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Sethji 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Sethji 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Govinda brings food for sehtji. She says no to it. Govinda says pragati and mom asked me to bring you food.
Sethji scolds at Wasu. Pragati says I am sorry. wasu says its not your mistake.
She says my car is going in reverse. This all is happening because of my city things. I will throw it all away. I don’t want it. She empties her bag. She says my phone people call it lifeline in city and in devsu it has ruined my life. Devi comes and says you are so nice. Sethji is always scolding at you. Pragati says I stayed silent to save bhao. You could have said something as well. Devi says no one listens to me here. I could have spoken when this injustice happened with me. Pragati says injusticce? She says when i and my husband were parted. We cried a lot but you know sethji. She says is bhao rao uncle innocent? devi says of course.

Setghji says I don’t know what to do. i always listen to problems of people. Who will listen to my problem? Who will solve it? She says you know what I feel with all this. I felt so bad when I said no to food when Govinda. He felt so bad. This fast will hurt my family. As a mother I am sethji as well.

Sethji recalls when sambha was child he threw food somewhere. Sethji (Ahilya’s husband) asked her why did you do that? sambha says I don’t like it so I threw it outside. Vinayak rao said you have broken a rule. You have insulted food. You punishment is that you are not allowed to come to food of next festival. Sethji says but.. Vinayak said he is not a child. Nagesh said you can’t punish a child like that. Vinayak said we keep our word here in devsu. The food is insulted in my house so I wont’ eat for next five days.

Scene 2
Sethji asks people their problems in court. A man says my child stole food from neighbor’s house. We have hit him. Pragati says who hits kids like that. The man says we feel like its our mistake. We should have taught him better before. Sethji says yes it is your mistake. Therefore you two will be punished and not the child. You will invite all the kids in devsu in your house and make them sweets.


Sethji 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Gauri is watching videos on phone. She says this is such a cool thing. Thank God pragati didn’t throw it. Sethji comes and says what are you doing.Where did you bring this from.

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