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Savitri Devi 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Savitri Devi 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Jaya telling Pushpa that everything will be fine. Sanket asks what did Priya say and says she has broken our relation because of misunderstanding. Jaya says she will talk to her. Sanket says no and says let her marry Vikrant. Veer informs his friend that Ms. Golgappa agreed to go on date. Sanchi says she agreed as Pragya has promised, and says it is a treat. Veer says it is a proper date. Sanchi asks Isha or Pragya to go on her place. Pragya asks what is so special. Veer says I am going on a date for the first time and that too on a golgappa date. Isha and Pragya teases Sanchi on her first date. Veer’s friend asks him to take gift. Veer says I know and book table for them with a golgappa counter.

Jaya thinks to get the proofs against Dr. Malhotra else he will ruin two lives. Mrs. Chawla comes to Dr. Malhotra’s house and gives her wedding dress after doing the rituals. Gayatri asks her to select jewellery for Priya and asks Priya to come along with them. Vaidehi asks Priya and Vikrant to spend some time together and asks Dadi to come with them. Vikrant tells Priya that he has chosen the dress for her and says he has a surprise for her and shows her name tattoo on his hand. He says I love you so much and can’t live without you. Priya says there is nothing like love in this world. Sanchi is going on a date. Pragya says people will think you as terrorist. Isha says you can’t go wearing this dress and takes out dress from the wardrobe. Jaya apologizes to the constable and tells that she is feeling bad for Sanket’s doing and tells that she wants to meet that girl and apologize to her. Lady constable agrees and gives her number of Monica. Jaya writes down the number and thanks her.

Inspector asks what you were talking? Constable says she was asking address of the victim so I gave. Inspector scolds her for risking rape victim’s life. Pragya and Isha dresses up Sanchi nicely. Jaya comes to Monica’s house. Monica opens the door. Jaya tells her that she came to sell chaklis. Monica says she don’t want. Her friend asks her to take it. She buys the chaklis and asks her to go. Jaya thinks rape victim can’t have party and thinks dr. Malhotra trapped Sanket to get Priya marry Vikrant. Sanchi tells that she is going. Pragya asks her to tell everything in detail after coming back. Just then she gets Kabir’s call and he asks her to assist him in the surgery. Sanchi gets happy. Isha and Pragya stop her and remind her of the date. Sanchi says she can’t leave surgery for the treat and will apologize to Veer. Pragya asks her to call Veer. Sanchi says ok.

Sanchi comes to hospital. Dr. Kabir asks her to concentrate on operation, else she can leave..Sanchi don’t send message to Veer and keeps her phone in her locker. Veer waits for Sanchi and asks golgappa guy if it is fresh. He says yes. Veer calls her, but her phone is in the locker. He calls her again and again. Waiter comes and asks shall I order something for you. Veer orders scotch. Jaya thinks how to find out about this girl and gives chakli packet to watchman, says that Monica bought all her chaklis. Watchman tells about Monica’s bad habit and tells that owner is fed up of her. Jaya insists to talk to owner and gives her number. Veer gets angry and thinks she must be laughing on him. He asks waiters not to go on date with any girl. Waiter says he will call taxi. Veer thanks him and goes. Dr. Kabir and Sanchi perform the surgery and come out of OT. Dr. Kabir appreciates Sanchi. Sanchi takes her phone from locker and sees Veer’s 30 missed calls. She calls him, but he is sleeping in his house.

Next day, Veer’s friend asks him about the date. Veer scolds him and asks him to go. Sanchi comes and says sorry, says she was about to come but. Veer says you have taken revenge for my pranks and says it was so embarrassing for him. Sanchi tells that she couldn’t come and was about to message him but. Veer gets a call and goes. He picks Dadi’s call and asks what happened? Dadi tells him that Priya agreed to marry Vikrant. Veer says I will come. Nurse informs him that Dr. Kabir called him. Veer goes to Dr. Kabir and says he needs to go home as Priya has taken decision to marry Vikrant. Dr. Kabir says you can’t go and asks him to take Dr. Malhotra’s permission. Veer refuses and says there is nothing important to him than his sister.

Gayatri and Vaidehi asks waiters to serve the guests. Mehendi designer applies mehendi on Priya’s hand. Gayatri asks her to write vikrant. Veer comes and asks Priya to get up and says I need to talk to you. Gayatri says she can’t get up leaving her function. Veer asks her to get up and she goes to talk to him. Gayatri thinks this Veer will spoil everything.

Sanchi asks Veer’s friend Vinod about Veer. Vinod says he left from here and asks what happened between them as he was very upset. Sanchi is worried. Veer asks Priya why she wants to ruin her life. Priya says Sanket has ruined my life already. Veer says I know Dr. Malhotra is forcing you. Priya says she is marrying with her wish. She says Papa gave him a chance, but sanket lost the chance, and I came to know about his truth. She says Vikrant loves me and I will be happy with him. Veer asks what about his illness. Priya says she is fine, let her marry him. Veer says if anything happens to you then I will not leave this house. Dadi asks priya, why did she do this? Priya says she don’t want Veer to hate Papa and says when I have agreed, he shall accept too. She says Vikrant is fine.

Nisha talks to Inspector and asks him to get Sanket rotten in jail for two more days. Inspector agrees. He tells them that a woman came there and enquired about Monica, and the lady constable gave her address. Adarsh thinks who is interested in Sanket’s life. Nisha talks to Monica and comes to know that a lady came last night to sell chakli. Dr. Malhotra says she is Jaya Mishra and asks Nisha to do something,.

Jaya comes to Monica’s flat and comes to know that she left the flat. Watchman says I talked to owner about the new tenant. Jaya asks him if he knows about Monica or her parents. He tells that he has her address when they sent letter to her house. Jaya notes down the address and thanks the watchman.

Vikrant refuses to wear sherwanis and cuts it with knife. Mrs. Chawla says it will look good on you. He says he wants to look best and wants people to look him as he is special. Designer asks him to try sherwani worth 20 Lakhs rs. He dislikes it. Other designer shows the sherwani and says this suits your personality. Vikrant says I like it, and sees his name all around. Mrs. Chawla gets tensed.

Veer thinks he can’t see his sister ruined and is about to go. Dadi asks him to stay for his sister’s marriage. Veer asks why she is marrying? Dadi says this marriage is happening as Priya agreed and says Anand will never think bad about his children. Gayatri comes and asks him not to do any drama and says she don’t want her daughter to take bad memory with her. Sanket is in the lock up and thinks about Priya. Priya thinks about seeing Monica and Sanket in the hotel room. Sanket sees the chain.


Savitri Devi 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sanchi shows file to the Doctor and says patient can’t afford the test. Doctor asks her to shut up. Sanchi tells that she won’t let patient waste money in unnecessary test.