Savitri Devi 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Savitri Devi 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Patient running while Dr. Malhotra running after him. Sanchi asks him to come and takes him along with her. Dr. Malhotra calls Adarsh and tells that some patient saw him on 10th floor and says he is Sanchi’s patient. Adarsh says he is Alzheimer patient and asks him not to worry. Dr. Malhotra asks him to do something. Jaya recalls the woman coming to her chakli factory. She tells Dadi that Dr. Malhotra is behind it. Dadi asks her to stay far from Priya and Sanket. Jaya says she will support Priya as she is Savitri’s daughter and says Dr. Malhotra have to stop the games. Priya messages Sanket and comes to her room. She sees bouquet and card in it.

Vikrant’s mum asks them to have kheer and says Priya must got flowers and card. She asks him to behave nicely with Priya atleast till marriage, and says she has to become our bahu. Vikrant says yes. Sanchi takes patient to room and asks what did you see on 10th floor and makes him drink water. Sheasks what happened there? Patient asks which 10th floor. Sanchi asks him to sleep. Adarsh hears them and says thank God, he don’t remember anything. Priya calls jaya and tells that Vikrant sent her cards and apologize to her. Jaya says if we present a man infront of him calling him Siddharth then he will react. She gets Vikrant’s message asking if she forgive him. She replies yes. Vikrant asks shall we come for late night ride. Priya writes no and gets an idea. She asks can you dance? Vikrant writes yes. Priya asks him to take her to Pub and say sorry there. Vikrant smiles.

Ashok is drinking with his friends. His girl friend Khushboo comes and says she needs to talk to him. She tells that his family have selected a guy for her who earns 40000 Rs. monthly. Ashok says I really love you. She asks him to find a job and marry him. Ashok asks Jaya to give him money so that earns money and marry. Dadi asks him to marry spending his own money and tells that Jaya will not waste money on you. Ashok calls her enemy.

Veer prescribes medicine to the patient. Patient says he will buy medicine from the near by shop. Veer says ok. He thinks Vikrant will buy medicine from the nearby shop. Sanchi gives food to the patient and says her mum makes nice food. Adarsh and Dr. Malhotra come to see the patient. Patient sees Dr. Malhotra and tells of his words that no murder or no sin happened. They get shocked and go from there. Sanchi gives injection to the patient. Sanchi sees 6001 written in the diary. Adarsh sees the diary and thinks to ruin you. Ashok asks his friends to give money to him. They make excuse and goes. Veer enquires about the medicine from the chemists and finally finds the store. Shop keeper asks him to write his number and name and says he will call him once server is fine. He then calls Mr. Chawla and says Veer came and was asking about Vikrant’s medicine.

Kabir asks Sanchi about the patient. Sanchi says I want to talk to you about his daughter and grand sons, and says can we make him talk to his family searching their number from our records. Kabir says we are doctors and it is our duty to treat them and we are not allowed to be emotional. Sanchi says I agree, but they are humans and not animals. She says we treat them so that they can live their life, why to make them robots. She says patient can be fine if family can be with him and requests hm. Kabir says ok and says I will see what I can do.

Mr. Chawla calls Dr. Malhotra and says our pharma project is approved, but I don’t think Veer let this happen, and tells that he is enquiring about them. Dr. Malhotra says Veer is a kid. Mr. Chawla warns him. Dr. Malhotra calls Dr. Kabir to his cabin.
Sanchi is with the patient. Patient asks why she is happy? She says she has good news for him.

Patient asks where is the sweets and her to bring pudding. Sanchi says ok and asks if he will go. Patient says no. Adarsh comes and asks if you are fine. Patient says I am fine, and asks him to send Sanchi. Adarsh asks where is that diary. Patient says I have no diary. Sanchi comes and asks you are here? Adarsh says just for routine rounds. Sanchi asks Patient if he is fine. He says he wanted to take my things and asks her to give pudding.

Dr. Malhotra asks Dr. Kabir to allot some dept to Veer so that he don’t get time to waste. Dr. Kabir says ok. He comes to Veer and asks where did you go being on duty. Veer says it is not your problem. Dr. Kabir says you are like my younger brother and says he wants him to handle Paediatric dept. Veer agrees hesitantly.

Priya is dancing with someone in the pub. Vikrant gets angry seeing him. Priya calls him Siddharth. Vikrant goes after the man, thinks of his mum’s words and thinks Priya wants me to get angry and says I can’t lose my cool. He comes back to party and asks her to relax. He dances with her calmly. Nurse comes and tells Sanchi that she got leave for today. Sanchi is surprised. Patient asks her to go and says he will sleep. Sanchi goes. Adarsh comes to the ward and signs nurse to leave. Patient is shocked. Adarsh asks him to give diary. He refuses and runs with the diary. Adarsh follows him as he goes upstairs. Sanchi talks to Jaya and tells that she had inaugurated VIP ward and shifted patients there. She tells her that her duty is with Alzheimer patient. Jaya says ok. Sanchi comes out. Patient reaches terrace and says I heard everything and will tell everyone. Adarsh asks him to give diary and says he will keep it safely. Patient refuses and moves back. He slips, but Adarsh holds his hand to help him come up. Sanchi don’t see him.


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