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Sethji 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update


Sethji 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Kasturi says I’m stuck in that time. Raghu says you said there is no heart in me. It really hurts me. She says it hurt me when you broke my dreams. Raghu says i know I’ve hurt you but please don’t hate me for that. Kasturi says its under my control unlike love. I think you shouldn’t stand here with me. She leaves. Kasturi meets a woman who tells her papiya’s wife gaitri is not well. Her baby has changed movement in stomach. She says lets go.

Sethji comes there and faints. They all pick her up. Dai says she is so weak. Wasu says she is fasting for five days. Its third day only. Dai says she is so weak.

Scene 2
Bhao says I don’t know how my devi is. I know she is upset without me. I am sure you will do anything to find that map. I promise you once you have it i will make sethji pay for your tears. After sending my brother aside this sethji took over. Once I have that map we will rule devsu.

Rita comes to room and shows off her sari to nagesh. He says you look pretty today. She says are you thinking about someone else? He says no you remind me of my wedding days. I am equally shocked like wedding night. I mean the good shock. He says ambi is coming. Ambi says carry on. Rita says go. Nagesh says no stop. We were talking about you. He says about me or my brother to come? He laughs. Ambi says i am hungry. Rita says I’ll cook you something. Nagesh says yes I am here.

Gaitri is crying. Dai says her trouble is increasing. We can’t do anything if she faints. She faints.

Ambi says to nagesh relax sandhya is here as well. Nagesh says that sandhya says she forgot what was in the map. Ambi says so she is useless? Let me go to her. Nagesh says do something big in life. He tells him the plan. Ambi says wow why a plan. Nagesh says we will ruin that sethji.

Pragtai says he doesn’t get anything. He showed me so much attitude.

Papiaya calls nagesh. He says do something. MY wife is dying. You have hospitals in ambrat. I have done so much ao for you. Nagesh says only sethji can save your wife. If she dies sethji is responsible. He says but sethji has fainted. Nagesh says to ambi if that woman dies sethhhi will be responsible. This will be a great move for us.


Papiya says someone save my wife please. Pragati is walking from there. She says baji didn’t even stop me. She hears gaitri crying. Pragati comes on and asks what is happening here. Her woman says the baby is stuck in her. Its cruicial to save both lives. Pragati says think of a solution. She says there is a way. Pragtai takes out her phone and searches for what should be done. SHe guides them what she needs. Papiya comes in. HE Says what are you doing. Pragati says I’m trying to save your child. A woman says why should we trust you.

Kasturi says dai gave up. Let pragati try now. Pragsti asks them to follow what she says.


Sethji 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : dai says the child will drown. Pragati says no we will save them this way. Swthji gets up

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