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Savitri Devi 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Savitri Devi 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Isha and pragya finding pamphlet behind Sanchi. Pragya says this might be Ria’s work. Veer comes to Uday and asks what is his problem. He says he has a back problem. Veer asks him who takes care of you when you have pain. Uday asks why he is asking. Veer says I am a doctor and needs to know your personal problem. Uday says he is getting divorced and have no kids. Veer asks did you cheat your wife. Uday says mistake is of my wife. Veer gets angry and tells that he knows his wife and says she is really good, and says once they are locked in the garage and she didn’t cross limit of decency. They have a heated argument. Uday says she has reached here and says she might have left me because of you.

Pragya comes to Madhu and Bala and scolds them for spreading fake rumours.Ria comes and says Sanchi is trapping Kabir even though she is a divorcee. She calls her divorcee and asks Pragya to shut up. Sanchi cries. Pragya says it was our fault. Sanchi says mistake is mine. Pragya says Ria made it as big kand. Sanchi says we gave her a chance to do this, and says the more she tries to make things easy, it gets more complicated and says then her truth will be out soon. Isha and Pragya looks on. Sanchi says papa’s only dream will break. Sanchi gets message. Isha says I will give report. Sanchi says no and tells that Doctor’s duty is more than anything else. She goes.

Dr. Malhotra checks Vaidehi’s BP. Vaidehi says Priya did wrong. Dr. Malhotra says he will talk to Priya. Dadi taunts them. Gayatri tells Vaidehi that they don’t have to do anything, as Priya is married to a mad man, they have to just provoke.

Dr. Kabir calls Uday’s wife Shahina. Shahina asks why did you call me. Dr. kabir says he is alone now. Sanchi gives Uday’s report to Dr. kabir and tells about his problem. She tells Shahina that his emotions nerve is compressed and he needs her love and care. She says he loves you very much and needs you at this time. Dr. Kabir says Sanchi is right, Uday needs you at this time. Dr. Kabir asks her to give him a chance atleast. He says he will not disappoint you. Shahina agrees.

Gayatri calls Vikrant. Vikrant asks where is Priya? Gayatri provokes him and asks him not to love her so much that she goes out of his control. She says it is an insult for you. Vikrant gets angry. Gayatri tells Vaidehi that Vikrant will take revenge now.

Uday asks Veer how can he comment on his wife. Veer says I know her very well and also understood you. You are cheap man. Shahina hugs Uday and cries apologizing to him. Uday regrets for not getting his treatment done before. Veer breaks their hug and calls Uday cheap to hug other woman infront of wife Sanchi. Sanchi is shocked. Uday and Shahina are also shocked. Sanchi asks what nonsense? Who told you that I am his wife. Veer says Nurse told that he is Sanchi’s husband. Nurse says intern told her. Dr. Kabir gets angry and asks Nurse to tell all interns to meet him. Shahina and Uday hug.

Priya comes home and asks Servants to keep sarees in room. Vikrant says how dare you to go, and says he has bear her misbehavior before marriage. He holds her hand tightly. Priya says sorry and says her mum’s sarees was auctioned, so she went. Vikrant says I forgave you and takes her to room. He asks servant to keep her mum’s sarees and go. He locks the door and asks Priya to wear the sarees and show him. He lights the room with candles. He asks her to change saree infront of him. Priya asks what you are saying. He says he will make her wear it and covers sarees on her altogether. He asks her to do ramp walk. Priya says she can’t stand wearing all sarees and asks how I will walk. Vikrant asks her to walk. She walks with much difficulty and falls down. He helps her get up and says my wife is very beautiful. He hugs her forcibly and lights the sarees pallu with the candle. The sarees catches fire. Priya takes out her sarees and shouts for help. Vikrant smirks. Priya tries to set off fire and burns her hands. She cries thinking about Savitri.. Vikrant asks her to show hand. Priya understands his plan.

Suman’s husband asks jaya about her business and says she will talk to someone. Door bell rings. Suman comes with Ashok and Khushboo. Everyone see them wearing garlands. Suman says she got them married else Jaya would have started another drama. Dadi asks what was the hurry and asks Jaya to bring aarti. Jaya brings aarti. Khushboo tells that she don’t want her to do aarti as she has insulted her father. Dadi does the aarti happily and asks them to come. Khushboo looks at Jaya and thinks she will make her life hell.

Gayatri calls Mrs. Chawla and asks what is going on. Mrs. Chawla says Vikrant’s drama have ended just now and says he has burnt the sarees which Priya brought. Gayatri gets happy and says it is a good news. Mrs Chawla says now she knows what is Vikrant is about? And she has to bear him. Gayatri thinks this is just starting and thinks she will make Savitri Devi’s name end from this house. Vikrant pretends to care for her wounds. Priya recalls Vikrant letting the sarees burning and hates him.

Dr. Kabir scolds interns for spreading rumors. Adarsh and Dr. Malhotra comes there. Adarsh asks who have spread news that there is a ghost in this hospital and says no guard is ready to do duty. Pragya smiles. Dr. Kabir asks who had spread rumour about Sanchi’s marriage and divorce. He asks Veer to tell. Veer tells that Nurse told him. Intern tells that Bala told her. Bala says Isha told her. Dr. Kabir asks where is Isha? Pragya says her father is unwell and that’s why she went. Sanchi gets worried and thinks Dr. Malhotra will understand if he hears Bala. Bala tells that Ria asked her to find out why neetu’s dad called Sanchi….just then Adarsh’s call comes and he goes with Dr. Malhotra. Dr. Kabir asks her to tell. Bala tells that Isha told her that Sanchi is a Sanchi Mishra Agarwal and is a divorcee. Pragya says it was a joke and says I told Madhu and asks her to say. Madhu nods her head. Dr. Kabir scolds them and asks not to make a small thing big.

Veer apologizes to Sanchi and tells that he will kept party for her. Priya gets up from bed and thinks to keep other sarees safely. She opens the wardrobe and covers sarees. She thinks to talk to Dadi. Dadi picks her call. Vikrant is sleeping. Priya is about to talk to Dadi. Vikrant gets up and asks with whom she is talking. Priya says Dadi. Vikrant takes the call and greets Dadi. He asks Priya to say good night and bye to Dadi. Priya says good night.
Isha comes to the party and asks what is the reason. Pragya sasys Veer don’t need any reason. Veer asks Ria, she also came. Ria says she came as all batch mates came. Veer asks her to enjoy. Sanchi is sleeping and hears loud music. She thinks nobody is letting her sleep. She comes out of room and sees Veer holding knife as it is stabbed in his stomach. Sanchi is shocked.


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