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Savitri Devi and Devanshi *Maha Sangam* 18th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Savitri Devi and Devanshi *Maha Sangam* 18th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi running after the woman. She asks her to stop and sees speedy car coming towards herself. She manages to save the woman and herself.. Driver of the car scolds them. Woman asks Devanshi to move from her way and says she will kill her if she thinks her mad and don’t let her search her son. Devanshi says she will help her find her son and says I haven’t seen my child, but felt in my womb. She asks her to trust her and says I will make you meet your son. She says we shall go to children ward and see, else we will check near the accident spot. They come back to Savitri Devi Hospital. Woman finds her son in the children ward and get happy. Nurse sees Devanshi outside Children ward and informs Veer. Veer says ok and comes to devanshi. He asks where were you? Devanshi says she went to search that woman’s son. Veer asks her to give her details. Sanchi comes and says I know her details. Driver/goon comes and says Kalki is here. Veer asks who is she? Sanchi says she is Kalki Shah, and have no family. Devanshi looks on.

Sanchi takes her to ward and asks her to sit. She gives her medicine and says you will feel better. Goon calls Menka and tells her that Kalki is here in the hospital. Menka is shocked. She tells Kusum that she is going to see her ill relative in hospital. Menka thinks how I will go now. Nutan comes and sits in car, says I will also go and search Kalki. Kusum says someone told me that you are just pretending to search her. Nutan blames Menka for spreading fake talks. Menka thinks she has to search Kalki. Nutan thinks she will be benefitted if Kalki comes back.

Sanchi tells Devanshi it is ok, if you don’t want to share. Devanshi tells that she lost her child in the same hospital a year back and says you saved my life and haven’t told anyone about me (how can it be possible, as Sanchi is doing internship since 2-3 months). Devanshi asks her not to tell this to anyone. Sanchi assures her.

Vardaan talks to someone on phone and says he is going to search Kalki. Pawan says you people are searching her as if she is your relative. Vardaan says we will know if you are her husband only after getting her. He asks him to go. Pawan says he will repair the car. Vardaan refuses. Pawan insists. He repairs the car and says it is fine now. Vardaan asks him to take money for his work and tries to give money. Devanshi’s pic falls down from his wallet. Pawan holds his collar and says you have bad eyes on my wife. Vardaan says she is my wife Devanshi. Pawan says I heard that your wife betrayed you. Vardaan recalls his father telling that Devanshi has an affair with Shekhar. He tells devanshi is his past.

Vaidehi comes to Gayatri and worriedly tells her that Neeta is kidnapped. Gayatri is shocked and asks how can you do this? Vaidehi says she couldn’t see Dr. Malhotra scolding her. She says Bhola the goon asks her to give 2 crores ransom. Gayatri asks her to sell her necklace. Vaidehi refuses and asks her to get money from Mr. Chawla for pharma deal. Gayatri calls Mr. Chawla and asks him to send money. He agrees and tells that he will send through Vikrant. Gayatri asks her not to do anything alone.

Sanchi tells Devanshi that they have to take wrong means to prove the truth. Devanshi thanks her. Sanchi asks her to come with her. Dadi does puja and prays for Sunny. She gives him 500 Rs and asks him to have something. They all wish him for his birthday. Phupha ji and Suman also gives him happy. Jaya gifts him watch. Sunny asks how do you know that I like it and says it is worth 4000 Rs. and says your birthday comes once in a year and asks why can’t she buy this. Khushboo comes and makes Sunny wear gold chain. Ashok gets tensed. Jaya asks why did you buy it. Khushboo says he is my nephew and tells that she felt bad to scold him. He asks about Jaya’s ring. Jaya says it is in cupboard. Nutan tells Kusum that Kalki is not found. Menka says she has to go and see her relative. Kusum thinks something is going on in her mind.

Gopi comes and says Kalki is not here, I have checked her everywhere and says only God can save her now. He prays to God. Menka thinks she shall leave from here, Kusum thinks to save Kalki so that she gets good in Kalki’s eyes. Gopi does aarti. Menka says she will do aarti and spills hot oil on Kusum’s feet. Kusum writhes in pain and thinks Menka will leave now. Pawan asks Mohan to tell where is Kalki. Mohan says I don’t know anything. Pawan says don’t know who tried to kill my life and asks him to tell where is his wife. Vardaan asks him to leave. They have a fight and the bullet is fired. Menka comes back home and hides before Kusum sees her. Kusum is about to see her, but she sees Vardaan bringing Pawan with Mohan’s help. Sshe asks why did you bring him. Vardaan says he brought him for humanity sake.

