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Savitri Devi 5th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Dr. Malhotra Stoops More Low To Win The Case


Savitri Devi 5th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Savitri Devi 5th December 2017 Episode start With  Jaya showing pharmaceutical papers in which Dr. Malhotra had signed and did scam of crores. She tells that Dr. Malhotra had killed her husband. She says she wants to show CD in the court. Lawyer tells that CD can’t be shown in court as CD can be compromised. Judge asks Jaya to show other some proofs. Jaya says she has an eye witness who has seen with her own eyes. Dr. Malhotra acts to get heart attack.

Lawyer tells that he couldn’t handle the pressure and asks Judge to give them a day’s time for next hearing. Jaya says he is acting. Court adjourns the hearing for the day. Jaya asks Lawyer Saxena to suggest Dr. Malhotra to go to Mumbai and try her hand in acting. She tells that truth can be troubled, but can’t lose. She says all the best. Veer looks on. Nandini tellsJaya that she will win the case tomorrow as she has eye witness. Sanchi tells that Komal is their support now. Jaya brings biscuits. Komal says you will win tomorrow. Sanchi asks about his family. Komal says she has a son who is studying in Mumbai.

At Dr. Malhotra’s house, lawyer asks Dr. Malhotra about Dr. Kabir. Dr. Malhotra tells that he will not do anything against him. Dr. Kabir comes and says he respects him a lot, and congratulates him for the victory. He says I can’t support you in your dirty game and can’t go against Sanchi. He says I admire Sanchi as a doctor and as a person and my ethics don’t allow me to be manipulative like you. A fb is shown, Dr. Kabir recalls Dr. Malhotra supporting him when his father was arrested and taken to Police. He asks him never to go against him. Dr. kabir stops remembering that. Dr. Malhotra says you can’t break your promise made to me and asks him not to force him.

Sanchi and Jaya come to the court.. Judge starts the hearing. Jaya asks Komal to come to witness box. Komal comes to the witness box and takes oath to say truth. Jaya asks her to say what happened with Sunil Mishra that day. Komal tells them that Dr. Malhotra didn’t want to take chance and that’s why he did Dr. Sunil Mishra’s surgery and tried to save him, but couldn’t. Jaya is shocked and says she is lying. She asks Komal to say the truth. Sanchi thinks why Komal is lying at the last moment. Jaya tells that we were talking about family and you said that this means a lot to her. Saxena says she is emotionally pressurizing her and gave her 10 lakhs Rs. to lie. He says Komal couldn’t lie when she kept her hand on holy Gita. Saxena says I will give you a ticket to Mumbai as you can write nice stories. Jaya asks him to shut up and tells Komal to say the truth.

Judge asks Komal to come out of witness box. Jaya breaks down. Komal meets Gayatri and says I have done what you said and asks her to leave her son. Gayatri calls her goons and asks them to leave Komal’s son. She comes back to court. Saxena tells Judge that you know my nature and says I don’t accept my father without proofs. He calls Ashok and Khushboo to give statement against jaya. Jaya is shocked. Saxena asks Ashok to tell Judge what Jaya was doing since 15 days. Ashok tells that Jaya was planning to snatch dr. Malhotra’s hospital from him since 15 years. Jaya is shocked.


Savitri Devi 6th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Saxena asks Sanchi if she loves Veer. Sanchi says yes. He then shows her pic with Dr. Kabir and tries to malign her reputation. Sanchi cries hearing his dirty words.

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Savitri Devi College And Hospital Details

Savitri Devi College & Hospital is an Indian medical drama television series, which premiered on May 15, 2017 on Colors TV.The show stars Swarda Thigale and Varun Kapoor in the lead


Sheena Bajaj
Nishigandha Wad
Neha Bagga
Nausheen Ali Sardar
Mohan Kapoor
Vikram Sakhalkar
Yuvvraaj Malhotra
Varun Kapoor
Vandana Pathak
Swarda Thigale
Shruti Kanwar
Shilpa Shirodkar

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Colors TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min