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Sethji 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sethji 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Devi says kasturi even if you dont’ come tomorrow it will be good. You are not a married woman. Kasturi looks at Raghu.
Baji holds Pragati and says all rituals are done just one is left. Lets do that. Wasu says what happened baji? Baji says yes is there any other ritual left too? wasu says won’t you have food? Ganesh says let me talk to him about some boy things. He takes Baji. Pragati is about to faint. Wasu says are you okay? Pragati says can I change clothes? These are very heavy. I am not used to. Uttara says yes go. Lets have meal after that.

At meal, Devi says baji where is your wife? BAji says let me call her. She doesn’t know timings. Sethji says Uttara and wasu tell new people timings of our house. Uttara goes to bring Pragati. Pragati is asleep in her room. She says I am not feeling well. My body hurts. Uttara says you are so pretty you caught a bad eye. Pragati says I will be okay if I sleep.

Devi says I heard that some city people don’t like to sit and eat with villagers. Baji says why? What did your villagers used to do. Govinda laughs. Uttara comes.
Uttara says pragati is not well. She is so tired. It happens because of the heavy clothes. Devi says I remember uttara you were tired too but you came to eat. This way saying no is an insult. These are all excuses. Baji says let me see her. Sethji says no one should leave food this is not fair. All of you sit and eat.
Sethji says if she is so tired then let her rest. Baji will sleep in her Gauri’s room.

Devi comes to Pragati’s room and says you look so weak. She turns on lights. DEvi says drink this milk. Pragati drinks the milk.

Scene 2
Uttara gives Sethji milk. Sethji says you should drink it. You do all the house chores and run after govinda more than Wasu. Utara says what else do I have? She is in tears. Sethji says don’t be upset. Sit here. Being a mom or not is all in hands of God. We feel like God is being unfair but we can never question it. Leave it all on God. He will fix everything. She gives the milk to her and says you drink it. She says give this sari to pragati and ask her to come for munh dikahi.

Pragati wakes up. She is not feeling well. She says my body hurts. Praati looks at her face. There are scars on her face. Pragati says what is this. Devi stops Uttara from going to pragati’s room. She say give me this sari. I will give it to her. Uttara says no no I have to guide pragati as well. Devi says she is of your age. If I say her it will be more influential. Uttara gives the sari to dev.
Pragati says these pimples? How did it all happen. Devi says what happened? Pragati says see my whole body has rashes. I don’t know what it is. Devi says it will be fine in sometime. But stay away from me. Its epidemic. she says wear this sari in munh dikhai. Pragaati says but these rashes. What will everyone think? Devi says happens to everyone. Dont worry. She says I have a solution. She tells her what to do. Pragati says sound like a good idea. You are so cute. Devi says be there on time.


Sethji 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sethji says to Wasu everyone would be coming. Wasu says our daughter in law is so pretty. A woman takes off ghunghat. Pragati says devi said no one will see my face. What will happen now.