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Sethji 12th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Sethji 12th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Sethji says sinners like you are punished by Durga each time. She is about to stab Bhao. Sethji falls a little. Nagesh’s men take trishun form her. Nagesh says she can’t even stand properly and she will protect you? Bhao laughs and says what to do with her? Nagesh says lets decide the last verdict for her. He takes out his gun. Nagehs says you called me devil right? Yes I am. This is Kalyug. He points gun at Sethji. Devi comes. Nagesh says welcome welcome you came on right time. I was gonna kill sethji so bhao can sit on her seat. Your wait ending. He points gun but gives it to Bhao. See I am standing in front of your devsu and going to kill you. Nagesh points it at Pragati. He says you.. You are even more clever than me. My daughter after all but you used this wit against me.

I can’t kill you. Let me kill your husband baji instead. Pragati says no please. Bhao says why are you taking so much time.

Nagesh says I don’t know whom to kill first. You start it. Bhao laughs. He points it at Baji. Then Sambha and then Sethji. Then Pragati. Nagesh says kill this sethji first. You killed Vinayak anyway. Everyone is dazed. Bhao and Nagesh are laughing. Baji says I wont leave you Bhao. Sethji is crying. She sits down. Nagehs says right when he came to city Bhao killed him. He was calling your name while dying. Sethji is crying. Nagesh says a widow shouldn’t have sindur. He removes it and breaks her mangalsutra. Baji says don’t you dare touching my mom. Nagesh says you can’t do anything sadly. He punches baji. Nagesh says why are you crying so much? Missing vinayak? You will meet him soon. Kill her Bhao.
Bhao says last good bye to say my regards to my brother too. He points gun at her.
Sethji recalls everything. She recalls Pragati with Baji. Herself with Vinayak. With kids. Bhao shoots. Everyone is dazed.
Sethji falls down.

Devi was dreaming all this. She says Sethji had to die. I won in the dream. Baba laughs adn says your lust wont’ win. You will lose. You will all fight with each other. Devi dreams again. Sethji was dead and crying in her dream. Nagesh and Bhao start fighting for the seat.


Sethji 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Nagesh kills Bhao in Devi’s dream too.Baba says to devi you have red your hands with blood of your family. She goes and stabs Raghu.

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