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Savitri Devi 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Savitri Devi 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Jaya in her chakli shop. Gayatri’s mum comes there and asks her to give her a job. Jaya says I have no vacancy in my shop. Gayatri’s mum opens the box and shows the chakli, asking her to taste it. Jaya and others taste it and say it is good. Jaya says I can’t hire you for the job. Gayatri’s mum emotionally blackmails her taking Sunil’s name. Jaya says ok, you can work. Sanket comes and asks her to bring ID card, Pan card and Adhaar card, without that, they can’t keep her. Jaya asks her to go and bring the IDS’s. Gayatri’s mum tells that she will bring tomorrow and asks her to let her work today. Jaya agrees.

Vikrant in his room gets hysterical and tells that he saw Siddharth’s name on the card. Mr. Chawla assures to get him married to Priy and says if I meet Siddharth, then I will kill him. Mrs. Chawla asks him to become normal as we are going to Dr. malhotra’s house. Vikrant sings song. Jaya introduces Gayatri’s mum to others. She asks about her name. Gayatri’s mum says Bela. Jaya asks what she kept in chakli. Gayatri’s mum says she will know soon. Ashok comes and asks her to give money and tells that he will deliver the chaklis. She agrees.

Sanchi comes to Nurse Fernandes and asks how can we do this with our patients. Nurse says I am sorry, I can’t do anything, wards are full. Sanchi says I know here all beds are occupied, but VIP beds are empty. We can shift patient there. Nurse Fernandes tells that if Dr. Malhotra comes to know about this, then he will fire you. Veer comes and asks her to talk to seniors if she really want to do something for the patients. Sanchi says ok. Pragya and Isha asks Sanchi not to fall in Veer’s talks. Jaya and others go for lunch. Gayatri’s mum says she don’t want to eat and will finish the work. She takes out some bottle and says this is my special ingredient. She says I will finish your business. She gets Gayatri’s call and asks her to let her do work first. She adds that chemical or something. Jaya comes there and asks about the smell. Gayatri’s mum hides the bottle and says she has cleaned the floor and that’s why this smell. Jaya asks why you didn’t come to have food. Gayatri’s mum tells that she is having fast, and tells that she will take care of everything. She makes Chaklis. Jaya says I will taste it. Ashok comes there, Jaya keeps the chaklis back. She asks the workers to pack it fast.

Everyone wonder where is Health Minister. Dr. Malhotra scolds Adarsh and asks what happened? Adarsh says his flight got cancelled, what he could do. Dr. Malhotra scolds him and says he could have come here with private jet and tells that he suffered loss because of her. Adarsh is upset. Sanchi and others come to know that health minister is not coming. Sanchi thinks of talking to Nurse fernandes and thinks how this can happen. If the inauguration don’t happen then the patients can’t be shifted here. She walks towards the VIP ward thinking Veer’s words. Pragya says what she is doing? Isha says she is mature enough and will not do anything. She looks at the ribbon.

Dr. Malhotra tells that he has to go out and save his reputation. He walks out. Sanchi recalls Jaya’s words and takes the knife from the plate. She thinks this is for you Papa. She cuts the ribbon. Pragya, Isha, Ria and Veer are shocked. Everyone claps for her. Dr. Kabir and Nurse Fernandes are shocked. Dr. Malhotra comes there with Adarsh and are shocked too. Sanchi keeps back the knife and smiles.

Chaklis are sold to the customers in different shops. Ashok uses Jaya’s money for wine. Sanchi address to the media and tells that they can’t risk their patient’s lives as Health minister haven’t come. She says I have to inaugurate the place without taking anyone’s permission. Adarsh says I will sort out. Dr. Malhotra says I will do and tells that I have taught them this duty. He says my thinking is followed by my staff and faculty. He says he is feeling as a better Guru. He tells that they have inaugurate the VIP ward and tells that minister couldn’t come, but wished us luck. Everyone claps. He thanks everyone for coming. Sanchi smiles victoriously and thinks this is her first step towards the change, and promises to her Papa that this change will not stop.

People have chaklis in marriage venue. Adarsh asks Sanchi what is going on in her mind and asks if this is your father’s hospital. He says this is a brand and anybody can’t come here. Sanchi asks why? She says it is our duty to treat patients. Dr. Malhotra thinks Dr. Sunil saying the same thing. Adarsh asks Dr. Kabir to handle his intern. Dr. Malhotra says Dr. Kabir will handle his intern well. He gets Gayatri’s call and she asks him to play the channel. He watches TV and sees Sanchi doing inauguration and reporters praising the hospital for setting the example. Then Jaya’s news comes. Dr. Anand laughs seeing many people getting unwell after eating chaklis. Jaya sees the news and is shocked too. She asks Sanket’s mum about Gayatri’s mum. She says she went after making chaklis. Jaya recalls sensing the smell.

Dr. Kabir scolds Sanchi and asks her to follow the hospital rules and not to involve in their affairs. He assigns him a patient and asks her to see patient 24 hours. Veer thinks she is the one who will bring his dad to the right path and also the hospital.

Police comes to Jaya’s house and asks workers about Jaya Mishra. Worker informs her that police came to arrest her. Workers tell Inspector that they made chaklis and not Jaya. Jaya regrets to hire gayatri’s mum and cries. Her mum in law says you didn’t know that she will betray you. Workers stand in the door and stop Police from going there. Jaya comes out and apologizes to the people who got ill after having chaklis. Inspector arrests and takes her.

Dr. Malhotra comes home and applauds for his mum in law for executing Gayatri’s plan well. He thanks both of them. He says Jaya Mishra wanted to make her daughter do internship in the hospital. Gayatri says we have ruined her business. He asks them to tell what they wants. Gayatri’s mum tells that she wants necklace and gold zari saree. Dr. Malhotra says he will give. He asks Gayatri what she wants. Gayatri says she don’t want anything. Dr. Malhotra asks her to tell. Gayatri tells him that she has accepted everyone, but mummy never accepted her and haven’t given her ancestral necklace which she had given to Savitri. He calls Dadi and asks her to give ancestral necklace to Gayatri. Dadi says it is of Priya. Gayatri says its ok. Dr. Malhotra asks his mum to give. She brings it and gives to Gayatri. Gayatri gets happy.

Vikrant comes to Dr. Malhotra house. Dr. Malhotra says this will not happen again. Vikrant asks are you sure that she is not dating anybody. Dr. Malhotra says yes. Vikrant says he will bring Priya and goes to room. He hears Priya talking to Siddharth and asking him to go. He goes inside the house and asks Priya where is he? Priya tells that nobody is inside. Vikrant takes out the gun and tells that he will count till 5. He will shoot her. Priya shouts aloud calling Dr. Malhotra and Dadi. They come there. Dr. Malhotra asks Vikrant to leave the gun and asks what is happening. Vikrant tells that he heard her talking to Siddharth. Dr. Malhotra asks Adarsh to drop him home. Gayatri scolds Priya. Dr. Malhotra asks what she wants? Priya says she is trying to become a good daughter and good finance, but. Dadi scolds Anand for couldn’t seeing Vikrant’s truth. Priya says you don’t care if I die and goes. Patients admit in the hospital. Sanchi comes to know that the people have eaten Jaya Mishra’s chaklis and are shocked.


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