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Savitri Devi 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Savitri Devi 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Adarsh trying to save patient and make him climb up using his full strength. Patient asks him to leave him. Adarsh asks him to give diary and says I will keep it safe. Patient asks which diary, how did I come here. Adarsh realizes that patient has forgotten about the diary and says I will take you to room. Dr. Malhotra asks Priya what she got in doing Siddarth’s play, and says Vikrant is normal and that’s why he didn’t get angry. Priya asks did you hire detective for me and asks him to hire detectives to know Vikrant’s truth. Dr. Malhotra tells that she has to marry Vikrant. Gayatri says she is a kid. Dr. Malhotra asks Gayatri not to protect her more. Priya walks off. Adarsh calls Dr. Malhotra and says that patient forgot about the diary. Sanchi comes to the patient and makes him have gajar ka halwa, says Maa sent it with her brother. She asks him about his diary. Patient asks which diary. Sanchi says ok and asks him to eat it. A staff while cleaning the floor gets the diary. He takes the diary and keeps it in lost and found items. Dr. Malhotra calls Mr. Chawla and invites him home. Priya calls Sanket and thinks why he is not picking the call. Ashok asks his friend Mahesh to give money. Mahesh asks him to beg infront of Jaya. Ashok collides with a man. Man says I know you and tells that you are hero of our neighbor. Ashok is surprised and tells that he is in need of money. Man tells him that a lady offers help to people and asks shall I ask her. He takes him with him.

Isha, Sanchi and Pragya come out after a lecture. They think to play the game. Pragya asks her to be jovial and puts surgical gloves in the dustbin. Ria asks them to take admission in kinder garden. Pragya asks her to go if she is done with the game. Ria says I am not interested to play your stupid game. Isha puts the gloves in the bin. Sanchi’s turn comes. Sanchi removes her gloves and is about to throw it, and then stops. Veer throws his gloves before her. He says my aim is sure. Dr. Kabir comes and throws the gloves in the bin. Veer says you are my Guru. Dr. Kabir says that’s why I want you to become like me. He asks Sanchi to come to his cabin. Isha asks Veer what he was saying. Veer says which couldn’t happen, and thinks she will become a good doctor, not like him who follow Dr. Malhotra blindly. Veer asks Sanchi to show her talent. Sanchi puts the gloves in the bin and goes. Veer thinks to play prank on her.

Man brings Ashok to the building. Vaidehi comes there. Man says he is Ashok and needs help. Vaidehi asks how can I help you. Ashok says it seems I have seen you before. Vaidehi recalls seeing him in the factory and tells that she is a social workers, and he must have seen her on TV. Ashok tells that he needs money for the business. Vaidehi asks how much money, do you need? She asks him to start from home. Ashok asks for 10-15 Lakhs. Vaidehi asks driver to bring briefcase from car. Ashok asks why do you want to help me. Vaidehi says she is doing this for her betterment being social worker. Vaidehi gives him money loaded with brief case. Ashok thanks Vaidehi and the man. They leave. Ashok thinks he got a big happiness today and thinks to inform Khushboo. Sanket is in the office. His phone rings, but he don’t pick her calls. Priya thinks to call Jaya then and thinks she can’t trouble her.

Adarsh introduces Dr. Kabir to Mr. Singhania. Sanchi comes. Kabir tells Mr. Singhania that Sanchi will assist me for your heart transplant operation. Sanchi asks him to admit two days before and asks him to exercise a day before. Mr. Singhania tells that he is relieved that he is in safe hands. Dr. Kabir asks Sanchi to bring his xray reports.

Veer is with his friends and jokes with them. He comes to the paediatric ward and says hello to girl. Girl vomits blood and faints. Veer asks her to open eyes. Girl laughs on Veer and says you couldn’t identify the fake blood, and says he is fake doctor. Veer smiles. Patient’s father apologises to Veer. Nurse taunts on Veer. Sanchi smiles and goes. Ashok takes his girl friend Khushboo out for having food. She says she liked the hotel and asks why did you bring me here and says this place seems to be costly. Ashok says we are going to get married and our bad days are over. He calls waiter and asks what is in food. He asks him to bring 5-6 plates. Sanket is still in office. Dr. Malhotra calls him and asks him to finish the files soon. Sanket says he didn’t sleep since two nights and needs rest. Dr. Malhotra asks him to work and says he has done favor on him by giving him job and paying for his debt and says I give you money for work and not to rest. He then gets priya’s call and she asks where is he? Sanket tells that her father is torturing him. Priya says ok.

Sanchi is in the hospital xray room. Electricity goes off. Sanchi gets worried. Man comes and says he is electrician. Sanchi asks him to check the light and gets scared. She says I told you to switch on all lights and asks where are you? She cries and thinks Veer is doing the prank. He teases her and goes. Veer laughs as Sanchi gets scared. Sanchi says I will not leave him.

Vaidehi gives Priya’s kundli to Pandit ji and asks him to take the mahurat. Priya comes. Vikrant stands up seeing her. Pandit ji takes out two mahurats and says one is after 2 months and other is after 4 days. Gayatri says we shall get the marriage done after 4 days. Neeta says how we will do arrangements. Vaidehi says it will be done if we all work. Mr. Chawla says we have no objection and hugs him. Vikrant forcefeed sweet in priya’s mouth and says I told you that you will become my wife.

Veer scares the little patient wearing mask. Girl’s condition worsens and her father scold him. Patient’s father calls for help. Sanchi also comes. Girl takes heavy breath. Sanchi scolds Veer and asks when you will realize that life is not prank and says you tried to take revenge . She says how can you forget that this is your patient and you have to treat him. I wonder how she became a doctor. She asks the patient’s father what happened to her. He says she has hole in her heart and needs transplant, and says he got phone last week saying that he got the donors. Veer assures him that nothing will happen to her. Girl holds Veer’s hand and says scores are settled now and we can be friends now. Veer says you wants to befriends me. Girl says if we become friends,then you will save me. Veer says I won’t let you go anywhere. Sanchi thinks there is just one heart and Mr. Singhania is getting operated. She thinks something is wrong and asks Nurse to show Riddhi’s file. Nurse shows her file. Sanchi checks the file and thinks her case is more critical than Mr. Singhania.


Savitri Devi 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sanchi shows the records to Kabir and says someone has compromised with the records. Adarsh looks tensed. Veer asks when heart is coming. Receptionist says it is cancelled. Veer stops the vehicle and try to get the heart, but falls on road unconscious.