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Savitri Devi 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Savitri Devi 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi telling Veer that Mrs. Lalwani’s condition is worsening. Veer says she is acting so that I get close to her. Sanchi says she is choking and asks him to stop the lift. Veer realizes that she is not acting. Lift stops in the middle as the electricity malfunction. Sanchi asks Mrs. Lalwani not to lose strength. Veer calls Receptionist and asks her to open the door. She says she can’t open the door and will send service. Sanchi says we don’t have much time and asks him to ask receptionist to call Dr. Kabir on line. Receptionist says he left. Veer asks her to call him back. Dr. Kabir takes the call and asks him to say. Veer says they are stuck with Mrs. Lalwani and her neck is choked and she fainted. Dr. Kabir says we have not much time and asks what do you have with you.

Veer says we have just……line gets disconnected. Sanchi says her condition is bad. Sanchi thinks she needs her Baba’s help and asks Veer if he has any pointed things. He says he has just two pens. She asks him to cut below her neck bone. He refuses. Sanchi says we don’t have much time.

Gayatri tells Ricky that she will auction Savitri’ sarees and says she wants to make it grand. Ricky says it is very precious and will be sold soon. Gayatri thinks Savitri is of some use to her. Dadi asks Gayatri why she is trying to sell off sarees. Gayatri says she is doing social service and says she is bahu and Anand’s wife. Dadi says you wants to rule in this house and says I can understand your intentions. Dr. Malhotra comes and asks why they are fighting. He says Gayatri wants to sell the sarees and make Savitri’s name. Dadi says she is ruining Savitri’s name. Gayatri convinces him.

Khushboo and Ashok plan to change the room interiors in Jaya’s room which they have snatched from her.. Sunny tries to study, but they don’t let him study. Sunny asks them not to make noise. Ashok slaps him hard. Sunny tells Jaya that he will go to his friend’s house and study. Jaya feels bad.

Priya gets Dadi’s call and she informs her that Gayatri is auctioning Savitri’s sarees. Priya is shocked. Vikrant comes and disconnects the call. He asks her to have food. Priya thinks he will not let Gayatri do this. Ashok tells Dadi that he has invited Khushboo’s family and asks her to talk to them. He then asks Jaya not to do any drama and make Sunny understand too.

Veer couldn’t make a incision. Sanchi says she will do. Meanwhile maintenance people try to open the lift. Sanchi hits on Mrs. Lalwani’s neck with pen and blood comes out. She starts breathing. Sanchi asks her to breath. Lift is opened. Dr. Kabir takes her to ICU. Everyone claps for Sanchi. Veer thanks everyone to the appreciation and says he has saved Mrs. Lalwani with a small pen. Sanchi thinks he is a big liar. Veer tells everyone that Sanchi saved Mrs. Lalwani without worrying about anything. Dr. Kabir hears him. He asks Veer how could he panic in emergency situation and asks him to be brave. He then asks Sanchi to handle Mrs. Lalwani until she gets well.

Vikrant asks Priya if something is bothering her. Priya tells him that Mrs. Malhotra is auctioning her mum’s sarees. Vikrant says you are Chawla now and asks her not to care what they do. He says this is our moment and asks her not to worry. He says lets play video game. Priya is tensed. Vikrant asks her to play and says nobody can win over him. Priya asks him to take her there. Vikrant refuses to take her. Priya gets upset.

Sanchi attends her friend’s Neetu’s call and tells that she is busy in emergency. They talk and end the call. Ricky tells Gayatri that he has arranged the decoration for the auction. Dadi calls Priya, but it is switched off. Sanchi talks to Jaya and tells that she couldn’t attend neetu’s marriage. Jaya informs her about Ashok’s marriage. Sanchi gives her best wishes. Pragya tells Sanchi that everyone is praising her for saving a patient with a pen. Sanchi says she used to study and tells that she is feeling bad as she couldn’t go to neetu’s wedding. Isha asks her to take one week off for her wedding and asks Sanchi about her idea of marriage. Sanchi tells that she wants traditional wedding. Veer teases her. Vikrant gets call from office and he is going for meeting. Priya asks him to drop him to her Papa’s house. He refuses to drop her and says this is your home now.

Dadi feels pain in her back. Jaya says she will do the work. Dadi says she is happy to see her working for Ashok’s alliance and says she wants him to get successful. Priya thinks to go and return before Vikrant comes. Rukmini comes and asks if she is going somewhere. Priya says no and says she will rest. She locks the door and goes. Kusum taunts Sunny and asks him to wear suit. Sunny tells Jaya that he will go to his friend’s house and study. Kusum taunts Jaya. Priya comes to Dr. Malhotra’s house and scolds Gayatri for trying to sell her mum’’s sarees and says I won’t let you touch her things. Dr. Malhotra comes and asks what you are saying and says whatever Gayatri is doing is for Savitri. Dadi says they have sold her loyalty. Priya tells Dadi that she will buy the sarees and tells her that she has to leave now.

Rukmini tells Vikrant that it seems Priya is not in the room. Vikrant asks her to open the door else he will break the door. He breaks the door and gets inside. He sees Priya sleeping and wakes her up. Priya tells him that she took medicine and slept. Vandana asks her not to lock door next time. Priya nods and thinks how she will go for auction now.

Baraat comes for Neetu’s wedding. The groom’s mum shows tantrums and asks to bring crackers, flowers, perfume etc. The bride family bring crackers. The mandap catches fire and many people get injured. Sanchi, Pragya, and Isha are shocked to see patients coming. Neetu comes and tells that her friend Sanchi Mishra is a doctor here. Receptionist checks and says there is no Sanchi Mishra here. Neetu says she is intern here.. Sanchi, Isha and Pragya are shocked. They turn their faces before Neetu could see them.


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