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Sethji 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Sethji 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Nagesh hits Baji. Bhao says good bye sethji. Say my hello to brother in heaven. He is about to shoot her but someone stabs him instead. Its Devi. Everyone is dazed. Bhao turns back and sees devi’s face. He is shocked. HE falls down and dies. Nagesh’s men run. Everyone picks up Sethji.

Devi sits next o Bhao’s deadbody and cries. Nagesh is arrested by Devsu’s men. SHe says I couldn’t do it anymore. I always stood by. I betrayed Devsu for you but today you killed people. You killed an innocent woman. How could you do that. I can’t be part of sins anymore. You were about to kill sethji. Don’t be so cruel. My husband couldn’t be this cruel. Why did you change so much. Sethji hugs her. DEvi says I am a widow. I will repent for all the sins I did with him. I should pay for my sins. I will shed all this blood from my body. Sethji says you have done enough sacrifice.

Sethji says I don’t think anyone ever can sacrifice this much for Devsi. Even I couldn’t harm my husband for Devsu. Devi killed her husband to save us all. She protected us all.
Seethji removes her photo and makes Devi sit on the seat She says you are sethji from now on. Pragati says in heart your acting can’t fool me. I know you killed Bhao to save your life. You can’t be trusted. I won’t let you succeed. Sethji says to Devi comes sethji its your time to rest. Devi goes with her.

Sethji takes out her wedding dress and cries. She recalls her time with Vinayak. She remember how much he loved her sweets. How strict he was to even his own kids. She recalls him going. She says why did you leave me alone. You should have taken me as well.
She says why did you do this? You promised to stand by me. They took advantage of you being alone in city. She recalls when people of Devsu made her sethji. She says I sat on it helplessly. I would get ready every day. I took care of devsu and everything. SO that the day you come back you see everything is just the you left it.


Sethji 15th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ahiliya says to Devi accept that you are the new sethji now. You should dress and act like one.

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