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Savitri Devi 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Savitri Devi 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Isha telling Sanchi that she has taken a krantikari decision. Sanchi says she will go to any extent to save Riddhi. Veer hears her and thinks Sanchi has to understand that Dr. Malhotra is doing this for money. Sunny tells Jaya that he is getting disturbance due to the machine voice and tells that tomorrow is his exam. Jaya goes to Ashok and asks him to stop machine for sometime, so that Sunny can study. Ashok refuses to stop the machine and says he didn’t buy it for someone’s entertainment and tells that he will not stop it. He asks Sunny to keep cotton in his ears and study and taunts him. Kusum says Ashok is the only man in the house to start working. Her husband takes Sunny with him.

Dr. Malhotra thinks about Priya’s plan to suicide attempt, and calls Gayatri. He asks her to talk to Chawla and postpone the marriage. Gayatri says but. She tells Vaidehi that Priya is ruining everything. Priya calls Sanket and tells that her dad postpone her marriage and has given her the chance to choose between him and Vikrant. She says her decision is final and he will marry him only. Kabir is relieved and goes to Dr. Malhotra. He thanks him for giving him a chance. Dr. Malhotra taunts her and says whatever is the difference between you and Priya is called status, but there is no status difference between Priya and Vikrant. He says he has given her chance so that she can realize that Vikrant is best for her. Sanket says Vikrant might be superior than me in many things, but I will prove that I am right for Priya and goes. Dr. Malhotra smiles.

Veer comes to Dr. Malhotra and blames him for compromising the list. He says you are giving heart to Mr. Singhania as he is giving you more funds. Dr. Malhotra says he is following the list and says Mr. Singhania needs heart the most and will be operated. Veer says I will see that Mr. Singhania will not be operated. He comes to Sanchi and others. Pragya says Dr. Kabir would have accepted our words. Veer says he is Dr. Malhotra’s robot and asks them not to expect anything from him. He asks when Singhania will be operated. Sanchi tells him and asks him not to do prank. Veer tells that he is not like Dr. Malhotra and tells that he plays prank to make people laugh and not to stress them.

Workers come to make chakli and tells that they have to do delivery of chaklis in 10 mins and stops Ashok’s machine. Ashok’s workers argues with them. Jaya comes and says let us work first and then you can work. They refuse and start working. Customers come to take Chakli. Jaya says it is not ready and asks for time. Customer says you are taking much time. Other customer sees iron in the chakli aata and says we don’t want to die. How can you work here. They refuse to take chakli and leave.

Veer asks receptionist when heart is coming for Mr. Singhania’s operation. Receptionist tells that heart is cancelled and Singhania is discharged from hospital. Sanchi, Veer, Isha and Pragya are shocked.

Sanchi says this is a big problem. Veer says when we don’t know where that heart is going then we can’t save Riddhi. Sanket asks Monica if she has made the changes. She says I have changed and gives file to Sanket. Sanket thanks her and says my work load has become less. She touches his hand. He gets up, but couldn’t realize her intentions. Priya calls Sanket. Monica disconnects the call. Vaidehi calls Ashok and asks what is happening. Ashok says he started working and bought machine also. He says his family members are having problem with the machine. Vaidehi asks him to make his family understand that he is doing this for them. Ashok says you understands me well. Vaidehi smiles.

Nurse comes to Riddhi’s father and asks him to sign and gets Riddhi discharged. He says today is her operation. Nurse says she can’t be operated as organ is not here. Sanchi and others come there. Riddhi’s father says if she is not operated today then she will die. Riddhi takes heavy breath. Sanchi makes her wear oxygen mask. She tells Veer that Dr. Awasti will be operating Singhania and says Singhania, Awasti and heart is missing, so we have to find out where he is going to operated him. Monica brings coffee and gives to Sanket. Sanket thanks her. She spills it intentionally on his clothes and acts to wipe it. Priya is coming there. Monica tells that she will wipe the coffee stain and starts cleaning it from his shirt. Sanket refuses, but she asks him to be silent. Priya comes and is shocked. Sanket says you are here? Priya asks did I disturb you. Sanket says no and introduces Monica to Priya. Priya says I called you and asks why did your reject my call. Sanket says no and asks why did you come. Priya says she came to give him surprise and hugs him. Neeta asks Monica if she is handling him well. Monica says she will trap him soon.

Veer calls Dr. Awasti and asks where is he? Awasti says he is in Sparsh hospital for a surgery. Veer tells Sanchi that he will bring the heart. Sanchi asks but who will operate Riddhi, Dr. Kabir will not help us. Veer says I have an idea. Pragya and others like his idea. Isha comes and says riddhi is stable you and calling Veer. Veer goes to Riddhi. Riddhi says you will bring heart naa and won’t let me die. Veer promises that he won’t let anything happen to her and goes. Sanchi smiles.

Isha and Pragya go to Dr. Sinha and tells that Dr. Awasti is about to do heart transplant surgery of a girl, but he is not here. She says now you have to do this operation. Sinha says nobody asked him to operate and says he will not go against the protocol. Isha pretends to faint and falls down in his arms. Pragya asks him to take Isha inside. Doctor checks her. Pragya then shows the pics to Dr. Sinha and says she will show the pics to his wife and then his wife will get angry and his children will become drug addict. Dr. Sinha says he will not do operation. Pragya says let us show the pics to your wife for entertainment. Sinha agrees to do operation and says without heart, he can’t operate. Pragya asks him to make arrangements for operation and says heart will be brought soon. Veer is driving the car and stops at the car in the traffic. He looks for the ambulance and sees van. He runs towards the van, but the traffic gets cleared and van goes. He returns to his car and follows the ambulance.

He stops his car before the ambulance to stop it. Ward boys in the ambulance scold him. Veer says sorry and tells that you have to take the heart to Savitri Devi hospital. Ward boy says that we have to talk to our seniors. Veer shows his card and says he is Dr. Malhotra’s son and says if you take much time then you have to bear the responsibility. Ward boys trust him knowing he is Dr. Malhotra’s son. Veer sits in the ambulance. Sanchi tells others that they have to make Riddhi for operation. Riddhi’s father thanks her and asks if heart will be brought. Veer calls Sanchi and says he will bring heart and asks her to make arrangements. Pragya says your cutie pie helped us. The driver of the bus lost the balance and hits ambulance with the tree. Veer falls down on side of road and gets unconscious holding the heart. Everyone waits for heart. Dr. Singhania tells that there are doing wrong to blackmail him. Pragya says we have to do as you are not right. Everyone pray that Veer brings the heart on time.

Veer gains consciousness and gets up. Sanchi is tensed and calls Veer, but his number is switched off. She gets worried. Veer brings the heart holding in his heart. Sanchi, receptionist and the nurses run near him. Veer falls down. Sanchi asks Nurse to hold the heart and asks Veer how did this happen. Veer asks her to save Riddhi. Sanchi asks him to get bandage done and come. She looks at him while taking heart for operation.


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