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Sethji 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Sethji 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Nagesh says to Devi come come. I was killing Sethji to get bhao her seat. There are
only a few minutes left. He says once I kill her this seat will be of Bhao. DEvi sees in dream nagesh said to Bhao I don’t share things with others. I won’t give you this seat. He shoots Bhao. Nagesh is about to Shoot Sethji in real. He says because of your fear I won’t enter Devsu but see I am here now. He is saying everything similar to what Devi saw in her dream. Nagesh says you shot Vinayak anyway. Kill sethji too bhao. Sethji sits crying. Nagesh laughs and says he was calling your name while dying. He isn’t anymore. You are a widow.

Bhao sat on the seat. He said to Nagesh this seat is ours from now. Ngesh said I don’t share anything with anyone. You are also part of devsu. I won’t leave this seat for you. He shoots Bhao. Devi screamed. She opens her eyes and baba says do you still want that seat? She says no i don’t want that seat. I want justice. Baba says justice is difficult to get. Do you wanna fight for justice? She says yes. He says you have sacrifice someone. Red your hands with someone’s blood. I will make you a power that everyone will bow down to you. You will be the most powerful. he reads a mantra around her. He gives her blessings. Devi steps out of the cave. She sees Nagesh’s car. Its Raghu inside. She asks guard to go inside as Nagesh needs him. She sees Raghu in the car. She has a knife in hand. Devi is about to stab him. He is scared. Devi cuts his ropes. Raghu is dazed. She cuts all his ropes and leavaes him free.
Raghu recalls seeing Bhao with Nagesh and how his men caught him inside.

Raghu says Kaki you.. Bhao.. Devi says I know everything. You don’t have time. Raghu says I will go inside. Devi says there are thugs inside. You can’t save anyone alone. Raghu says but everyone is inside. Devi says everything is in my hand. You have to stay here. There would be so much bloodshed in palace. You can’t stop that.

Bhao says to Nagesh Sethji is here what do we have to do? Nagesh says lets kill her in her own house. Devi comes there. She recalls what baba said.
Nagesh says devi you come you came on right time. There is no time left in Bhao becoming sethji. Bhabhi we will kill sethji then this seat will be yours and bhao’s. Devi recalls her dream.
Nagesh tells Sethji everything devi saw in her dream. He says because of you I didn’t come here. He says to Pragaati you are so clever. My daughter after all even if illegitimate. Devi recalls what baba said.
Bhao points gun on sethji. Devi recalls Nagesh shooting Bhao. Bhao saays I don’t know whom to kill first. He laughs. Bhao says I killed your husband vinayak as well. Sethji says no.. She sits down crying. Bhao and nagesh laugh. Nagesh says yes bhao killed him right when he entered the city.
Devi recalls what baba said. He sais move forward and stop helping the one who is not even of his family. Just like her dream Nagesh removes sethji sindur and mangalsutra.
Everyone is in tears. Sethji is crying and sobbing.
Nagesh punches Baji badly.


Sethji 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Bhao is about to shoot sethji someone shoots his instead.

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