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Savitri Devi 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Savitri Devi 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Monica calling Nisha and says your work is done. Nisha congratulates Dr. Malhotra and says Monica have done the work. Dr. Malhotra says Priya and Sanket’s love story ends. Monica opens her hairs and spoils her make up. She opens the door and complains to hotel staff that Sanket molested her and cries. Manager calls police station. Sanket is unconscious on bed. Sudha’s mum in law asks for her grand son and threatens to file case. Nurse Fernandes asks her to relax and says she will talk to Dr. Kabir.

Priya runs home hurt and crying. Nisha and Dr. Malhotra smiles. Priya thinks how can Sanket do this. Vaidehi wonders what happened to Priya. Gayatri says even she is thinking same. Dr. Malhotra says it all happened as planned. Nisha says her heart is broken, now Vikrant will apply ointment on her wounds. Dr. Malhotra tells that he became strict to bring his kids on right track and goes.

Sanchi tells Pragya how to identify the kids. Pragya says lets toss coin again. Sanchi asks her to stop it and says coin can’t decide their destiny. Pragya says she is not sure and don’t know what to do. Sanchi sees baby’ features don’t match with Sudha. Kabir comes there and says gives them a day time to rectify the mistake.. Dr. Malhotra comes to Priya and says just now he came to know what sanket did in hotel. Priya cries and hugs him. Dr. Malhotra says I can’t believe that Sanket did this with a girl, he seems like humble, and says if I haven’t got phone call from Police station then I wouldn’t have known that Monica filed molestation charges on Sanket. Priya is shocked and cries. Dr. Malhotra says he is thankful to see the truth. Priya says Sanket finished all when you gave him a chance and cries hugging him.

Gayatri and Vaidehi smile at his plan. Dr. Malhotra says Sanket is a mud infront of us. Vaidehi and Gayatri sign Dr. Malhotra happily.

Ashok talks to Khushboo. Khushboo says I want to marry and wear designer lehenga. Ashok says he will make her designer and says you will enter my home as a rani. Khushboo says Bhabhi have the keys of the house. Ashok says Suman is with me. Khushboo asks him to take Dadi on his side. Ashok says he will do something.

Pragya talks to her patient. Patient asks for her baby. Pragya asks if her baby can be black. Patient says there is nobody black in her family. Pragya says ok.

At police station, Constable throws water on Sanket’s face. Sanket gains consciousness. Monica gives statement against him and tells that he has molested her. Sanket says she is lying and asks why she is doing this. Monica smirks while going. Pragya and Sanchi go to Sudha. Pragya makes Suman’s mum in law busy and asks how much kesar she fed to her bahu. She threatens to file case. Sanchi asks sudha to identify her son being a mum. Sudha says she will do as her mum in law says. Pushpa comes to Sanket and tells that Police have arrested charges as a girl filed complaint against him. Jaya and Pushpa go to Police station.

Veer comes to Sanchi and Pragya and says don’t tell me that you haven’t thought about the solution till now, and says even Sunil Gavaskar changed in the hospital, but returned to his parents. Veer checks the babies tag and sees kesar on tags. Sanchi says from where did kesar come here. She says Sudha’s mum in law. Pragya says I will not leave her. Sanchi says we can’t talk to Dr. Kabir without any proofs. Sanchi says we can get CCTV footage. Veer says I can get you see footage and says he has two conditions. He says my first condition is you both shall request me politely and after the work is done, Ms. Golgappa shall go on a date with me. Pragya agrees, but Sanchi refuses. Veer says I am going. Pragya stops him. Veer asks them to come with him.

Dr. Malhotra comes to Priya and says I can’t see you in this condition. He says you have to move on, and I am with you. He says I gave you a chance for your happiness, and says Vikrant loves you a lot. He asks her to agree. Priya asks him to do as he thinks rights. He asks her to think again. Priya says you are my Papa and will not do anything wrong, I have no problem with your decision. Dr. Malhotra smiles and asks her to freshen up and drink the soup which he got for her. Dr. Malhotra calls Inspector from Priya’s phone and asks him to give call to Sanket. Sanket tells that Monica trapped him. Dr. Malhotra says Priya will not call you and says your and Priya’s relation has ended. She has agreed to marry Vikrant with her wish. Sanket is shocked.

Veer comes to the CCTV footage room and insists to see the footage of neonatal ward. The man there allows him. They see the footage and see a saree clad woman with her face hidden changing the tags. Sanchi says Vimla must have done this. Veer says face is not shown, and she can easily refuse. Pragya says black baby is of Sudha. Sanchi asks Pragya to call Isha. Pragya calls Isha and asks her to bring Dr. Kabir to Sudha’s ward. Ashok brings gifts for everyone. Dadi, Suman and Sunny get happy. Dadi blesses him. Ashok smiles. Suman thinks he is going in right direction.

Pushpa and Jaya come to the police station. Sanket tells them that he didn’t do anything. Jaya asks him to tell how it all happened? Sanket tells her everything. Pushpa and Jaya are shocked. Sanket says he don’t care about the world, but Priya is thinking him wrong and agreed to marry Vikrant. He says he don’t know what to do. Jaya says I will see and goes.

Pragya gives white complexion baby to Vimla. Vimla gets happy getting white complexion baby. Sanchi says someone is happy atleast and says destiny played bad trick with other. She tells that an astrologer told fortune of the other baby and tells that he is born with bad luck and will be responsible for his father’s dead. Vimla is shocked. Sanchi asks her not to worry and tells that same astrologer told that the baby born along with this baby will have Raj Yogya and good fortune. She says wherever he will go, will bring auspicious things. Vimla refuses to take the baby and says this is not my grand son. She accepts to have swapped the babies after seeing her grand son’s black complexion. Sanchi is shocked. Veer says wow and says Sanchi is a good actor and tells Dr. Kabir that Pragya and sanchi are innocent and you scolded him. Pragya says both babies were looking same then.

Vimla says she can identify well. Sanchi tells her that human is identified by his karma and not with his color. She tells that Shri Krishna was wheatish, and even God Rama was wheatish too. She says even I am wheatish, but nobody stopped me from becoming doctor. She says you did wrong and have played with two little babies. Dr. Kabir comes inside and says we can file case against you. Vimla apologizes. Sanchi says complexion doesn’t matter and asks her to give good upbringing to her grand son to make him good man. Jaya calls Priya and asks why you are doubting on Sanket. Priya says I have seen him misbehaving with Monica. Jaya says you are thinking him wrong. Priya says my papa wanted to give him a chance and postpone by marriage, but he broke my heart and also my Papa’s trust. She says she has decided to marry Vikrant and nobody can change her decision.

Dr. Malhotra calls Mr. Chawla and says we shall not postpone the wedding and will let the marriage happen after 2 days. Mr. Chawla agrees and says marriage will be grand. Dr. Malhotra asks him to start the arrangements.

Veer asks Sanchi what she likes to have for their date. Sanchi asks him to take Pragya and says she didn’t agree. Veer says if you don’t want to go then we will go to your golgappa seller. Sanchi agrees to come for treat and not for date. Veer asks her to call it treat if she wants. Sanchi smiles. Pushpa assures Sanket that she will get lawyer. Jaya comes back to police station and thinks she won’t let Dr. Malhotra win and will reply to him.


Savitri Devi 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sanchi gets ready for the date. Veer waits for her in the restaurant. Dr. Kabir calls her and asks her to come to hospital and assist him in surgery. She comes to hospital. Dr. Kabir asks her to get ready. Veer gets sad.