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Sethji 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sethji 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Wasy gets Paragati’s bed of leaves ready. Pragati says will these pimples go? Uttara says yes. Baji looks inside. He comes in. He says what happened to her? Uttara says she has measles. We just got to know. Baji is worried. Wasu says we will take care of her don’t worry. She will be fine soon. Sethji comes and says what is happening here? Wasu says baji is worried for her husband. Sethji says keep this water near her head. She says I have made this tea for her give it to her as well. You two have to take care of Pragati. Baji looks at Pragati. Sethji says we all will eat boiled food today. No spices. Pragati sneezes. She itches. She says its really hurt. My body is burning. Baji comes inside. He says what is happening. Sethji says spices? Where did they come from? Someone is cooking them. Sethji goes to kitchen and sees devi cooking spicy food. Sethji says are you mad? You didn’t think that Pragati has measles. When someone has measles you can’t cook spices. Devi says I am sorry I forgot. I will fix everything. She puts water on spices. The spices are more in the air. Baji puts sand on her food. Devi says I am sorry. I thought water would make it better. Sethji leaves in anger.

Pragati is crying and screaming with pain. She says it really hurts me. Uttara says please these leaves on your hand. She feels better. Wasu says who cooked spices? Wasu says we were all here. Pragati says my skin is burning. Sethji overhears. She says her trouble is increasing. She makes medicine for her. She recalls pragati saying her mom died when she was six.

Baji comes to vaidh and says my wife is not well. She has measles. He says she was fine yesterday. Baji says devi made spices. Now Pragati’s condition has worsen. He makes the meds. He says this will really heal her. Baji takes it and runs towards house. Some kids are playing and their ball hits his hands. The meds fall down. Baji is dazed and upset.
He comes towards the house and sees sethji applying meds on her pimples. Sethji says this will heal your burning skin. Pragati lies there as sethji applies meds. Baji smiles.
Uttara comes. Baji says mom is taking care of her. Uttara says she made this medicine herself. See pragati feels better. Baji says I was really scared.
Pragati says sethji thank you. You did so much for me. sethji says its my duty to take care of my people. She leaves.

DEvi says to sethji you are worried for your daughter in law? Baji comes in and says sethji I know you are mad at me and Pragati. But she doesn’t do all this intentionally. It just happens. I know that she is not like rest of women here. She is different. But she isn’t bad at all. You have been disappointed. Still did so much for her. I know you will forgive her. I know that you care for her. Devi says ouch my hand got cut. Sethji says you could be careful. Devi says yes own blood is own. Sethji says yes you are right. When the wound on your body is worsen and impures the blood. you should cut it out. Just like that there is no room for impurity in this house.
Sethji says to Baji its my responsibility to take care of people here. Bring her in ramayan paat.

Scene 2
The ramayan paat starts. Sethji sings mantras. Pragati wakes up and coughs. He throat is dry. There is no water around. Pragati says is someone there? Devi comes near her room. Pragati says baji.. are yoy there. Devi.. Devi hides.


Sethji 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sethji asks uttara where is govinda. Govinda is giving pragati water. Sethji comes in and says stop.