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Sethji 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sethji 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Devi hides. Pragati says I want want. Her throat is dry. Sethji is singing mantra. No one can hear her. Devi comes to sethji’s room. She says this room could be mine. If this sethji didn’t fool and kicked out my husband. Her conscience says this the time. Use it for better. Go look for the map. That map can fulfill your dream to become sethji. She is looking for the map.
Pragti says why didn’t devi stop? She didn’t hear me probably. She screams for water. Her condition worsens. Pragati says I think no one is home. I should get is myself.
She walks out. Govinda says where are you going? She says I am really thirsty. Govinda says you are ill. Go and sleep. I will bring the water. She says you? He says yes don’t worry I will bring it.

Devi rummages the room to look for the map. Govinda bring water for her.
Sethji gets done with the arti. Wasu says where is govinda? Sethji says look for him.
Govidna says you drank it in a sip. Do you want more water? She says yes. I am really thirsty. She gives the glass back. Sethji comes and says pragati. Sethji says I was really thirsty I am sorry. Sethji says you keep making mistakes. Either you don’t understand or you do this intentionally. I asked you not to touch anyone. You touched Govinda. Baji says how can you do this. Pragati says devi I stopped you but you didn’t listen. Devi says what? I wasn’t here. I was in arti. I didn’t move from there for a moment.
Pragati recalls sethji scolding her. She is in tears.

Uttara comes and says I am placing your water here. Pragati says I will never go out of here. Uttara says don’t be so upset. Pragati says no one was here. I was so thirsty. Then GOvinda saw me. Uttara says don’t cry. Govinda told us that he gave you water. Sethji and everyone is really attached to Govinda. We all know how nice you are. She says sethji sent this med for you. Let me apply this on you.

Scene 2
Pragati wakes up next morning. She says wow my hands are neat like before. The rashes are gone. Let me go and thank everyone. But I should stay here for now. Now I am okay. Wasu comes in. Pragati says I am all well now. Wasu says very nice. Praagati says I am sorry. I didn’t do all that delibrately. Is Govinda okay? Wasu says yes he is playing outside. Let me tell sethji that you are fine.

Wasu and uttara pour water on Pragati. Sethji says change clothes and drown these in the lake. Pragati says mai ri. Sethji says I am sethji. Praati says I am sorry for last night. Sethji says we all got to know what happened. We don’t blame you.

Pragati comes to baji. He says what are you doing here? You are not well. She says she knows I am here. She saw me coming. Baji says why you do these mistakes. She says can’t you see your wife’s face and hands? He says what re you saying? She says I am fine. You don’t have time to see me. He says wow you are fine. Lets tell sethji. Pragati says she knows. She permitted me to be out. He picks her up and says yay you aare well. He falls on bed with her.


Sethji 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Baji comes close to Pragati. Wasu says to pragati today is your wedding night.