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Savitri Devi 6th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Savitri Devi 6th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Dr. Malhotra giving money to goon and asks him to kidnap Savitri today during maha aarti. Gayatri plans to kill Savitri and shares her plan with Vaidehi. Jaya gets a letter and is shocked thinking Sanchi is in trouble. She then checks and tells that the letter is not written by Sanchi. Dadi says may be she had written letter in hurry and asks Jaya to go thinking Sanchi is in trouble. Malhotra family waits for Priya. Priya and Vikrant comes there. Dadi asks her about her wound on her face. Priya says she had slipped in bathroom. Vikrant says she will be fine. Veer brings Savitri home. Priya meets Savitri and asks how is she? Dr. Malhotra thinks Savitri will again go in darkness. Gayatri thinks she will die today. Veer prays for Savitri and do aarti. Gayatri aims gun secretly at Savitri. Sanchi prays for Savitri also.

Gayatri is about to shoot Savitri, but seeing stepping infront, she stops. She aims again. Veer sees Jaya coming there and thinks to catch both mother and daughter. Savitri’s hands move seeing Ganapati. She folds her hands and greets God. Dr. Malhotra signs goon to kidnap her. Jaya suspects something fishy. Electricity is switched off. Goon fires bullet in air. Everyone panics. Sanchi takes Savitri. Jaya asks Sanchi to save Savitri. Goon tries to kidnap Savitri. Sanchi shouts calling Veer.

Veer beats the goon. He escapes. Electricity is switched on. Sanchi tells Veer that Savitri aunty is not on wheel chair. Veer shouts Maa and searches her. They find her down near Ganapati idol. Sanchi sees movement in her hands and stops Veer for helping her. Savitri tries and manages to get up and stands on her feet shocking Gayatri, Dr. Malhotra and Vaidehi. She folds her hands infront of God and turns to Veer and Priya. She opens her arms wide for a hug. They run to her and hug her. Jaya smiles happily. Savitri sees Dr. Malhotra tensed. Dr. Malhotra says I don’t believe that Savitri is fine. Savitri goes to him and touches his feet. Dr. Malhotra gets relieved and tells that he is very much happy to see her standing on her feet. Gayatri is shocked. Savitri sees Jaya there and calls her name. Jaya comes infront of her. Savitri hugs her and cries. Veer thinks why Maa is hugging this women.

Dr. Malhotra tells that he knows that she is happy, but you shall rest now. Savitri asks Jaya about Sunil and asks if he didn’t come today. Jaya is shocked. Dr. Malhotra looks at Adarsh surprisingly as Savitri lost some of her memory. Jaya tells her that Sunil is not in this world. Savitri is shocked and says she don’t remember anything. Jaya says you called me 15 years ago and said that there was something which you need to tell me. Savitri says she don’t remember anything.

Jaya says Savitri. Adarsh thinks thank god, she lost her memory. Veer asks Jaya why she is after his mum and tells Savitri that Jaya wants to kill you. Savitri nods no and tells Veer that Jaya is her friend, but their relation is more than blood. She can die, but can’t try to kill me. Veer says he has seen with his own eyes and tells that even her daughter is after you. Jaya says you are having a misunderstanding. Veer threatens to call Police. Sanchi asks Veer to stop it. Veer asks do you know her? Before Sanchi could say yes, Jaya asks who is she to interfere and pushes her. She falls on Dr. Kabir. Veer asks Jaya to tell. Savitri asks Veer to let Jaya go. Dr. Malhotra asks Veer to take Savitri inside the ward. He insults Jaya and calls Security asking them to kick her out. Jaya says Savitri lost her memory, but she is back in our lives. She says truth can be worried, but can’t be defeated, and makes way on its own. She says your truth will be out soon. Dr. Malhotra gets tensed.

Dadi tells Savitri that she has raised her kids and says Veer calls me S..y. Veer says you are S..y. Savitri thanks Dadi for taking care of everyone. Vikrant comes and introduces himself. He says Priya is lucky as she got husband like me. Priya nods. Veer thinks why he behaves weirdly. Vikrant shows the toy and says I thought to tie it to ceiling, so you got fine now. Priya says he is joking. Vikrant asks Priya to come home. Priya says we shall stay here for sometime. Vikrant insists. Savitri asks her to go and come again later. Priya goes.

Gayatri comes to room and takes out her anger. Vaidehi tells that Savitri suddenly get up. Gayatri says she will tell her that she is Mrs. Malhotra now. Jaya tells Dadi that Savitri has a memory loss. Sanchi comes there and hugs her apologizing to her. She says why Savitri will help us being Dr. Malhotra’s wife. Jaya says Savitri is not like that either she had a memory loss or there is something she don’t want to tell infront of everyone. She asks her to be careful with Veer and take care of Savitri.


Savitri Devi 7th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Savitri asks Veer to hug his father. Veer is shocked. Later he tells Sanchi that Jaya and her daughter are trying to harm Savitri. Sanchi is shocked.

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Savitri Devi College And Hospital Details

Savitri Devi College & Hospital is an Indian medical drama television series, which premiered on May 15, 2017 on Colors TV.The show stars Swarda Thigale and Varun Kapoor in the lead


Sheena Bajaj
Nishigandha Wad
Neha Bagga
Nausheen Ali Sardar
Mohan Kapoor
Vikram Sakhalkar
Yuvvraaj Malhotra
Varun Kapoor
Vandana Pathak
Swarda Thigale
Shruti Kanwar
Shilpa Shirodkar

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Colors TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min