.

Pragya tells Isha that she forgot about her class. Isha says today is off. Pragya says good. Veer calls his friend and asks him to come as coma patient got consciousness. Isha and Pragya hear him and call Sanchi, but she is not picking the call. They think to run and inform him. Priya and Vikrant comes out of temple. A car is about to hit him. Priya rescues him and asks if he is fine. Vikrant tells her that she is cheating in fast and that’s why his life is in risk. Priya says no. Driver of the car calls gayatri and says work is done. Gayatri smirks. Isha and Pragya search for Sanchi. They find her. Pragya scolds her and asks what happened? She tells her that Sanchi Agarwal came out of coma and tells that Veer was with her that time. Sanchi gets happy. Pragya asks why she is feeling happy and tells that once Sanchi gains conscious, she will be out of college. Sanchi asks about Veer. Pragya says you asked him to do duty of all interns. They go to see Sanchi Agarwal.

Vikrant comes home and tells Vandana that he is about to hit by the car. Servant who is hired by Gayatri tells Vikrant that may be Priya have eaten the food or did cheating. Vikrant asks Servant to bring her food. Priya says she didn’t add anything. Vikrant says he will taste first. He tastes it and throws the tray and tells Priya that salt and kali mirchi are in it. Priya says she didn’t add anything. Vikrant says you have put my life in risk and tells that nobody will give her food for a week. Vandana says if she don’t have food then…Vikrant says his decision is final. Dr. Malhotra tells Adarsh about Mr. Chawla shifting medicine stock to their hospital. Adarsh says it is illegal. Dr. Malhotra asks him to do as he says. Neeta comes and tells that Gayatri and Vaidehi are hiding something from you and shows the video in which Pushpa is putting black ink on Vaidehi’s face. Dr. Malhotra says he will talk to them.

Veer tells his friend that Coma patient is reacting just as he is taking Sanchi’s name. he badmouths about her and Sanchi Agarwal moves her fingers. Veer says he is sure that she is having problem with Sanchi. Sanchi, isha and Pragya hear him. Veer says this is my trump card, I will make Sanchi lose, and will inform Dr. Kabir that I have made her get consciousness, then he will make him head intern and he will take revenge from Sanchi. Sanchi decides to tell her truth to Dr. kabir.

At night, Khushboo shouts and screams in fear. Everyone wake up and asks what happened? Khushboo tells them that she saw Sunil. Jaya asks what nonsense? Ashok says she is afraid and shaking. Khushboo says Sunil haven’t got peace until now and is here.

Sanchi tells Isha and Pragya that they have no way than to tell truth to Dr. Kabir and says may be my journey is till here only. Isha and Pragya asks her to tell. Sanchi goes to his cabin. Ms. Fernandes tells that he is not here. Sanchi comes out and tells her friends that they shall stop him. Suman comes back home. Khushboo hugs her and pretends to cry. Kusum tells that Sunil’s soul is here as Jaya haven’t immersed his ashes and his barsi. Jaya says it is not like this. Suman says she brought lemon from baba and says till night it will turn black if Sunil’s soul is here.

Sanchi, Isha and Pragya come to Sanchi’s ward. Veer asks Sanchi to come and see his magic. He says she will feel proud of him and thanks her for giving Pragya’s duty. Kabir asks him to come to point. Sanchi says I want to talk to you. Veer asks her to talk later and says I made this patient come out of coma. Dr. Kabir says we have tried to make her get conscious, but she didn’t and asks if he is doing prank. He tells Sanchi that it is her responsibility as Veer is her assistant. Veer says it is his responsibility only. He badmouths about Sanchi, but Sanchi Agarwal don’t react or does movements. Veer’s friend tells that she did movement yesterday. He tells Sanchi hai hai, but Sanchi Agarwal don’t make any movement. Dr. Kabir scolds Veer for the prank and asks Sanchi to handle his intern else she will be suspended. Ria thinks how can this patient react when someone badmouths about Sanchi Agarwal. Just as Ria goes, Sanchi Agarwal does movement.

Pragya and Isha wonder why Sanchi didn’t react. Sanchi tells that Veer didn’t take her full name and that’s why she didn’t react. She asks Pragya to take care of Sanchi. Vikrant comes to Priya. Priya tells Vikrant that she didn’t add anything in food. Vikrant says he will take her to room as she feels weak. Priya thinks his behavior is weird. Khushboo shows the specs to Dadi and asks whose thing is this. Dadi says it is of Sunil. Suman brings books and asks did you keep it outside. Jaya says no. Khushboo says Sunil’s soul is here. Jaya says it is not like that. Suman says you will know by evening by seeing lemon color. Jaya comes to room and sees the trunk opened. She thinks someone took out the stuff and closes it.

Dr.Adarsh makes the stock shifted in the hospital silently. Sanchi gives diet chart of Kusum to Nurse and tells that everything is in the list and asks her to give accordingly. Pragya says bahu ho toh aisi. Sanchi says she is my patient and I have to take care of my patient. She gets irritated. She sees Veer and goes. Isha thinks she can try for Dr. Kabir as Sanchi is not interested, and thinks Veer is there for Sanchi. She thinks may be she will win Dr. Kabir. Veer sees Sanchi and hides. Sanchi catches him and asks what does he mean by badmouthing about her. She asks him three questions. Veer doesn’t answers any of the question right. Sanchi says even today you didn’t answer well and asks him to give injection even today.

Sanchi sees the news and thinks she didn’t see disaster management unit and tries to check, but it is closed. Sanchi asks Nurse to bring keys from Adarsh. She refuses. Sanchi goes to Dr. Adarsh and greets him.


Savitri Devi 13th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sanchi scolds Veer as table falls on him. She moves the table, but falls on him.