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Savitri Devi 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Savitri Devi 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Dr. Kabir asking Sanchi to go. Sanchi goes. Dr. Kabir gets a call and leaves. Veer comes to Dr. Kabir’s cabin and sees tiffin. He thinks Sanchi brought this tiffin for Dr. Kabir, I am doing herogiri and prize is received by him. He opens the tiffin and tastes chaklis. He takes chaklis and keeps frog in the box so that Sanchi gets scolded by Dr. Kabir.
Dr. Kabir assigns duties to the interns. He asks Pragya to monitor her pregnant patient carefully. He also asks Sanchi to handle pregnancy case and be alert. Sanchi says ok. Dadi calls Veer and asks why hide you hide from me about your accident news. Veer says he is chocolate boy from face, but have strong body. Dadi scolds him for risking his life. Veer says your son was playing with lives and that’s why I have done this.

Dadi asks him to come home. Veer says that khadoos Doctor Kabir don’t leave me. Dadi says he will make you good doctor. Veer asks her not to praise any other man and says he is possessive about her. Dadi says bye. Jaya and her workers try to sell chaklis at shop and homes, but nobody buy the chaklis and refuse. They all are upset.

A pregnant lady Sudha’s mum in law gives laddoo to her bahu and then asks her to have kesar milk. Sanchi greets them and asks her not to forefeed her in this condition and give her whatever she asks her. Sudha’s mum in law tells that she has experienced and knows what is best for mum and baby. Sanchi says sure, but as she is admitted here. She says she is taking Sudha for ultrasound. Sudha’s mum in law asks her to give clear pic of the baby’s complexion.

Priya calls Sanket. Sanket asks Monica to give his phone. She spills coffee on his phone and acts. Sanket gets tensed when his phone gets off. Priya thinks why he has switched off his phone. Sanchi tells Isha and Pragya that Sudha’s mum in law is choosy about the complexion. Isha says it is coming since years. Veer comes and asks who wants to bet that black baby will be born. Isha and Pragya bet with him. Sanchi says s he don’t play such stupid game. They get message and leave. Ria comes to Dr. Kabir and says she is getting bored in day care and asks if she can assist him. Dr. Kabir asks her to be there and says he can’t be partial with others. He gets a call that Sudha is critical and goes.

Ria sits on his chair and says she can do anything being Dr. Malhotra’s daughter. Kabir asks Sanchi to take her to OT. Sanchi tells Suman’s mum in law that they have to do C section to Suman as baby’s life is in danger. Pragya also takes her patient to other OT.
Dr. Kabir operates on Suman. While Pragya along with other doctor try to do normal delivery of the patient. Kabir tells that patient and baby is fine. Other patient also delivers baby boy. Sanchi and Pragya inform their patient’s family that son is born to them. Suman’s mum in law asks Sanchi about baby’s complexion.

Sanchi says she didn’t see the face and asks her to wait. Pragya and Sanchi congratulates each other. Pragya says she couldn’t see baby’s face. Sanchi says lets go and see them in neonatal ward. Sanchi thanks God for Sudha’s case. Pragya takes the baby to neonatal ward and thinks where are their tags. She sees the tags fallen on ground and thinks what to do now. She recalls and keeps the tags with the babies. Sanket tells Monica that he is leaving early as his phone is not working. Dr. Malhotra comes and asks why you are going? Sanket says he is going to get his phone repaired. Dr Malhotra asks him to go to the hotel and do meeting, and take Monica along with him. Sanket agrees. Dr. Malhotra signs Monica.

Ria jumps on the chair seeing frog. Dr. Kabir comes and asks her to get down. He says this is his office and not her play ground. Ria tells that frog came out of the box. Kabir recalls Sanchi bringing box and calls her. Sanchi comes. Ria scolds Sanchi. Sanchi says I didn’t keep frog in it. Veer thinks to handle the matter and says I have kept frog in that box. Dr. Kabir says I should have thought long before, and says you are irresponsible Doctor I have seen. He says this batch is worst and asks him to be serious and asks them to get out.

Priya calls Sanket and his phone comes as switched off. Gayatri sees Dr. Malhotra coming home. Vaidehi asks her to wait and see drama. Dr. Malhotra sits beside Priya and says now he understood why she likes Sanket and praises him. Priya looks sad. Dr. Malhotra asks her to tell. Priya says she is calling him, but his phone is off. Dr. malhotra says his battery might be drained and asks her to go to hotel and meet him. Priya thanks him for misunderstanding him. Dr. Malhotra asks her to go.

Gayatri asks what did you go? I can’t believe that you have permitted her to meet Sanket. Dr. Malhotra says I know exactly what I am doing.

Sanchi checks Sudha and says both mother and baby are fine. Sudha’s mum in law asks her to show her grand son. She is shocked to see baby black in complexion and says this is not my grand son. Sanchi says this is your grand son. Sudha’s mum in law tells that this is not her grand son. Veer and isha get tensed.

Sanket and Monica attend the meeting. Client says they are ready to sign on the deal. Sanket gives them papers and gets their signatures. Monica adds some tablets in Sanket’s drink. Sanket drinks it. Monica smirks. Sanket feels drowsy and feels like fainting. Monica asks him to come. She asks are you ok? He says yes.

Jaya counts the money notes and says she could sell only 5 packets of chaklis. Workers say nobody is buying because of bad reputation. Kusum asks Jaya to accept her defeat and free the workers from false hopes. Ashok says I will eat this. Kusum takes packet from his hand says don’t know if acid is mixed in it. Sunny asks Jaya to tell Sanchi. Jaya says Sanchi shall not know about it.

Sanchi brings baby back to ward and tells that Sudha’s mum in law is telling that this baby is not hers. Pragya tells her that there was no tag when she came here so she tagged them. Sanchi says so you are not 100 percent sure. Pragya says my patient’s baby have birth mark and check for it. She says may be it was not clean.

Monica along with someone takes Sanket to room. Receptionist tells Priya that he is in 505 room number. Pragya asks Veer to give coin. Veer asks are you serious and says this is madness. Pragya says it is about my career. Veer tosses the coin. Pragya is shocked. Receptionist calls Monica and tells that she is coming. Monica forces herself on Sanket and asks him to leave her. Priya is shocked to see Sanket with Monica on bed and cries.


Savitri Devi 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dr. Kabir scolds Sanchi and Pragya and gives one day’s time to correct their mistake. Veer sees someone changing the tags. Priya agrees to marry Vikrant. Dr. Malhotra informs Sanket. Sanket is shocked.