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Savitri Devi 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update


Savitri Devi 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi telling Veer that she will not apologize to him again. Pragya thinks Veer and Sanchi are having strong enmity and thinks to make them befriend each other. Sanket comes to his street. Neighbors taunt him on his character. Ashok asks everyone to be careful with him and says this is bahu and beti’s street. Sanket comes home. Pushpa gets happy and asks him to freshen up, says she will serve him food. Jaya asks her to have strength and says there will be a morning in Sanket’s life.

Vikrant brings Priya downstairs and says everything is for you. Servants throw flower petals on them and wishes them best. Photographer takes their pic and asks Vikrant to go to side as he will take Priya’s solo photo. Vikrant says only I can take Priya’s solo pic. Mr. chawla calls Security. Vikrant asks Security to throw him out. He apologizes to Priya. Priya smiles being scared. Mrs. Chawla gives her ancestral bangles to Priya and asks her to wear it. Priya thanks her and says it is very beautiful. Vikrant takes it from her hand and says he will make her wear it. He says these bangles became beautiful after you worn it and kisses on her hand. Jaya thinks to call Priya and asks how is she? She calls on Priya’s number. Dr. Malhotra sees her phone ringing and disconnects the call. Jaya thinks Priya is not attending my call and gets worried. Dadi asks Jaya not to worry about Priya and asks her to let her live her life. Ashok’s girl friend Khushboo comes and greets them. Jaya excuses herself. Khushboo says she felt insulted. Dadi says she is tensed. Khushboo bring belly belt for Dadi. Dadi gets happy and touched. Ashok says she will take care of you much after marriage.

Adarsh comes to Dr. Kabir and says famous singer Konkana Bannerjee is admitting to our hospital today and asks him to handle her case and send best intern to take care of her. Dr. Kabir says he will send Sanchi. Adarsh asks him to send Ria with Sanchi as he don’t want her to ruin anything. Dr. Kabir says even Ria is an intern. Adarsh says Ria is more experienced than Sanchi and says it is a management decision. Dr. Kabir agrees.

Dr. Kabir announces to his interns that Ria will assist with him today in a surgery. Pragya calls her garibo ki model. Dr. Kabir assigns a patient to Dr. Veer. He then says that Dr. Sanchi will handle Konkona bannerjee case and Ria will supervise her as Sanchi makes new rules daily. Sanchi is tensed. Ria smiles.

Gayatri tells Vaidehi that she wants to present Chandan garland on Savitri’s pic. She asks Servant to put the garland. Dadi comes and says Priya is gone, but I am still at home. She says you can’t take Savitri’s place. Ashok comes and says Maa. Dadi warns Ashok not to take her side and goes.

Dr. Malhotra tells Gayatri that Dadi will take time. Gayatri says she is my mum too, and says she didn’t feel bad at all. Dr. Malhotra thanks her. Vaidehi tells Gayatri that Dadi have to leave.

Veer asks the patient what is her problem? Patient tells him that since she saw him, her heart wants to get him. Veer thinks what to do with this chipku aunty. Male Patients tease Isha and says she goes out daily. Other patient asks Isha to check him and scold the nagging patients.

Sanchi comes to Sanchi and asks Nurse, how is she? Nurse says she will get well soon. Sanchi says it will be last day of hers then. Pragya asks Sanchi to give her phone and manages to get it. She messages Veer from her phone and asks Veer to meet him in the chat shop. Patient tells Veer that she will not fall ill if he checks her like this. Veer messages her that he will think. Pragya thanks him and thinks he is having attitude too.

Sanchi comes to Konkona’s room ward and sees water bottles there. Her sister asks her to have water. She asks Sanchi to tell her before giving any treatment and says she is also a doctor. Ria comes and introduces herself as Dr. Malhotra’s daughter and main intern. Many people come there and take selfie with Konkona. Konkona’s sister gets jealous. Sanchi thinks why she is behaving strange. Dadi tells Jaya that Khushboo bought belt for her and it is so pain relieving. She tells that she is thinking to get Ashok married to Khushboo. Jaya says let him stand on his feet too. Dadi says Khushboo will handle him and asks her to change her view. Jaya nods hesitantly.

Dr. Malhotra asks Khushboo’s sister to calm down and be patient. He asks her not to be emotional. She says I can’t wait any longer and says only you can do this. Dr. Malhotra says I assured you that whatever other hospitals can’t do, we will do. He asks her to sit.

Pragya holds her stomach and says she is feeling hungry. Sanchi asks her to have chakli. Pragya says she wants aloo tikki from the nearby chaat shop. Sanchi says ok, I will bring and goes. Pragya prays to God to make them patch up.

Veer is waiting at the chaat shop for Sanchi. Sanchi comes. Veer thinks she came to apologize. Sanchi goes past him and asks chat seller to parcel aloo tikki. She takes it. Veer asks why did you call me when you don’t want to talk. Sanchi says I will not apologize and says if I say sorry then it will be embarrassment for me. Veer asks if she knows how much he was embarrassed when she didn’t come. He asks why did you send message to me. Veer says he has deleted her message. They argue Sanchi and Veer tell each other that they don’t want to see each other face. They go in opposite direction. Sanchi goes to wrong direction, some goons come infront of her. Sanchi asks them to leave her. Goons tease her.

Sanchi calls for help. Veer comes there and asks him not to take panga with her, and says she is a doctor and will give injection. Goons asks him to leave. Veer says even I am a doctor. Goon says we will break your bones first. Veer fights with them. Sanchi is tensed. Goons beats him. Veer asks Sanchi to save him. Goon hits stick on his head. Sanchi hits them. They run and hide in a factory. Goons come there, search them and leave. Sanchi and Veer take a sigh of relief. The garage owner locks the garage and leaves in his car.

Isha thinks of patient’s taunts. Pragya asks what happened? Why she is sad? Isha asks where is Sanchi? Pragya says she will take time to come. Isha tells Pragya that patients come to know that I am going out and they are taking it in wrong way. Pragya says you will attend classes, I will see who spreads such rumours. She thinks she is a problem solver since birth and smiles. Sanchi asks Veer to sit and knocks on the door. She runs back to Veer and says someone must have locked the door and calls Pragya. She asks Veer to give his phone, but there is no network on his phone too. She tells that she has to do something to stop his bleeding. Veer says he is fine. Sanchi says head injury is dangerous. She boils water on the stove and cleans his injury. She asks why did you fight with the goons. Veer says I go to gym and would have beaten them badly. They hit me on my back. He says only I have the right to tease you, if anyone else do that then I will not spare them. Sanchi gets touchy.


Savitri Devi 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sanchi asks pathologist to collect blood and saliva samples of Konkona for the test. Ria comes and says no test will be done. Sanchi says Dr. Kabir asked to get Konkana’s test done. Ria says he has changed his mind. Sanchi is shocked. Later Ria assists Dr. Kabir in the operation. Dr. Malhotra thinks to handle Sanchi.

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Savitri Devi College And Hospital Details

Savitri Devi College & Hospital is an Indian medical drama television series, which premiered on May 15, 2017 on Colors TV.The show stars Swarda Thigale and Varun Kapoor in the lead


Sheena Bajaj
Nishigandha Wad
Neha Bagga
Nausheen Ali Sardar
Mohan Kapoor
Vikram Sakhalkar
Yuvvraaj Malhotra
Varun Kapoor
Vandana Pathak
Swarda Thigale
Shruti Kanwar
Shilpa Shirodkar

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Colors TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min