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Sethji 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Sethji 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Pragati says I am nagesh’s daughter. Rita says are you mad. She says my dad is sethji of ambrat. Rita says I will not let you ruin my family. I want to talk to my papa. Rita says shut up. Get out. She locks the door. Pragati knocks and says I will sit here and wait for Nagesh.

Tukur says we need to ask sethji first. Bhao says but she is not well. We have to do this.
Pragati is waiting outside Nagesh’s house. Rita says don’t you understand Go from herre. Nagesh comes there. Pragati says I am here to live in your house. Nagesh says there is not room for Sethji’s daughter in law. Pragati says but I am your daughter so I can live here. Do you remember sunit? I am her daughter and yours too. Nagesh is dazed.

The three brothers come to see sethji. They recalls her times. They touch her feet. Raghu says please open your eyes and give us blessings. Baji holds her hand. Sethji says Gaaauri.. Gauri.. Baji says yes we will bring her back. Bhao says go and bring her back. Only then sethji will be okay. I will take care of sethji.

Pragati says I have been kicked out of devsu because they know I am your daughter. Ambi says don’t say that about my daughter. Nagesh says do you have a proof? Rita says we dont’ need one. Pragati shows him photo of her mom. She says ask them all about her photo with you. Nagesh says sunita.. Rita starts crying. She says yes I saw your picture with this woman. You lied. Nagesh says she is right. SHe was my gf before I married you. Now I love you only.
Ambi says you have hurt my mom. Nagesh says you can live here. Come in.

Devi says wasu give me arti. I have to handle things in her absence. I am choti ma to you all. She does arti of three of them. She says I have to see them going to city. This hurts me. Bhao stop them. She pretends. Devi says but you have to go to go for your sister. Wasy says but pragati. Sambha says no one will talk about her. Uttara syas take care raghu. He says you take care of yourself and sethji. They leave.

Rita is crying. Nagesh says you are wrong. My two kids were married to sethji’s two kids. Ambi tell your mom. Rita says I won’t let that girl live here. Nagesh says don’t worry please. Tolerate her for some days. We can use her against Sethji. Pragati overhears.

Bhao bids farewell to raghu sambha and baji. Bhao says I will handle devsu. You go and look for Gauri. They leave the house.
Pragati is thinking where Garui could be.


Sethji 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sethji’s sons are inquiring about Nagesh’s house. Ambi tells Nagesh. Pragati says let them come. They are stupid and dumb they can’t do anything.

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