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Sethji 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Sethji 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Baji says for today we will have to sleep under the sky. Tomorrow I will bring stuff from jungle and build a small house. She says you have lost so much in one day. Prgati falls asleep. Baji looks after her. She smiles.
Sethji comes to her room. She is in tears. Setji says Baji.. Why? Why you did this to me? Why you have hurt your mom? You were my pride. I loved you the most. And you gave me this return? No. You shouldn’t have done this. Your mom’s dignity worth just this to you? You betrayed your mom for the city girl? I will never forgive you. But you are not the only one responsible.
She looks at her husband’s picture. She says you are responsible like him. If he had father he would be more mature. But you only wanted to go to city. You never wanted to come back. You never wanted to see how we were. Till you were here, you were the most responsible man here. Then what did you see in the city that you never came back. We all miss you. But you forgot us.

Devi comes in jungle to meet bhao. She says I will call you like this. He says you will get caught. Then Sethji.. Devi says she has so many other problems. I want to tell you something very interesting. He says I know. She kicked Baji out. She will kick out everyone. Sethji will be left alone. Devi say but she has made sandhya her daughter. Bhao says she is sent by bhao. She is our person. He says but I have played this game. That praati will be very helpful to us. I will send her in village. Devi says why would she listen to you? He says we have to make her our pawn.
Kasturi is in detention. She recalls everything that happened.
Raghu comes outside the prison. He sneaks inside. He releases her. Kasturi says what are you doing. Stop. He says I won’t let this happen to you. She say if you every loved me please stop. Let me be tied. He says why you had to take the blame? She says I made the mistake. I took pragati from there. He says I could stop you. She says there is another reason. Sethji always sent baji away, if you were detained she would be broken. She needs you. Please go from here.
Devi sees Raghu coming out of prison. She says what is he doing here? What if Uttara gets to know this.. Her husband comes here at night.

Scene 2
Next morning, Sandhya is doing pooja. Sethji comes.. Sandhya says you.. Sehtji says bless you. Did you sleep well? She says I wake up early. Devsu is peaceful. Sethji says you can call me mom. Stay the same always. Sandya says can I go to temple.

Praati wakes up. She sees that baji isn’t there. She gets worried. Baji comes with stuff. She says please tell me when you leave. He says you were asleep. I went to bring stuff to build our house. She says come I will help you too. But I don’t know all this. Will you teach me? He says yes of course. Come lets go to jungle. They go to jungle.

Sethji says there is a problem of water in the village. We need to save the water. Get a canal from the river.
Raghu comes and says I want to talk about something. Sehtji doesn’t respond him.

Baji digs the ground. Vithal and ganiya wave from the other side. They have brought food. Baji says we can’t eat that. I can’t get them in more trouble. Baji asks them to take it back. Praagati asks them to go back, He says I need to bring more stuff. You sit here.
Pragati sees sandhya coming towards border.
Sandya calls Nagesh. She tells him everything. She says send me a power bank so I can charge my phone. He says is someone around? She turns back. Pragati is there.


Sethji 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sethji says to Sandhya baji deserves this.
I raised him for 19 years and this is how he returned me? The city people are like this. baaji does Pragati’s welcome in their small new house.

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