Sanchi brings Devanshi to record room and deletes all past records of hers. Menka comes and asks receptionist about Kalki Shah. Receptionist tells that shse don’t know. Menka thinks how to search her. Sanchi tells Devanshi that she will destroy her files. Menka collides with her and the file falls down. Sanchi picks it up before Menka sees her. She then asks Pragya and Isha to destroy the file. They agree. Sanchi gives responsibility to Dr. Veer about his duty. He calls her selfish to have taken the credit. Sanchi says she deserves to be head intern. Veer says he will top in the exam. Sanchi says you would have made notes if you are serious.

Madhu and Bala bring saree and gives to Ria. They ask her to wear it and impress Dr. Kabir’s mum. They say once his mum agrees, then Dr. kabir also agrees. Sanchi calls Pragya and asks about Devanshi’s files. Pragya says she is burning it. Devanshi calls someone. Menka calls goon and says Kalki is here, and asks goon to kill her. Devanshi hears her. Pragya sees Devanshi missing. Devanshi comes to Pragya and tells that her enemy Menka is after her and asks her to help her go from the hospital. Pragya says she will help her come out of hospital.

Ria comes to Dr. Kabir’s mum wearing saree. Sanchi is surprised. Dr. kabir’s mum is surprised too. Ria says she is most comfortable in saree and goes on praising it. Dr. Kabir’s mum Kusum gets happy. Dr. Kabir comes. Kusum says Ria is looking good in saree and asks Dr. Kabir to see. Ria tries to go towards Dr. Kabir and her pallu gets stuck. Sanchi tries to help her and falls on Dr. Kabir. Sanchi and Dr. Kabir have an eye lock. Veer whistles to makes them realize. They get up. Kusum is much happy. She asks Ria why did she wear saree on jeans. She writes +1 for Sanchi and -1 for Ria.

Kusum sundari asks Vardaan not to worry and says deep relation is blossoming between you both. Vardaan says he is not interested. Kusum Sundari asks him to go and search her, and says she will be with Pawan. Kusum Sundari tries to get Pawan’s wallet. Nutan shouts thief thief. Kusum says its me. Nutan says you have done bad thing and says you shall die in less water. Kusum Sundari scolds herm and gets his wallet. She gets the chit and finds clue.

Adarsh tells Dr. Malhotra that Neeta didn’t come for the conference. Dr. Malhotra calls Gayatri and asks about Neeta. Gayatri says she might have went to meet her friend. Dr. Malhotra asks how she can go leaving conference and asks him to ask other doctor to take the conference.

Sunny distributes chocolates to his friends. His seniors ask him to tease girl. He refuses. They ask her to give his watch and remarks on Jaya. Sunny gets angry. They put him and he falls down and gets injured.

Mr. Chawla tells Vandana that Gayatri asked him to send 2 crores. Vandana asks didn’t you ask why they need. Mr. Chawla says no. Priya thinks she will not let Gayatri get the money. Sanchi stops Veer from going to conference and asks him to prepare notes. Isha asks Sanchi not to be strict with Veer and says you have taken all credit for yesterday. Sanchi says he deserves all this.

Priya brings Vikrant’s favorite water melon juice and says she made it. Vikrant thanks her. Priya says we couldn’t spend time together since many days because of fast. Vikrant says he was thinking to stay at home, but have to go and give cheque to Gayatri. Priya asks him to call Gayatri home and give her cheque. He calls her and asks her to come. Gayatri gets irked. Priya thinks she will do tit for tat. Sunny’s friend brings Sunny to hospital. Nurse asks Veer to attend an emergency patient. Veer checks Sunny.

Priya asks Pandit ji about Vikrant’s Shani dosh. Gayatri and Vaidehi come there. Priya touches their feet. Gayatri is surprised and asks if there is any puja. Vikrant says priya is getting his kundali checked, and he couldn’t refuse. Priya says I can’t take risk with your life. Vikrant asks what is the problem in showing kundli to other pandit. Pandit checks the kundali and says there is no shani dosh in his kundali. Priya asks why is he lying and asks if he don’t know how to check Kundali. Pandit ji says he is checking the kundalis since years and says there is no dosh in Vikrant’s kundali. Priya says our Pandit ji told that there is a shani dosh. The first Pandit comes there and is shocked as his lie is caught. Veer takes Sunny to ward. Sunny takes Sanchi’s name. Veer hears him.


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