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Sethji 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Sethji 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Pragati wakes up and sees Baji isn’t there. She says where has he gone?
Baji goes to market of another village to sell the pots he made. He says I will exchange these for rice. He asks the shopkeeper to take them and give him food. He laughs and says are you mad? He does that with everyone but no one responds him.
Pragati says where has he gone? She says let me get water from lake.

A guy tells him that people sell things for money here. He says you can sit here. You will have to give tax to the governor. Even this road is his.
Pragati fetches water from pot. She picks up but falls. The water falls from it.
Pragati sees devsu’s gate. She sees a bag there.
Pragati finds a charger there. She says that’s sandhya. This is a wealth. Poor sandhya.

Scene 1
Sandhya says I want to go temple. Sethji says see she is so nice, devi says in heart she is such a drama.
Devi says be careful sandhya you are precious to us. Sethji says you should also meet vaidhji. He is your uncle. sandhya says sure. I get so much love here that is suffices. Devi says well done. I mean you are so nice.


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A man asks baji the rate of pots? He says just one bag of rice. The fellow shopkeeper says are you mad? This is not how it is done. You sell then for money. Then you get more things for it.
Baji sells the pots for money. The fellow keeper helps him with rates. Baji sells more.
Pragati recalls what Sandhay said. She says see what I do with you now sandhya.
A man sees Baji and says he is sethji’s son. He smirks. He is Nagesh’s son.
Baji is counting his money. The fellow keeper gives him money. He tells baji is new here. He doesn’t know what money is. He calls all his thugs.
Pragati charges her phone. She says let me put it back there. She sneaks out of the house.

His goons start breaking all his pets. Baji says what are you doing? Nagesh’s son says you better be thankful they didn’t break your bones. Baji says I am new here. He says before selling here you need to take permission from me and give me tax. He snatches all his money. And says very good. Keep giving me tax like this. Baji says how will I get food? You took all the money. Nagesh’s son says I have a plan for you. That will get you a lot of food.

Sandhay comes outside and picks the bag. The powerbank has no charge. She calls Nagesh and says what is this? You sent powerbank without charging it? Pragati giggles. She says I have only 20% charge in my phone. Please send my payment too. I know what I am looking for here. I will call you once I find it. But I need to charge my phone. Pragati shows her phone. sandhya says she took my powerbank . Okay stay there. I will see for how long she stays here.

Baji is coming back sad. He recalls what happened. A man stops him. He says will you do labour? Baji says will I get money? He says yes. Baji says okay. He asks baji to place weight in the car. Baji does that. He gives baji his money, Baji says thank you brother. Baji leaves.

Pragati says where is this baji? Its so late.
Sethji dreams of baji being beaten. She wakes up shocked.


Sethji 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Baji comes home. Sethji says where were you?
Why did you do all this labour? I will come with you tomorrow. He says no tomorrow I have a challenge and I have accepted it.

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