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Sethji 1st August 2017 Written Episode Update


Sethji 1st August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Gauri looks at her earring. She recalls her moments with ambi. Pragati comes in and says stop this stupidity. Don’t meet him again or i will tell sethji. Gauri says go and do whatever you want. Just go from here. You insulted ambi. What was his mistake? She shoves Pragati out.
Baji sambha and raghu make a bird house Gauri. They this might be gauri’s last raksha bandhan with us. She will be married. Wasu says she is still immature.
Gauri and is crying and recalling pragati hitting Ambi. Pragati comes there and caresses her face. She says don’t be mad at me. I shouldn’t be rude to you. Gauri says go and tell sethji. Pragat says its childish. Gauri says I am not a child. I know what is right and wrong for me. Pragati says I care for you.

Gauri says I and ambi love each other. True love. Pragati says he ever told you his reality? He told you his family? There is a reason behind his love. Gauri says control. Pragati says he is son of your biggest enemy. He is son of the because of whom you never saw your dad and vithal lost his life. Gauri says what.. Pragati says yes. He is nagesh’s son. garui sits there in tears. She says I made a huge mistake. Please forgiev me. I didn’t know about him. If sethji gets to know she will be so hurt. Pragati says promise me you won’t ever meet me? Gauri says promise. She hugs her and says sorry. Devi overhears and says this can’t happen. I have to do it my way now.

Scene 2
Rakshabandha starts. Gauri tries rakhi to all her brothers. they give her the bird house. Sethji says you are our pride. We will miss you so much when ypou leave our house. Gauri hugs her and cries. Gauri says I am sorry. Sethji says sorry for? Garuis says I won’t get married and go away from you. baji says so she won’t go? Gauri hugs him.
Pragati gives sethji tissue. She says I made this myself. Its not from city. Sethji giggles.

Rita is cleaning the house. She sees Nagehs’s old photo with another woman. Nagesh says what are you looking at? She says who is this woman with you? he says this was I dont know. It is from an award ceremony. She was bhao’s friend. i don’t even know her. Bhao must have left it here. Don’t doubt on me. Nahgesh says this photo after so many years.

Uttara comes to kitchen and says this kheer is burned. Devi says so are our dreams. Uttara says my heart cries too. Devi says if we shake hand we can do something. Uttara recalls pragati taking her place. Uttara shakes hand with pragati.


Sethji 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Bhao texts Ambi from Gauri’s phone.She asks him to meet. Ambi comes to jungle. Sehtji is busy in a pooja for sunita.

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