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Sethji 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Sethji 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Sandhya sees Pragati. Pragati says I will expose you. Sandhya laughs. She says you can’t do that. No one listens to you. You will stay in this jungle forever. I will go back to palace. Sethji would have cooked dishes for me.
Uttar is in tears. Devi says uttara is crying. We are all with you. Anyone is your place would have cried. Wasu says I am crying too. We are crying because of this onion. Devi says but I have been worried. I am sure Uttara is worried too. I have seen sethji being so mad at Raghu. Even though it is all Raghu’s fault. Wasu says soon Raghu will win Sethji’s trust again. I am sure everything will be fine soon. Devi says once the trust is broken it doesn’t come back very easily.

Govinda says where is Baji uncle? I miss him. Sambha says I miss him too. But these people don’t care. See how easily they are eating. they don’t care if he is near us. I am worried one day we will all be kicked out of this village. I don’t wanna eat without Baji. Sethji says he is not alone here. The reason of this circumstances is there too. Baaji broke the rules of Devsu. Sambha says did you let him explain the reason? and you are easily eating your food? I don’t wanna eat this. He leaves. Devi laughs in heart.

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Scene 2
Baaji says see your house is ready. She says our house. He says yes. Why are you upset? She says nothing. Baji says did you hear something? She says was wind maybe. She says the house is so pretty. Pragati says first milestone of our married life. Pragati finds her bag near the border. She says i left it at Kasturi’s house. She left it here. At least I have clothes now.
See she sent clothes for you too. There are rice in there too. There are pots. She says lets cook it. He says no. You know why Kasturi sent this? Stay here and close your eyes. He takes the bag from her and prepares for her greh parvaish. She opens her eyes and smiles. He says I couldn’t do anything for you after marriage. But at least we can do this ritual. She holds his hand and walks in holding his hand. The song ‘ho karam khudaya hai’.

Sandya comes to sethji and says you do so much hard work. SHe says I like keeping myself busy. We all love working. You are our daughter too now.
W/asu gives sambha food. He says I don’t wanna eat. Wasu says when baji was here you were never attached to him. Sambha says he is my brother. Sethji has kicked him out. Someone has to worry about him.
Sethji asks everyone to go to sleep. SAndhya says I really miss my parents. Sethji says you can sleep with me. Gauri says no Mai ri I sleep with you every day. I can’t sleep without you. Sandhya says its okay. She is young. Let her sleep with you.
Gauri says mai you love that sandhya? Will you forget me for her? sethji says she is alone. She needs love. Gauri says because of her you kicked baji out. Sethji says what happeend with baji is his mistake. He left all of us for that city girl. She says but sandhya is an outsider too. Sethji says sandhya understand us. She is like us.

Pragati is asleep inside the small house. She wakes up and says baaji where are you? She goes out and sees baji making pots. She says what are you doing? He says I am making pots. SHe says but where did you get this wheel from? He says it is called chakka. He says it is of manhiya. He makes these pots in devsu. Once he got addicted to the addictive fruit. He threw this outside the border. I found it later. She says but why are you making it at this time?
He says can you fetch water? She says of course I can. I can even make these pots. Let me try.
She makes the pots. He rotates the wheel and she makes the pot.


Sethji 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Baji goes to city and tries to exchange pots for food. everyone laughs. A keep says to him people get money in return of things here. He sells the pots for money.

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