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Sethji 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sethji 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Sethji says is everything ready? wasu says yes. Everything is ready. Sethji says you two don’t let me worry about anything. Uttara says you take care of entire devsu. Women start coming in. Sethji welcomes them. Pragati comes downstairs with her face hidden from ghunghat. Uttara says mom the sari you gave looks so nice on her. Devi says Pragati come sit here. Pragati sits there. Women place shagun in her lap. They do all the rituals. Pragati’s face is full of pimples. Sethji says lets start seeing her face. Pragati is scared. Yashoda comes to see her face. She takes off the ghunghat. Everyone is scared when they see her face.
They say she has measles. You should know that its epidemic. She will give it to us as well. Sethji you invited us so we get ill as well? You knew everything. Sethji says I am sorry. I didn’t know she has measles. I apologize you all. Yashoda says we have to wash. Lets go everyone. They leave.

Sethji says every day is a new drama here. Wasu says mom.. Sethji says stop taking her side. She doesn’t know that measles are epidemic. She didn’t tell anyone and came here. People are now blaming me because of her. Praati is crying. Sethji says your parents and city didn’t teach anything to you? You could have thought about those people. Pragati goes crying to her room.
Sethji asks wasu and uttara to clean the whole house.

Scene 2
Baji is in his camp. Ganesh says what is this Baji? Vithal says what is wrong with you? Why are you upset? Baji says that sandhya ran because of me. Pragati warned be. I could have paid attention. I wish I could understand what she said. ganiya says you will understand after wedding night. Vithal says don’t blame yourself. She has ran from here. She can’t come back here. Ganesh says why are you not with Pragati? He says she has her munh dikhai today. I hope mom starts liking her.

Pragati is crying in her room. Uttara says don’t cry. Mom was right. Its your mistake. You knew you have measles you could tell anyone. The women insulted her because of you. Its our duty to protect her respect.
Sethji recalls what Nagesh said about Pragati. She walks towards Pragati’s room. She says why was Nagesh talking so much about Pragati? Should I doubt her or not? Nagesh’s words should never be trusted. I have been fooled by sandhya once. I can’t doubt Baji’s wife unless there is any proof. But why she went to Nagesh’s house. Thats important to know.

Uttara says to Pragati I never heard anyone talk like this to Sethji. She can’t even cry in front of anyone. Sethji overhears. Pragati says why would I hurt her intentionally. I didn’t even know this is called mata. Your mothers have taught you things. My mom didn’t teach me anything. I was six when she passed away. I don’t know anything. No one knows here about my life so I am not blaming everyone. I didn’t want to hurt Sethji. I always thought my mother in law would be my mom. But I have really hurt sethji. she will never forgive me. Sethji says is she orphan? What was I going to do. She recalls her words. She says Pragati doesn’t have a mom. Baji loves her and she always did good for devsu. I should take care of her instead of being strict to her.

Sethji comes to Pragati’s room. Pragati says I am sorry sethji. I didn’t.. Sethji says don’t talk in this condition. Pragati says those women.. Sethji says its not their mistake. Uttara you and wasu take care of Pragati till she is well. Ask raghu to bring meds for her. Give her lighter clothes. Till you are not well do what wasu and uttara say. Pragati nods. She says promise I won’t do mistake again.


Sethji 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Pragati says its really hurting. She is screaming. Baji goes to vaidh ji. He gives her meds. A child throws ball at Baji and the medicine falls down.