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Savitri Devi 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Savitri Devi 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi coming to the temple. Jaya asks why did you come here. Sanchi says I know you would be here, says how can I leave you alone today. Jaya asks her to come. They distribute clothes to the poor people. Vikrant calls Priya. Priya picks his call and talks nicely. She says she was mad to doubt on him and tells that when reports are normal, she has realized her mistake and says sorry. Vikrant asks her to come on date with him. Priya asks him to meet her at the cafeteria and calls him Sid before ending the call. Vikrant thinks what a crap and calls her again. He asks did you call me Sid? Priya says no, I didn’t say. Vikrant says I will see you in one hour. Dadi asks Sunny to call Jaya and inform her that Suman is doing Sunil’s barsi. Dadi asks Suman not to do this. Neighbors come there and asks why she is doing barsi at Jaya’s back. Suman’s husband asks her not to do this against Jaya’s wish. Suman asks him to be quiet. Sunny calls Jaya, but she doesn’t pick the call. Suman asks Dadi to sit and asks Ashok to call Sunny. Jaya sees Sunny’s call and picks the call. Ashok comes and snatches phone from his hand.

Suman calls Ashok and asks him to bring sunny to sit for Sunil’s barsi. Jaya hears her and is shocked. She asks Sanchi to take her home. Sanchi drives the bike. Isha asks the patient not to eat pan masala. Patient says I don’t want to get myself treated with a model and says you have done adv of pan masala. Priya is going out. Gayatri’s mum stops her. Priya tells her that she is going to meet Vikrant. Gayatri’s mum asks Gayatri to call Vikrant. She calls him and asks if Priya came. Vikrant says she is coming to meet me. Priya asks can she go now. Suman makes Sunny do the rituals.

Priya asks Vikrant, if he wants to take sugar cube. Vikrant says he don’t take sugar as he don’t like sweets and put on weight. He says he is feeling nice as she has realized he is perfect and says nobody can love you more than me. He says you are looking different and I am loving it. She gets messages on her mobile and replies to the messages. Vikrant asks who is messaging you. Priya says some friend. He checks her phone and says Ankita. He returns her phone and asks if you are dating someone. Priya says no. Vikrant says he can’t bear any other men except her dad and brother. Priya nods. Jaya comes there and throws water in the havan. He asks them to stop the drama. Suman says she will do this barsi. Ashok says yes. Jaya scolds him. Pandit ji says it is inauspicious to stop the barsi. Jaya gives him dakshini and asks him to go. She tells Suman that it is her house and she will decide. Suman says this is my mayka and I have full right. Jaya says your brother is my husband and I will decide if I want to do barsi or not. Suman says you don’t care for my brother’s peace. Sanchi asks her not to raise question on her love for her husband. Suman says you have to tell the reason why you didn’t want to do barsi.

Jaya brings the asthi kalash and says that’s why no vidhis can’t happen. Ashok asks why did you do this? Dadi says nobody will ask her. Priya gives gift to Vikrant and asks him to open it after she goes. He says ok and shake hands with her. She says bye and goes. He opens the card and sees Siddharth’s name on the card. He gets angry. Veer calls Priya and tells that he didn’t get time to call her. Priya tells that she met a lady and calls her Jaya aunty. She tells her idea. Sanchi asks Jaya if she don’t want her Papa to get mukti. Jaya says your papa will get peace when Savitri Devi hospital changes according to his vision. She says till then I will not do the visarjan. Sanchi agrees and says Papa ji’s dream will be my last mission. I will do as my say. Jaya asks her to go and says she don’t want Malhotra to know about you.

Sanchi comes to the hospital and sees Dr. Malhotra talking to the receptionist. She recalls that Dr. Malhotra striked her name intentionally due to their past as she is Dr. Sunil Mishra’s daughter. She looks at him and thinks this is not my college, but my stubbornness. I will not go from here. Dr. Malhotra sees her standing and asks what happened? Yesterday you was about to tell me something. She says she has sorted out everything. Dr. Malhotra asks her to talk to her seniors if she has any problem rather than coming to him. He asks not to forget why she came here. She says she will fulfill her motive of coming here. Dr. Anand comes back home and asks where is Priya? Gayatri says Priya is changed now. You will not believe that she went to meet Vikrant happily. Dr. Malhotra says it is not surprising and tells that she is overreacting. Priya comes home. Dr. Malhotra asks Priya if everything is ok. Priya says yes and smiles. Vikrant comes and says nothing is fine, and tells that she is having an affair with Siddharth.

Dr. Malhotra checks the card and tells that there is nothing written on the card. Priya asks what is wrong and tells that she already apologized to him. Vikrant tells that siddharth was written on the card, gets angry and throws the card and goes to room. Anand thinks why did he get angry without any reason. Gayatri tells Dr. Malhotra that may be Priya did something. He nods and asks about Jaya. She asks him to trust her and says work will be done. He goes to Priya’s room and asks what is happening. He checks her diary and keeps it back. He says help me understand what do you want to prove. He says I know that you don’t want to marry him and asks what is this card and coffee date. Priya says she has realized her mistake after the test, but he got angry. Dr. malhotra says I hope you are saying right, and tells that she will marry Vikrant Chawla. Priya says time will tell I will marry whom.

Sanchi thinks Maa suffered much, but didn’t complain. She thinks this hospital is my father’s dream and says she will see his hardwork in the corners of the hospital. She says she will fulfill his dream and make him get mukti. She says she will make his statue in the hospital premises and Maa will inaugurate it. Gayatri’s mum is checking the sarees. Gayatri asks her to wear gardener’s wife saree. Gayatri’s mum refuses. Gayatri says your daughter is giving you a chance to do acting and get drown in the character. She sadly agrees. Isha comes to the general wards and sees her adv posters all around in the ward. She is shocked and checks the patient’s report. Patient says she wants another doctor and don’t want such cheap doctor. All patients refuse to get treatment from her. She cries.

Sanchi and pragya see VIP zone in the hospital. Sanchi says what a stupid idea. They come to know that health minister will be inaugurating the ward. Ria comes and says pan masala adv being a doctor. Sanchi and Pragya come there. Sanchi wipes her tears. Ria tells Isha that she don’t have option rather than hugging her friends. A patient comes there and tells that she needs to admit her daughter. Sanchi says we shall go and help them. Veer comes and asks where is nari mukti morcha is going. Pragya asks him to see. Nurse tells Patients that emergency rooms are also not available. Sanchi says we shall help them and asks Veer not to play prank. He says he genuinely wants to help her.

Dr. Malhotra asks Adarsh to see media reaches before health minister and says today is our VIP section opening. Adarsh says Media will reach soon. Dr. Malhotra tells that he wants good coverage of media and tells that all VIP’s shall come to this hospital. Sanchi brings the patient inside. Nurse Fernandes asks Sanchi to make them deposit the fees and fill the form. Patient’s mum takes out the glucose drip and tells that she can’t afford VIP section charges and tells that she can’t save her child now. Sanchi looks on and recalls her mum’s words asking her to fulfill Sunil’s dream.

Savitri Devi 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : 

Dr. Malhotra comes to know that Minister is not coming. He scolds Adarsh. Sanchi goes to VIP ward and cuts the ribbon. Dr.Malhotra is shocked. Police comes and arrests Jaya.