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Savitri Devi 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update


Savitri Devi 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi feeling as if she saw someone and asks who is there. She finds old patient writing Diary on the board. She calls him uncle and asks what you are doing here? Uncle gets shocked and couldn’t speak. Pragya thinks Sanchi didn’t come till now, she has become Isha today. Isha says lets go and check. Sanchi asks him to calm down and makes him remember her, says she is Dr. Sanchi. Patient remembers her. Isha and Pragya come there. Sanchi asks what happened to him. He signs her that someone cut his tongue. Pragya notices burnt mark on his hand. Sanchi is shocked and says somebody burnt his hand too. They ask him to come with them.

Sanchi, Isha and pragya are about to take him to room. Patient runs seeing Adarsh. Adarsh catches him and takes him from there. Sanchi, Isha and Pragya search for him. Pragya says he is not in washroom. Sanchi says why did he run?

Gayatri asks Dr. Malhotra what they are going to do during their 15th marriage anniversary. Dr. Malhotra says he will invite everyone, all celebrities etc. Gayatri says she wants to marry him infront of people. He laughs it off and says just now he got Priya married. Gayatri says nobody knows about their marriage. He refuses and sleeps. Gayatri thinks she will convince him somehow. Adarsh scolds guards and says you know what to do. The patient shouts as they take him to room. Adarsh says nobody can be alive after knowing this truth.

Khushboo’s father comes to her and gives her food parcel. Sunny comes there and asks dog to bite his chachi without any worry. Dog snatches her food parcel and left. Sanchi finds Diary written on the poster/board. She says we shall search it. Isha says there is something wrong for sure and dangerous too. Jaya tells that it is raining. Ashok says khushboo is outside. Jaya says lets go and check. Jaya asks her to take umbrella. Khushboo refuses. Ashok asks Jaya to come. Vikrant comes to Priya and opens the rope from her neck, says it is 6 am. Mr. Chawla says they shall get Vikrant treated. Vikrant comes and says he is happy that Priya managed to stand till 6 am. He says once he wakes up, they will have breakfast. Rukmini scolds Priya for making Vikrant angry. Priya feels disgusted.

Jaya asks Khushboo to leave and says we will not accept you. Suman comes and asks her to come inside. Khushboo refuses. A boy comes and says she can stand here for a month. People starts call her Devi and gives her jewellery and money. Sanchi, Isha and Pragya hear some intern telling that he found his lost phone in the lost things. Sanchi, Pragya and Isha come to the room. Pragya bribes the supervisor and gets the diary. They see the number and think that there is something wrong on 10th floor. Isha says it is a restricted area. Pragya says they shall take Veer’s help. Ms. Fernandes sees Dr. Kabir searching bouquets on net. He says his friend likes someone and wants to gift her something. Ms. Fernandes understands that he is talking about himself. Dr. Kabir thinks to give her book.

Dr. Malhotra comes home and calls gayatri. Vaidehi says she is unwell. Gayatri pretends to talk to herself and says for people, she is his second wife only, and then says her husband think about her, but she has to think about people. Dr. Malhotra hears her. She says she is depressed. Dr. Malhotra asks her to leave her stubbornness and goes. Gayatri tells Vaidehi that she will convince him.

Priya tries to message Dadi. Vikrant comes and asks her not to message Dadi. He tells her that a man is keeping eye on Dadi, and if she tries to do something then she can’t see her Dadi again. Priya is shocked.

Veer and Sanchi makes the kids patients realize their mistake. Sanchi asks them to say sorry and end the fight. Veer hears her. Sanchi asks Veer if he knows what is on 10th floor. He says he didn’t know as it is a restricted area. Sanchi asks for help. Veer says he will not help her and that’s why going to camp.


Savitri Devi 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dr. Malhotra and Mr. Chawla spot Sanchi indisguise of a peon. Mr. Chawla asks if he (she) is going to 10th floor and asks him to come out. Sanchi nods no and gets tensed.

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Savitri Devi College And Hospital Details

Savitri Devi College & Hospital is an Indian medical drama television series, which premiered on May 15, 2017 on Colors TV.The show stars Swarda Thigale and Varun Kapoor in the lead


Sheena Bajaj
Nishigandha Wad
Neha Bagga
Nausheen Ali Sardar
Mohan Kapoor
Vikram Sakhalkar
Yuvvraaj Malhotra
Varun Kapoor
Vandana Pathak
Swarda Thigale
Shruti Kanwar
Shilpa Shirodkar

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Colors TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min