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Savitri Devi 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Savitri Devi 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with Priya dropping the broom and Vikrant threatening from behind. Vikrant says priya to clean and that he doesn’t like repeating himself. Priya starts the chores.

Vaidehi listens to song with gayatri and talks about dresses and ornaments they saw in the party. Vaidehi increases the sound of the music to avoid gayatri. Gayatri gets annoyed. Vaidehi taunts gayatri and she goes away. Vaidehi keeps listening to the radio. At a time she could hear Neeta’s voice. On the radio she was dedicating a song to her boyfriend. Vaidehi goes to check. She

sees Neeta combing her hair and singing the same song she dedicated in the radio. Vaidehi gets suspicious. Neeta while leaving talks to Vaidehi.

Miss ferdandes asks for everyone’s photos. Pragyra, Isha and Saanchi goes to leave silently.  Miss Fernandes stops them and asks for photos. Pragya that she will give her photo after duty. Isha says they don’t have photos and Fernandes asks them to go click photos by evening. They all agree. Saanchi gets negative thoughts and Pragya scolds her.

Vikrant comes playing a drum as Priya cleans. He stops playing it and hoovers around saanchi with a stick telling her to clean properly. Vikrant tells her to drop the broom and raise the hand and open it. He pretends to hit her but kisses her hands instead and says I love you. He says he has to get rid of sanket and Thats why he is doing this. He says her one mistake can cost someone heavily. He tells her to start cleaning again.

Veer gives 5000 rupees to his friend and tells him to bribe everyone in the canteen to vacant it. Veer says he has to do something special.

Priya is eats with Vikrant. The servant offers her halwaa made with desi ghee telling she will get strength. Vikrant asks the servant how does he know she is tired. Servant says its visible in her face and praises her previous beauty. Priya sends him away as vikrant gets angry. Priya serves him his favourite dish.

Khushboo orders pizza and lets the delivery boy keep the change. Jaya watches her. She thinks about the extravagance khushboo is doing though the financial situation of the house is rough. Khushboo eats pizza and watches TV.  Ashok comes and asks khushboo where she got the money to buy things. Khushboo says Its her parents money and they are able to fulfill her happiness unlike them.

Vaidehi comes to Gayatri as she acts annoyed with her. Vaidehi tries to persuade Gayatri and tells she has something spicy to tell. Gayatri asks her. Vaidehi tells Neeta has an affair with someone. And Gayatri doesn’t believe her and says its a coincidence. She says Neeta has everything in this house and thus there is no reason for her to start an affair. Vaidehi agrees with Gayatri.

Saanchi comes to canteen and finds it empty. Suddenly veer pops wearing the staff uniform of the canteen.

Priya looks at her covered in dust. She looks for her clothes and doesn’t find it. She starts searching her clothes. Ravi(servant) comes and gives her a yellow saree and tells her to keep smiling . He also tells her a joke. Vikrant comes and Priya tells him that she called him to give her clothes. Priya asks Vikrant if she could change and he agrees.

Sunny calls Jaya and says moneylender came. Jaya says she can’t find the money that she kept in the drawer. Sunny says khushboo stole all these as this never happened before. Jaya tells him to go. Jaya gets tensed and sees Ashok. Jaya asks Ashok if she could borrow money from him and he denies. Jaya talks to the moneylender that she can’t pay him right now. Moneylender gets angry. Jaya says her work is not going well. Moneylender threatens her that next time he will being police and lawyer. Sunny thinks to help Jaya arrange money.

Veer asks Saanchi to sit and keeps an imaginary towel. He brings put food. Isha and pragya comes and veer’s friend doesn’t let them enter. He gives them money and pragya argues with him. They forcibly enters and see veer serving Saanchi. Isha and pragya gets happy and watches them from a corner. Saanchi sees the variety of dishes that veer keeps on the table. Everyone is stopped at the entrance. All of them stops and starts watching them. Veer tells saanchi to eat as he made all this by his hand for her. Saanchi says he came here to become a doctor or a chef and asks what are all these? Veer sits down in a chair near her and says his assistant works so hard that she can’t eat properly. So he became a part time chef for her. He tells her to eat quickly and tell how it is? Saanchi eats and tells the sandwich and tells its really tasty. Saanchi starts eating and everyone watches them from the entrance. In context of eating, veer ask her why she helped him? Saanchi goes to tell but she sees pasta and tells veer to pass her the pasta. She eats it and tells its yummy. And he asks her again. She completely ignores the question and asks him the pasta recipe. Prayga says why isn’t saanchi answering? Veer goes to ask again but saanchi starts praising the pasta. Pragya again gets angry. Isha says everyone knows the answer but hearing from Saanch’s mouth has more fun feelings. Saanchi eats and says she is full. She says she never ate such yummy food. Veer gets sad and fakes a smile at her. Saanchi goes outside.He thinks she ate but he didn’t get his answer.

Vaidehi sees a gift. The card says its for Neeta from Baldy. She gets thinking that its the same name that Neeta in the radio named her boyfriend. And thinks who is A.M. she thinks to call Adarsh. Adarsh picks up. Vaidehi asks him what does Neeta call him lovingly? Adarsh says what is she asking? And tells she calls him sweetheart, jaan, honey etc. Vaidehi asks doesn’t she call him baldy? Adarsh denies and hangs up. Vaidehi thinks if the baldy is Anand Malhotra. Neeta smirks from behind seeing Vaidehi suspicious.

Saanchi checks a paitient. Suddenly, she is summoned by veer. Saanchi goes to him.Veer says Saanchi played a quiz games with him and now its his turn. He asks her questions about divergent medical sectors. And in the middle he asks her why did she help him? She says “becoz I..” She answers halfway through and stops. And saanchi says its his move to extract answers. She says she was on duty and he shouldn’t waste her time. Veer stops her. He says he is going on a surgery and saanchi should make him wear gown and gloves. Saanchi looks at him angrily. She makes him wear the gown and the gloves.


Savitri Devi 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : veer takes saanchi in the storeroom and closes the door. Saanchi asks what are they doing here? On the other hand, Isha and Pragya looks for the photos. They find Saanchi’s photo and takes. Adarsh approaches and open the door.