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Sethji 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Sethji 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Women say to pragatri go from here. Pragati says who are you to kick me out? I won’t go anywhere. Go from here you all. PRagati says how do I prove my innocence to these people.
Sethji comes out to do pooja at tulsi. She says why are you all not ready? Raghu says ready for what? she says have you forgotten? The groom’s family must be coming. Wasu says what are you saying, Sethji laughs. She says you all forgot? Today is Gauri’s wedding? You all forgot? Today we will celebrate. Everyone is dazed. Sethji says they must be coming. uttara wear your yellow sari. My gauri will wear the red dress. She will look so pretty. she will leave us all. Let me check in village if everyone is ready. Gauri is our princess. They try to stop her. Sethji says I am bride’s mom. How can I rest. She dances and laughs. Sethji says I am going to check. Wasu is crying. She says what is she saying. Uttara says she is utterly upset. Raghu and sambh go after her.

Sethji knocks’ hemlata’s door. She says you are not ready? You forgot too? Today is gauri’s wedding. Hemlata says please sit here. Sethji says I can’t sit. ITs my daughter’s wedding. I have to invite everyone. Tukur says please drink water. She says I will only eat after kaniya dan. Go and get ready everyone. She says to all people. Where are you all going? Today is my daughter’s wedding. Go towards temple. Go go. Sambha says mom please stop.

Baji is pulling weight to punish himself. Gatu comes and tells baji everything.
Uttara says baji’s wife is nagesh’s daughter. If baji wasn’t involved with her. Mom won’t be this way and Gauri would have been home. This all happened because of baji and pragati. Pragati was nagesh’s daughter but baji was ours. I won’t forgive him. Wasu says no don’t blame. We all have to stay strong. Everything will be fine. We need to bring sethji home.
Baji comes and says where is mom? Sethji says to everyone come to gauri’s wedding. Go and get ready. She says there would be so much celebration. Sambh and raghu get ready. Sambha says please come home. Please. Sethji says go from here and get ready. I have to invite everyone.

Baji says where is mom? Uttara says what do you care? Now you remember her cause your wife is not here? Baji says what are you saying. Uttara says she is in a shock. She tells him everything.
Baji asks tukur where is mom? He says what do you care? Because of you and your wife this happened to her.
Uttara says pragati fooled us all. Wasu says we can talk about all this after mom is home. The women tell them that she is still on border. Lets throw her far away from here. She is a dark cloud for us. Uttara says yes we should stone and throw her away. She should be kicked out right away.. Wasu says what is wrong with you. You care about revenge more than mom. You want to kill the person we lived with? Enough. We will take mom home then do what you want.

Serhji is dancing. She says we will celebrate so much. Gauri get ready fast. Sambha says I beg you come down please. Sethji says papiya.. you have been to city. Sing one song for us so I can dance on it. She dances. Sethji says sing. Papiya says but.. Sethji says sing. Papiya sings mehndi laga k rakhna.. Sethji dances on it. Everyone is in tears. Baji comes therre. He says what are you doing mom. Sethji says you came? Where is Gauri. You didn’t bring her? Why is she taking so much time. She laughs and cries at the same time and falls down. Sethji cries and says bring my gauri to me please. Gauri.. She is crying. Devi says what has Nagesh and Pragati done to our sethji.
Sethji says to Papiya you are Nagesh’s agent. When I ask you to sing sing. Baji says what are you doing. You are our sethji. Sethji says why should I stop? Did you stop when I asked you? did anyone listen?
Baji says please forget him. Sethji says I did but your wife didn’t. She is Nagesh’s daughter. She came here to destroy us and she did. She took my Gauri from me. She remembered her plan well. She ruined our lives. I told you listen to me but you didn’t. She sits and cries. She says bring my Gauri back. She faints.


Sethji 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Bhao says tot Devi that med will keep showing its impact. Sethji wakes up and says you wanna kill me. Who are you all? pragati says please let me talk to sethji once. Baji says you can’t talk to anyone here.

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