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Sethji 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update


Sethji 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Pragati is following the guides. Dai says what are you doing. Pragati says I don’t have time to explain. Papiya says what is all this? You wanna kill me wife? Gaitri says i will die anyway. Let her try. Pragati does what she reads.

Baji says she keeps making mistakes. She has so much attitude. He says to raghu why are you upset? Raghu says nothing. What happened to you? baji says Pragati keeps making mistakes. Raghu says keep faith in your love. She will understand with time. Baji says it is too much now. She has left. Raghu says what? where?

Dai says what is all this? The child will drown in the water. Sethji wakes up and hears pragati. She says what is she going to do now?
Baji says she said devi asked her to keep that phone. I didn’t trust her. She got mad and left. Raghu says are you mad? Do you even love her? Baji says I do. Raghu says keep hold of your love. Stand by her. Don’t ever let your love go out of your hands. Otherwise you can’t even hear each other. Baji says what should I do. She has left. Raghu says if she has left devus then you can only pray.

Papiya’s phone rings. Sethji says where did you get it from? PRagti its not just music. Its a call. It is from nagesh. Papiya says I am sorry. I was an agent of Nagesh. He gave me this. He wanted me to do things against you. Today I realize how wrong I was.
Papiya says that Nagesh wanted to kill my wife and child to seek revenge from you. Please punish me. Sethji says I will but talk to Nagesh. I want to hear what are you relations with him. Tell him your wife is alive and so is your child. Pragati has saved their lives. Talk to him from this phone. Tell him. Papiya says but.. Okay. He calls her. Pragati opens the speaker. Nagesh says your wife died? And sethji didn’t do anything? She doesn’t care about anyone. She could have saved her life. but no. Go and tell everyone sethji is responsible for your wife’s death. Those stupid people think she is devi tell them she is a witch. Everyone is listening and dazed. Nagesh says that sethji would have asked dai ma to let your wife die. I know her very well. Papiya says you could have sent a doctor as well. Nagesh says I tried no one is ready to go there. Sethji would have punished them. Anyway let it go. Your wife has died. Forget Gaitri. Don’t let the villagers forget it. This is the chance to defame sethji. It should lit fire in devsu. Pragati says Nagesh seth.. This will lit a fire in your life only. You will be punished. Sethji has saved papiya’s wife and daughter. Now think who will save you.
Nagesh says how did this happen? He calls but the phone is off now. Papiya says I am sorry. Your sinner is here. You and your daughter in law saved my child and wife. He sits in Pragati’s feet. She says no I did what I could. Its better that you realized your mistake and Nagesh is exposed. Pragati says now your understand you should only be loyal to sethji and devsu. He says I will never talk to Nagesh in my life or touch this phone.


Sethji 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Pragati says I was gonna leave devsu. I don’t have a reason to stay here. For the person I came here for, he doesn’t care. Then why should I stay? She crosses the border. Baji comes running there.

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