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Savitri Devi 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Savitri Devi 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi making Veer wear gloves shyly while sweet music plays….Nurse comes and informs Veer that Dr.Kapoor called him. Sanchi smiles while leaving. Ria comes to canteen with Madhu and Bala. Sanchi comes there with Isha and Pragya. Veer says today’s chief guest for the contest is Ms. Golgappa and says today’s evening is for you. Pragya asks Sanchi not to tell him anything. Isha asks her to enjoy attention silently and do as he says. Veer says my assistant will make golgappa’s for me and make me eat. Sanchi says no ways. Pragya says you had eaten pasta etc made by him, and asks her to make golgappa. Isha asks her to agree. Sanchi agrees, she adds the filing to the golgappa. Just then she gets Dr. Kabir’s call and he asks her to go for the conference. Sanchi says she is coming and ends the call. She gives golgappa in Veer’s hand and goes hurriedly. Veer thinks he will have golgapapa from her hand.

Priya looks for Ravi, the servant. Vikrant comes and says he sent him out. He asks if she is ready for the other task and asks her to make food on Chula/ancient home made stove. Priya says Ravi will make food. Vikrant says he wants to have food made by his wife and says he is going out for sometime. Priya thinks to escape before he returns, and thinks she can’t stay here anymore. She checks the door and it is locked by Vikrant. Priya thinks vikrant have locked me in the house, and thinks to call Dadi, then thinks she is not having phone. She picks the call and hears Vikrant’s voice asking her not to dare do that.

Sunny comes to the shop to sell his chain gifted by Kalpana. Shop keeper checks it and tells that it is fake. Sunny recalls Kalpana giving it. Jaya and Dadi worry for Sunny. Sunny comes home. Jaya asks where did he go? Sunny asks Khushboo to take her fake chain back and says he got the chain checked by the jeweller. Khushboo says she gave gold chain. Khushboo pretends to cry. Dadi asks her not to say anything to clarify and says she believes her. Sunny gets angry and goes.

Dr. Kabir greets the Doctors sitting in the conference and asks Sanchi to show the presentation. Waiter comes there and gives samosa to Sanchi. Sanchi thanks him. Veer comes after the waiter to Sanchi. Sanchi says she don’t want anything. She is surprised to see him. Veer gives her chit asking her to meet in the lawn. She thinks he has done so much for me, I can meet him atleast. Dr. Kabir tells that it is time for presentation and looks for Sanchi. He goes out in her search.

Vikrant comes back home and asks Priya if the food is ready. Priya nods yes. He says he will go and freshen up. Priya sees the door open and goes out, she sees Vikrant standing and is shocked. He forwards his hand angrily towards her. She closes her eyes. It was her imagination. Vikrant asks where is she lost and asks her to serve food. He locks the door and goes inside.

Sanchi meets Veer infront of the golgappa shop. Veer tells that she leaves things incomplete, but today he will not let her do incomplete things. He asks her to make him have golgappa and gets excited. Sanchi thinks he will not stay quiet until I feed him one. Kabir searches for Sanchi in the hospital. He comes out. Sanchi makes Veer have spicy golgappa. He says he wants more spicy. Sanchi asks him to have sweet sauce golgappa. Veer refuses and asks her to answer why did she help him. Kabir sees Sanchi talking to someone, but don’t see veer’s face. He asks if Veer is there. Sanchi asks Veer to go as Dr. Kabir is coming. He says he will not go, let him come here. Dr. Kabir comes there and asks if she was talking to Veer here. Sanchi says no, and tells that she was feeling suffocated and that’s why came here to have fresh air. Then golgappa seller asked for help and she was helping him. Dr. Kabir scolds her for not setting the presentation and asks her to come if she is done with her social service. Sanchi nods. Dr. Kabir and Sanchi go back to hospital. Veer looks on.

Vikrant asks priya to serve him food. She serves him food. He sees burnt paratha and asks for water after eating first bite. Priya gets tensed. Vikrant says he will not scold or punish her and asks her to learn cooking on Chula in one week till they are there.

Vaidehi checks the parcels and sees dress. Neeta comes and says it is her parcel, and takes it back. She smiles while leaving.

Dr. Kabir is giving the presentation and suddenly light goes. He asks someone to call technical staff. Veer comes there and blows air on her, and says this is for making me have golgappa. Sanchi smiles. Light comes back. Sanchi looks for him, but he is gone. Dr. Kabir continues giving presentation. Sanchi smiles with the thought of Veer. Na Jaanu plays…..

She imagines dancing with Veer infront of Dr. Kabir while the latter is busy giving presentation. Dr. Kabir finishes the presentation and asks Sanchi where is she lost. Sanchi sees the conference room empty and everyone already left. She says nothing. Dr. Kabir asks her to come. Sanchi blushes and thinks she is getting lost. She gets Veer’s message asking her to meet him, and that he will drop her to hostel.

Vikrant takes Priya to room and shows many cards on bed. He reminds her that once she gave him card and fooled him, and asks how did he manage. Priya says it was an old thing. Vikrant asks her to tell. Priya says it was a magical ink and it goes in one hour. Vikrant says you are talented and asks her to write I love you Vikrant till he comes back. He holds her cheeks and hurt her.

Dr. Kabir offers to drop Sanchi to hostel. Sanchi refuses, but he insists. Sanchi thinks how to meet Veer now. Priya writes I love you Vikrant on the cards, and feels sleepy. She writes I love you Sanket on one of the card by mistake. Sanchi comes out with Dr. Kabir. Veer is already waiting for her outside and gets upset. He thinks she is going with Dr. Kabir.


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