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Sethji 18th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Sethji 18th September 2017 Written Episode Update, Written Updates of Sethji on

Scene 1
At night, Devi gets dressed like Sethji and comes to throne. SHe sits on it. She recalls bhao. She says Ahiliya knows what she has messed with. I killed my bhao and they have to pay for it. I will avenge your death Devi. I want to take revenge, I will ruin Devsu.

Baji says to Pragati I picked your mangalsutra from therre later that night. I would look at it every night and pray for you to come back. But this.. Pragati says we will tie it again. She takes out a thread. She says I kept this thread safe. They both pour all the pearls in the thread. Baji recalls their time together. He says I really love you. He makes her wear the mangalsutra and kisses her forehead. Baji comes close to kiss her.

Scene 2
Devi comes to baba to do her pooja. She says this is the beginning of the end. Pragati you took my dream from me. You ruined our plan. I had to kill my husband because of you. I will take reverse pheray. I will give myself seven promises. She says first promise, Pragati I will take your husband away from you. Second promise Devsu will be full of corpses. Third, Ahiliya you were so proud of being Sethji, she recalls when she begged to bring Bhao in. She recalls when Ahiliya exiled Bhao. She says now you see how I rule you and make you cry all your life.

Devi says fourth promise, that Sethji Ahilya made fun of my life. She recalls when Ahiliya became Sethji overthrowing Bhao. Now says now they will all cry. Fifth one Nagesh, you dreamed of killing my Bhao right? She recalls her dream. She says you won’t even sleep at night Nagesh. Sixth promise, I had to kill my bhao because of ahiliya and her family. They will all burn in this fire. Seventh promise, Bhao I will avenge your death. Its a promise. Baba saays your time is over. She leaves.
A man comes in later. Baba smiles at him.

Scene 3
Pandit ji and everyone comes for coronation of Devi. She comes.


Sethji 19th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:Sambha says but this court was for Nagesh only. Devi says but there is another decision. To remove baji as the protector of devsu and give Baji that responsibility. Everyone is dazed.

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