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Savitri Devi 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Savitri Devi 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Dr. Malhotra seeing Veer and Sanchi on the road and asks driver to drive. Priya hopes Vikrant must not be guilty of Ravi’s murder. Vikrant washes his blo*dy hands and comes out of washroom. He picks pillow and goes near her. She pretends to be sleeping. He gives her pillow and sleeps beside her. Priya is tensed. Sanchi thinks to confess her feelings to Veer and that he is special to her and she cares for him a lot. Veer thinks finally Ms. Golgappa will speak her feelings. Sanchi thinks of Veer and a song Afeemi hain tera pyaar plays…..He also thinks about Sanchi. Garg slaps Veer and asks him to wait till tomorrow.

Isha asks Pragya to give details of where they went. Pragya says you both said right, and says that Satish was not that bad. He says we have decided when to make call, messages, video call, meetings etc. Isha and Sanchi sing song Na Na Karte Pyaar……and says you are missing him. Pragya says my father sent me with him so that I can sit on mandap with him. She asks Sanchi about her walk date. Sanchi feels shy. Pragya asks her to tell fully. Sanchi smiles and says nothing happened, but today I will tell him that he is very special to me. Isha and pragya are happy and hugs him. Sanchi says she will tell her truth also and can’t hide her truth. She says I like her and trusts him too. Pragya says he is a good guy. Isha says he is cute too. Pragya says he is your jiju. Isha says this is unfair, I am left alone. Sanchi says we will find perfect partner for you.

Priya thinks what to do, Ravi is dead, she can’t tell anyone that Vikrant killed him and she can’t ask Vikrant too. She thinks she has to escape from there. Vikrant comes to her and tells that Ravi will not return as he is dead. He says Ravi was eloping with my watch and ring when an animal attacked him in jungle and killed him. He says he will go to attend his last rites and goes. Priya thinks she shall escape.

Madhu and Bala tell that Sanchi is looking pretty today. Ria gets jealous and asks them to praise her only. Priya manages to open the window and sees girl playing out. She asks her to open the door. Girl says door is locked and asks for keys. Priya searches for keys and gets it. She throws the keys and asks girl to try the keys. Girl opens the door. Priya manages to come out and thanks the girl.

Veer gets mesmerized seeing Sanchi dressed differently. He says if you comes hospital like this, then doctors will become your patient. Pragya tells Isha that Sanchi is looking good. Isha takes Sanchi to side. Pragya asks if she will take Veer’s life by her looks. Sanchi smiles. Pragya asks why did you apply make up and says you looks good without it also. Sanchi gets Veer’s messages and blushes. She gets Dr. Malhotra and he asks her to come to his cabin, says he came to know about her truth. Isha and Pragya are also shocked. Pragya says what will happen now. Sanchi says I have to meet Maa before meeting Dr. Malhotra but how to go.

Veer shows bracelet to Garg and says when Sanchi confess her feelings, then he will make her wear it. Sanchi comes and asks for 1 hour leave. Veer says ok and asks her to come soon. Sanchi thinks today might be her last day in the hospital and thinks to tell her feelings before leaving. Dr. Malhotra comes and asks Sanchi to meet him outside the hospital. He brings the car and asks her to sit. Sanchi sits in car.

Dr. Malhotra takes her home and asks her to get down. Sanchi thinks why did he bring me here, what is going on in his mind. She walks inside. He says welcome to Malhotra Mansion. Sanchi looks at the house. Dr. Malhotra asks if she is surprised to see his mansion and says the chandelier is of 2 crores Rs, carpet is 75 lakhs, says antiques are worth 50 Lakhs rs each. Sanchi thinks why he is telling me this. She asks why you are telling me this, I don’t know. She says I am not interested to see your richness and is about to go. Dr. Malhotra says our women wear costly sarees, which your mum can’t wear costly sarees in dreams. Sanchi asks him not to tell about her mum. Dr. Malhotra tells her how dare she to trap his son, and says you must have thought that the hospital is his, but it is mine. Sanchi says she don’t know his son and asks why he is blaming her. Dr. Malhotra asks what you were doing with him on the road. Sanchi is shocked and thinks about Veer. She says Veer? Dr. Malhotra says yes Veer is my son.


Savitri Devi 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Veer knocks on the door and asks Sanchi to open the door. Pragya is about to open the door. Sanchi cries in her room and thinks this door can’t be open.


Savitri Devi College And Hospital Details

Savitri Devi College & Hospital is an Indian medical drama television series, which premiered on May 15, 2017 on Colors TV.The show stars Swarda Thigale and Varun Kapoor in the lead


Sheena Bajaj
Nishigandha Wad
Neha Bagga
Nausheen Ali Sardar
Mohan Kapoor
Vikram Sakhalkar
Yuvvraaj Malhotra
Varun Kapoor
Vandana Pathak
Swarda Thigale
Shruti Kanwar
Shilpa Shirodkar

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Colors TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min