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Savitri Devi 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Savitri Devi 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Ashok bringing some machine and asks the men to keep it in the room. Jaya asks what is this? Ashok says you didn’t give me money, but some people trust me and gave me money. Dadi stops him and says there is a karkana there. Ashok says he wants to start his metal factory here and why to spend money on rent when they have all the facilities. Jaya says when I took that place for my factory, it was vacant. Ashok says we shall share the place with mutual understanding and asks them to have sweets. They refuse. Ashok have the sweets and asks men to keep the machine in the factory place. Adarsh tells Dr. Malhotra that the diary is lost and he couldn’t find it. Dr. Malhotra says it is good. Neeta comes and asks if there is some tension. Dr. Malhotra says there is so much work related to marriage. Neeta says she will handle. Dr. Malhotra thanks her. They leave.

Vaidehi and Gayatri try the jewellery. Mrs. Chawla asks them to select jewellery for Priya. Gayatri tells that she has selected bangles for Priya. Mrs. Chawla asks Priya to wear it and remove bracelet from her hand. He takes it off forcibly and makes her wear it. Priya imagines hand cuffs and is tensed.

Sanchi tells Isha that something is wrong with the girl Riddhi. Pragya asks her to check the record room. Sanchi says good idea. Pragya says I was joking. Sanchi says we will check list in the national donors list and says if Riddhi’s name is in the list then she will be the next donor. Isha says it will be risky. Sanchi says she will take the risk for the child. Mrs. Chawla asks Vaidehi and Gayatri if they like jewellery. Vaidehi says she likes jewellery a lot. Mrs. Chawla asks Priya to call her mom from now onwards. Priya goes to the medical shop and buys something. Gayatri asks where did you go? Priya says it is my personal work. Vaidehi says if she is pregnant. Gayatri is shocked.

Nurse Fernandes comes to Adarsh and tells that Riddhi is admitted for operation. She says we forgot to inform her after Mr. Singhania came. Adarsh asks her to go and tell Riddhi’s family that she has to wait for the heart and says Mr. Singhania will change our hospital and will finance our new hospital unit, while the girl can just pay the bills. He smiles. Sanchi, Isha and Pragya come to the record room. Sanchi asks Isha to stand outside while she goes with Pragya inside. They go to record room and check the laptop and the donor section. Isha sees Nurse fernandes coming and is shocked. She sings the song and alerts them. Nurse Fernandes asks Isha why she is singing song late at night. Isha says she couldn’t sleep and came here. She says she thought to make herself hear lori and that’s why singing. Nurse Fernandes says here on corridor and asks her to go to room and sing.

Pragya asks Sanchi to come and hide with her. Suddenly file drops from Sanchi’s hand. Nurse goes inside and looks on. Isha sees Sanchi’s dress stuck and frees it. She says there is nobody here. Nurse asks why is she sweating. Isha says she is scared of rats. They leave. Sanchi checks the national list for organ receiver and says Riddhi’s name is on top, and says Mr. Singhania’s name is not in the list then how the surgery is happening tomorrow. Pragya says wrong things are happening here. Sanchi thinks now she can understand why her mum wanted to send her here and determines to save Riddhi’s life. Priya is in her room, thinks about the recent happenings and thinks she has no other way than to do this. She takes out poison bottle from her bag and writes suicide note. She tells that she don’t love Vikrant and want to marry Sanket, but her love is lost. She tells that she loves Sanket a lot. Vaidehi and Gayatri peep inside her room.

Gayatri sees poison bottle and informs Vaidehi. She says if this girl dies then 910 crores Rs will be lost. Vaidehi asks her to do something and knocks on the door. Priya opens the door and asks what happened? Vaidehi tells that Dadi’s condition worsened. Gayatri asks her to go and see her. Priya goes. Gayatri and Vaidehi take the suicide letter and go to Dr. Malhotra. He is shocked. Vaidehi says this girl might ruin 910 crores deal. Dr. Malhotra tells her not to interfere and says Priya’s life is much more than 910 crores. He says he will talk to her. Priya comes to Dadi and asks how is she? Dadi says she is fine. She thinks why did they lie to me. Dr. Malhotra is emotional and asks her what she was going to do, and tells that Sanket might be good man, but can’t fulfill her needs. He asks her to see Vikrant from his perspective. He asks her to think about Sanket and Vikrant, both and then get back to him with her decision. Gayatri and Vaidehi are shocked. He says did you think what I would have answer to your dead mum.

Priya gets emotional and hugs him for the understanding. She goes. Gayatri asks Dr. Malhotra what he is doing. He asks what did you understand by this love letter and says root of the problem is Sanket. He says I have understood what to do and says I will make sure, Priya stays fine and Sanket exit from her life for forever. Gayatri and Vaidehi smiles.

Sanchi talks to Jaya and says now she understood how the things are compromised in the hospital. She tells that the girl is needed heart, but a rich man wants to buy her breath. Veer talks to Nurse Fernandes and says he wants stress free case and not Riddhi’s case. Nurse tells that she is getting discharged. Veer thanks her. Sanchi scolds Veer and reminds of his promise made to Riddhi. She says there is something wrong going on here for sure and tells that Riddhi’s name was on top of list, and Mr. Singhania’s name is not in list. She asks him to save the girl and earn respect. Veer says he don’t have the habit to take panga. Sanchi says she will save Riddhi’s life. Dadi asks Ashok to inaugurate his factory. Ashok says he is waiting for someone. Khushboo comes. Ashok introduces her as his would be bride and asks her to inaugurate the machine. She inaugurates the machine. Kusum praises Ashok loudly. Sunny closes the machine.

Sanket regrets his decision to work in the hospital. Dr. Malhotra comes and tells Sanket that he understands that he is working in pressure and says he got assistant for him. A girl comes. He introduces her as Monica. Sanket says hi. Dr. Malhotra asks them to start working. Sanchi comes to Dr. Kabir and says there is injustice happening to a girl and tells that she saw records too. Dr. Kabir says he didn’t know about the girl and tells that injustice can’t happen here. He comes to Adarsh’s cabin and says that heart is for the girl and says even her name is on list. Adarsh says I am not surprised at all and says she must have told you. Dr. Kabir says yes. Adarsh asks what do you want to do, what to become writer or doctor. He asks her to write professionally. Sanchi asks him to check the file.

Adarsh asks her to see the file. Sanchi is shocked and says she saw name in her list. Adarsh asks her to stop it, and praises Kabir. He says you couldn’t identity her foolishness. Sanchi says she saw girl’s name. Adarsh says you are doubting on hospital because of this girl. Dr. Kabir asks Sanchi to come. Sanchi asks him to check the records and says someone changed this record and put Singhania’s name before Riddhi. Adarsh says what a big deal. Changes happen. He asks how do you know that Riddhi’s name was on list. He asks her not to tell him that she saw the list without permission. He says it is become your habit to break the rules and asks her to get out.


Savitri Devi 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Veer asks receptionist when heart is coming for Singhania’s operation. Receptionist says it is cancelled. Later Veer promises Riddhi that he won’t let anything happen to her. He stops the car taking the heart and jumps and falls down on the ground holding the box.