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Savitri Devi 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Savitri Devi 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Isha telling Sanchi that Pragya made her look as a witch so that she can go to grooming class and that guards got scared. Pragya comes there and sits on someone else table. Pragya also goes to other table. Isha asks what happened? What happened to you both. Sanchi asks her to ask Pragya. Isha asks Pragya to forgive Sanchi. Pragya says never. Isha asks Sanchi to forgive Pragya. Sanchi says no. Isha says fine, I will not talk to both of you and says bye. Sanchi and Pragya are upset with each other. Sanchi goes to get Konkona’s test. Pragya thinks she is showing attitude. Khushboo comes to Jaya’s house and introduces her neighbor. She says her neighbor wants 40 kgs chaklis and gives advance. Ashok says your dewrani is good. Jaya thanks Khushboo. Ashok asks her to make chaklis.

Pushpa says she is good and sanskari. Jaya says lets do the work.

Priya thinks to check the house. She goes to a room and sees single bed along side double bed. She thinks whose room is this? Rukmini comes and asks Priya to take care of Vikrant and leave rest of things. Mrs. Chawla asks Servant to take Priya to room. Mrs. Chawla tells that she is going out and asks Rukmini to do test. Dr. Kabir comes to Dr. Malhotra and says he is getting Konkona’s further advance test so that they can get options rather than surgery. Dr. Malhotra says we don’t have that much time and asks him to see the awards. He says she is the Konkana, sensational singer and says they can’t waste time. Dr. Kabir says if we perform surgery then she can’t sing again. Dr. Malhotra asks him to think as a doctor and save a patient’s life. Dr. Kabir agrees to perform surgery on her.

Pushpa tells Jaya that chaklis are ready and asks her to ask Khushboo’s kaki. Jaya calls her and says may be she is on the way. Khushboo comes and asks if Chakli is ready. Jaya says order is ready and asks her to call her Kaki. She calls Kaki and asks when you are coming. Kaki says she is cancelling the order and says she wants to kill her guests. Khushboo says what they will do with 40 kgs chaklis. Kaki asks her to throw chaklis. Jaya is shocked. Khushboo apologizes to Jaya and says she will pay for the loss. Jaya sasys no need.

Sanchi comes to the pathologist and asks him to take Konkona’s blood and saliva samples for the test. Ria comes and says Dr. Kabir said that no test will be done. Sanchi asks why? Ria says Dr. Kabir have changed his mind and is going to do Konkona’s surgery in few hours. Sanchi is shocked.

Priya thinks about Mr. Chawla and Vandana’s room. She thinks who sleeps on that single bed. She thinks if Vikrant sleeps on that bed and then rubbishes her doubts.

Ashok says when your Kaki haven’t come then what is your mistake. Khushboo says which kaki and says she took revenge on Jaya. Ashok gets happy. She asks him to buy a car. He says he will buy after marriage. Khushboo asks where we will stay as Jaya has a big room. Ashok promises that they will get big room. Rukmini tells Vandana that Priya saw Vikrant’s bed in your room. Vandana is shocked. Rukmini asks shall I take it from room. Vandana says Vikrant will not allow. They fear that the secret will be revealed to him. Just then they see Priya coming there, and she asks about the single bed. Vandana tells that they have kept that bed for Vikrant’s dad as he has a back ache problem. She asks her to get ready for Pagphera rasam. Priya says she is going to get ready.

Arpana comes to Konkona and acts to cry. She says Doctor needs to do your surgery as there is no other option. Konkona says she will not get operation done. Arpana acts to cry and says she can’t see her in pain. Konkona thinks how she will live without singing and thinks she has no existence if she don’t sing. Arpana asks her to have water. Konkona have water. Sanchi comes and thinks she has a strong feeling that Konkona is having inflammation due to something. She tells Konkona that she is in safe hands and coughs. Konkona gives her water to Sanchi and asks her to drink. Arpana says she can’t drink this water. Sanchi thinks she is sure now.

Dadi calls Priya and tells her that Veer will come and take her for pagphera. Vikrant tells Mrs. Chawla that he will not send Priya for pagphera. She says he can’t stay without you. She then tells Vikrant that it is a rasam. Veer comes there. Vikrant welcomes him and says if you get hurt, then Priya will get troubled which I can’t bear. He asks him to take priya for sometime. Veer says we have to take your permission to meet Priya now. Vikrant says I like your brother. Priya touches Mrs. and Mr. Chawla’s blessings. Vikrant says you will not meet me. Priya hugs him. Vikrant says he will come soon.

Vaidehi asks Gayatri to do something more. Gayatri says she will wait for right time to remove all Savitri’s things. She says this room is not mine even now as Savitri is here, and says now she has to go from my room. She takes a big box and says Ashok married me, but kept Savitri’s things at home still. She looks at Savitri’s things. Vaidehi asks what is her plan? Gayatri says all these things will go, just see what I do.

Veer drops Priya at home and tells that he have to do his shift. He leaves. Sanchi comes to Konkona’s room. Arpana tells Konkona that she will come in 5 mins. Sanchi hides and goes to Konkona’s room. She says hello to Konkona and says she wants to do some test which needs to be done before operation and asks her to lie down. She takes her Saliva sample and asks her to rest. She takes water sample also and thinks now she will know what is her real problem. Priya comes home. Vaidehi says laadli came. Priya ignores them and goes to hug Dadi. Dadi asks where is Veer? Priya says he said that he will come after shift is over. Priya sees Gayatri and Dr. Malhotra’s pic and asks where is my mum’s pic. Gayatri says photo frame is given for repair. Priya says nobody can take her mum’s place. Dadi says nobody can end her existence.

Ria tells that she is giving treat to everyone in the evening, and says Dr. Kabir is doing major surgery on my sayings and I am assisting him. Isha and Pragya are irritated. Veer asks her to become serial vamp. Ria asks Sanchi to come and attend the treat, and says you might be feeling bad, but better luck next time. Sanchi says ok and goes. She hides the water and saliva sample. Veer happens to see and thinks to find out. Dadi tells Priya that she missed her much while watching serial. Priya says Dadi and says I missed you and Veer much. Dadi asks priya how they are treating her. Priya says like a princess and thinks like a caged princess.

Sanchi comes to the pathologist and asks him to do the test. He refuses to do the test as there is no doctor sign on it and asks her to do test by herself. She says ok and do the test. Veer peeps in the lab and sees Sanchi doing test. He comes inside and says hello, what is happening? Sanchi asks him to go. She tells I want to stop that surgery any how. Veer says ok and thinks she will do something big today. He thinks what will happen to Ria party and thinks evening will be good.

Ria goes to do surgery. Veer asks Ria’s friend to start having the food. Konkona is taken to surgery. Arpana calls someone and says we will tell everyone that Konkona lost her voice after operation. Sanchi gets the test results and is shocked. Dr. Kabir gives injection to Konkona to make her unconscious. Sanchi thinks she has to stop Kabir, she was right. She goes to the operation theatre. Ward boy stops her. Dr. Kabir is about to begin the operation. Sanchi is still outside and is worried.


Savitri Devi 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dr. Malhotra says you will not decide what is good for the patient. Sanchi says I know, but I don’t think that I have done anything wrong. Dr. Malhotra says this is not your Papa’s hospital. He says I gave you -10, and if you continues this then I will give you -50 and then you can’t become doctor in any hospital.